Law and Crime Books (187)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ADAMS, Brian PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST - A Biography of William Dobell Melbourne, Hutchinson, 1983 $20.00
ALLAN, J. Alex MEN AND MANNERS IN AUSTRALIA: Being a Social and Economic Sketch History Melbourne, F. W. Cheshire, 1945 $8.00
ALLFREY, Anthony MAN OF ARMS: The Life and Legend of Sir Basil Zaharoff - - HARD COVER - - London, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1989 $30.00
ANANIAN-WELSH, Rebecca, Gabrielle APPLEBY and Andrew LYNCH THE TIM CARMODY AFFAIR: Australia's Greatest Judicial Crisis Sudney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $28.00
ANDERSON, Hugh THE RISE AND FALL OF SQUIZZY TAYLOR - A LARRIKIN CROOK Millers Point, Pier 9/Murdoch, 2011 $12.00
ANDERSON, Warwick THE CULTIVATION OF WHITENESS: Science, Health and Racial Destiny in Australia - - NEW EDITION - - Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 2005 $20.00
ANSELL Rod - with Rachel PERCY; illustrations by Robert Birch TO FIGHT THE WILD - A true story of survival - FIRST AUSTRALIAN EDITION - Woollahra, Currency/Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1980 $90.00
APPLETON, Gillian DIAMOND CUTS: An affectionate memoir of Jim McClelland Sydney, Macmillan, 2000 $8.00
ARCHER, Bernice THE INTERNMENT OF WESTERN CIVILIANS UNDER THE JAPANESE 1941 - 1945: A Patchwork of Internment Aberdeen, Hong Kong University Press, 2008 $38.00
ASTOR, Gerald THE LAST NAZI: The Life and Times of Dr Joseph Mengele New York, Donald I. Fine, 1985 $15.00
AUTY, Kate and Sandy TOUSSAINT - edited by A JURY OF WHOSE PEERS - The Cultural Politics of Juries in Australia Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2004 $30.00
AVELING, M. - editor WESTRALIAN VOICES: Documents in Western Australian Social History - NUMBERED EDITION - Nedlands, University Western Australia Press, 1979 $34.00
BALSON, Scott ENEMY OF THE STATE - - - SIGNED LIMITED EDITION - - - Mt Crosby, Interactive Presentations, 2000 $45.00
BEARD, Peter THE END OF THE GAME: The Last Word From Paradise - A pictorial documentation of the origins, history & prospects of The Big Game in Africa London, Thames & Hudson, 1989 $18.00
BEATTY, Bill UNIQUE TO AUSTRALIA Sydney, Ure Smith, 1952 $24.00
BENNETT, J.M. SIR ARCHIBALD BURT: First Chief Justice of Western Australia 1861 - 1879 - Lives of the Australian Chief Justices Leichhardt, Federation Press, 2002 $35.00
BENNETT, John - President, Australian Civil Liberties Union YOUR RIGHTS - - - SIX ISSUES - - - Carlton, Australian Civil Liberties Union, 1991 $45.00
BERNDT, R.M. - Editor ABORIGINES AND CHANGE - Australia in the 70's Canberra, Australian Institute of Aborigial Studies, 1977 $18.00
BILLINGTON, Michael O. REFLECTIONS OF AN AMERICAN POLITICAL PRISONER: The repression and promise of the LaRouche movement Washington, EIR News Service, 2000 $10.00
BLACKBURN, Estelle BROKEN LIVES: The complete life and crimes of serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke - REVISED & UPDATED EDITION - South Yarra, Hardie Grant, 2005 $14.00
BLAKE, Sexton; Union Jack SEXTON BLAKE'S EARLY CASES: Three stories featuring the Detective who rivalled Sherlock Holmes in popularity - - Witness for the Defence - - A Clue From the Deep - - The Clue of the Dead Eyes - - London, Arthur Barker, 1976 $24.00
BOSWORTH, Michal CONVICT FREMANTLE - A Place of Promise and Punishment Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2004 $20.00
BRAND, Ian PENAL PENINSULA: Port Arthur and its Outstations, 1827 - 1898 West Moonah, Jason Publications, 1978 $16.00
BRESLER, Fenton THE MURDER OF JOHN LENNON lOLondon, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1989 $10.00
BROWN, Dee THE GENTLE TAMERS: Women of the Old West London, Barrie & Jenkins, 1973 $18.00
BUCHANAN, Gordon PACKHORSE AND WATERHOLE - With the First Overlanders to the Kimberleys Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1997 $26.00
BUCKLEY, Ken OFFENSIVE AND OBSCENE - A civil liberties casebook Sydney, Ure Smith, 1970 $12.00
BUDDEE, Paul THE ESCAPE OF THE FENIANS Victoria, Longman Aust., 1971 $35.00
BUDDEE, Paul FATE OF THE ARTFUL DODGER: Parkhurst Boys Transported to Australia and New Zealand 1842-52 Perth, St. George, 1984 $78.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE - A TUMULTUOUS LIFE - Embossed Leather Edition - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $50.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE: A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book Perth, A Tumulutous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE: A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE; A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book - Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BUTI, Antonio De Paulo SEPARATED: Australian Aboriginal Childhood Separations and Guardianship Law - Sydney Institute of Criminology Monograph Series No. 20 Sydney, The Sydney Institute of Crimionology/Federation Press, 2004 $24.00
BUTLER, Phillip D. - introduction by HARVEST OF FEAR: A Diary of Terrorist Atrocities in Rhodesia Melbourne, The Australian League of Rights, 1977 $15.00
BUTLER, Richard EUREKA STOCKADE - Richard Butler's compelling narrative of rebellion on the goldfields Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1983 $15.00
CAIN, Chelsea SWEET HEART - True Love Never Dies - SIGNED by CHELSEA CAIN - London, Macmillan/Pan Macmillan, 2008 $34.00
CARLSSON, Susanne Chauvel PITCAIRN - Island at the Edge of Time Rockhampton, Central Queensland University Press, 2000 $24.00
CARNEGIE, Margaret and Frank SHIELDS IN SEARCH OF BREAKER MORANT: Balladist and Bushveldt Carbineer Armidale, self published, 1979 $28.00
CARTER, Bevan; researched by the author and Lynda NUTTER NYUNGAH LAND: Records of Invasion and Theft of Aboriginal Land on the Swan River 1829 - 1850 - Black History Series Guildford, Swan Valley Nyungah Community, 2005 $35.00
CARTER, Jennifer M.T. EYES TO THE FUTURE - Sketches of Australia and her Neighbours in the 1870s Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2000 $20.00
CHAPPELL, Duncan and Paul WILSON THE AUSTRALIAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM : The Mid 1980's North Ryde, Butterworths, 1986 $45.00
CHEYNEY, Peter I'LL SAY SHE DOES London, Collins, 1946 $10.00
CHOO, Christine and Shawn HOLLBACH - edited by HISTORY AND NATIVE TITLE: Studies in Western Australian History 23 Nedlands, Centre for Western Australian History, 2003 $20.00
CHRISTIE, Agatha THIRD GIRL London, The Book Club, n.d. $10.00
CLINTON, Bill MY LIFE - SIGNED by BILL CLINTON - TRUE FIRST EDITION - New York, Alfred A. Knoph, 2004 $275.00
CLUNE, Frank BOUND FOR BOTANY BAY - Narrative of a Voyage in 1798 Aboard the Death Ship "Hillsborough" Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1964 $26.00
CLUNE, Frank MURDERS ON MAUNGA-TAPU: A history of the crimes committed on the lonely slopes of Maunga-tapu, the Sacred Mountain in New Zealand in the year 1866 - - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1959 $38.00
CLUNE, Frank STARLIGHT - Reckless Rascal of "Robbery Under Arms" Melbourne, The Hawthorn Press, 1945 $24.00
COCKINGTON, James HISTORY HAPPENED HERE: Strange but true stories from Australian suburbia Sydney, ABC, 2003 $14.00
COHEN, Geula WOMAN OF VIOLENCE: Memoirs of a Young Terrorist 1943 - 1948 London, Rupert Hart-Davis, 1966 $16.00
CONOLE, Peter PROTECT AND SERVE: A History of Policing in Western Australia - LIMITED EDITION of 750 Numbered Copies, SIGNED by the PETER CONOLE - Perth, The Director, Human Resources, Western Australia Police Services, 2002 $95.00
CORBYN, Charles Adam; presented by Cyril PEARL SYDNEY REVELS - the 1850s - of Bacchus, Cupid, and Momus: Being choice and humourous selections from scenes at the Sydney Police Office, and other public places, during the last three years Sydney, Ure Smith, 1970 $10.00
CORMICK, Craig - edited by NED KELLY - Under the Microscope: Solving the forensic mystery of Ned Kelly's remains Collingwood, CSIRO Publishing, 2014 $40.00
CORNWELL, Patricia PREDATOR London, Little Brown, 2005 $12.00
COURTENAY, Bryce THE POTATO FACTORY - Warmly Inscribed by the AUTHOR and SIGNED - FIRST AUSTRALIAN EDITION - Port Melbourne, William Heinemann/Reed Books, 1995 $45.00
DALESSIO, Theresa - with Patrick W. PICCIARELLI MALA FEMINA: A Women's Life as the Daughter of a Don - AUTHOR SIGNED - Fort Lee, Barricade Books, 2003 $30.00
DAVENPORT, Sue, Peter Johnson and Yuwali CLEARED OUT: First Contact in the Western Desert Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2005 $38.00
DAVIES, Lloyd SHEILA: A biography of Sheila Mary McClemans - - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Sydney, Desert Pea Press, 2000 $24.00
De CRESPIGNY, Robin THE PEOPLE SMUGGLER: The True Story of Ali Al Jenabi, The 'Oscar Schindler' of Asia - SIGNED by ROBIN De CRESPIGNY - Melbourne, Viking/Penguin, 2012 $38.00
DENTON, Kit CLOSED FILE - the True Story behind the Execution of Breaker Morant and Peter Handcock Adelaide, Rigby, 1983 $18.00
DUVALL, David ARE LAWYERS REALLY NECESSARY? Bentley, Colonial Publishing, 2002 $26.00
DUVALL, David A LESSON IN LAW Bentley, Colonial Publishing, 2002 $24.00
ENNIS, Helen PHOTOGRAPHY AND AUSTRALIA - exposures London, Reaktion Books, 2007 $22.00
ERICKSON, Carolly THE GIRL FROM BOTANY BAY: The True Story of the Convict Mary Broad and Her Extraordinary Escape Sydney, Pan Macmillan, 2004 $10.00
ERICKSON, Rica and Gillian O'MARA - co-authors CONVICTS IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA 1850-1887: Dictionary of Western Australians Volume IX - NINE - Revised and Expanded Edition - Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1994 $145.00
FARWELL, George NED KELLY - The Life and Adventures of Australias Notorious Bushranger Melbourne, F. W. Cheshire, 1970 $24.00
FEEHAN, John BOBBY SANDS and the Tragedy of Northern Ireland New York, Permanent Press, 1985 $38.00
FENN, I. J. THE BEAT: A True Account of the Bondi Gay Murders Rowville, Five Mile Press, 2006 $10.00
FENNELL, Thomas McCarthy; edited by Philip FENNELL and Marie KING VOYAGE OF THE HOUGOUMONT AND LIFE AT FREMANTLE: The story of an Irish Rebel Bloomington, Xlibris Corporation, 2000 $24.00
FINKEL, Elizabeth - edited by THE BEST AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE WRITING 2012 Sydney, New South Books, 2012 $16.00
FITZGERALD, Ross and Trevor L. JORDAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE: A history of alcohol in Australia Pymble, HarperCollins/ABC, 2009 $16.00
FITZSIMONS, Peter NED KELLY - The Story of Australia's Most Notorious Legend North Sydney, William Heinemann/Random House, 2013 $28.00
FITZSIMONS, Peter EUREKA: The Unfinished Revolution North Sydney, William Heinemann/Random, 2012 $30.00
FITZSIMONS, Peter EUREKA - The Unfinished Revolution North Sydney, William Heinemann/Random House Australia, 2013 $20.00
FORD, Adam MY LIFE IN RUINS: From Petra to Glenrowan - My Adventures and Misadventures in Archaeology Sydney, Harper Collins/ABC, 2015 $28.00
FULLER, Basil WEST OF THE BIGHT Rigby, Adelaide, 1972 $10.00
FULLER, Norm THE LEGEND OF SAM CHALWELL: An East Rockingham Mystery - - - AUTHOR INSCRIBED & SIGNED - - - Perth, Artlook, 1982 $16.00
GALBALLY Frank and Robert MACKLIN JURYMAN - A Novel South Yarra, Currey O'Neil, 1982 $18.00
GARVEY, Nathan THE CELEBRATED GEORGE BARRINGTON: A Spurious Author, the Book Trade, and Botany Bay Potts Point, Horden House Rare Books , 2008 $50.00
GILBERT, Martin THE ROUTLEDGE ATLAS OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR Abingdon, Routledge, 2008 $44.00
GILMOUR, Joanna; edited by Paige AMOR SIDESHOW ALLEY - Infamy, The Macabre and the Portrait Canberra, National Portrait Gallery, 2015 $30.00
GILPATRICK, Noreen FINE DESIGN - A Mystery New York, Mysterious Press, 1993 $10.00
GOOT, Murray AND Tim ROWSE - edited by MAKE A BETTER OFFER - The Politics of Mabo Leichhardt, Pluto, 1994 $16.00
GOSCH, Martin and Richard HAMMER THE LAST TESTAMENT OF LUCKY LUCIANO London, MacMillan, 1975 $24.00
GOTHARD, Jan BLUE CHINA: Single Female Migration to Colonial Australia Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 2001 $18.00
GRAFTON, Sue G IS FOR GUMSHOE - A Kinsey Millhone Mystery New York, Henry Holt, 1990 $18.00
GRANT, Lachlan - edited by; with Changi Authors THE CHANGI BOOK Sydney, New South Publishing in association with The Australian War Memorial, 2015 $58.00
GRINBLAT, Kathy - edited by CHILDREN OF THE SHADOWS - Voices of the Second Generation Crawley, University of Western Australia Press/Benchmark Publications, 2002 $28.00
GRINBLAT, Kathy - edited by CHILDREN OF THE SHADOWS: Voices of the Second Generation Crawley, University of Western Australia Press/ Benchmark Publications, 2002 $22.00
HAEBICH, Anna MURDERING STEPMOTHERS : The Exceution of Martha Rendell Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2010 $22.00
HAMILTON, Charles GREAT FORGERS and FAMOUS FAKES New York, Crown, 1980 $16.00
HANSON, Pauline UNTAMED AND UNASHAMED - The Autobiography Docklands, JoJo Publishing, 2007 $58.00
HARDING, Richard - introduction LAW UNDER STRESS: Future Challenges for the Legal System - A series of lectures to mark the Jubilee Year of the University of Western Australia Law School Nedlands, University of Western Australia Law School, 1979 $34.00
HARDY, Frank THE HARD WAY Adelaide, Rigby, 1976 $16.00
HARKNESS, Deborah E. THE JEWEL HOUSE - Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution London, Yale University Press, 2007 $20.00
HARMAN, Kristyn ABORIGINAL CONVICTS: Australian, Khoisan and Maori Exiles Sydney, New South Publishing, 2012 $32.00
HASLUCK, Alexandra ROYAL ENGINEER - A Life of Sir Edmund DuCane Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1973 $28.00
HAYLEN, Leslie, M.P.; With a Foreword by The Rt. Hon. J.B. Chifley, P.C. BLOOD ON THE WATTLE: A play of the EUREKA STOCKADE Sydney, Angus & Robertson , 1948 $50.00
HENDERSON, Graeme REDEMPTION OF A SLAVE SHIP: 'The James Matthews' Welshpool, Western Australian Museum, 2009 $44.00
HEYWARD, Michael; introduction by Robert HUGHES THE ERN MALLEY AFFAIR: The literary hoax of the twentieth century St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1993 $10.00
HOHNE, Heinz CODEWORD: DIREKTOR, The inside story of the Red Orchestra - the Russian spy network in the Third Reich London, Pan, 1973 $14.00
HOSER, Raymond TAXI 1 - INDECENT EXPOSURES and TAXI 2 - MORE INDECENT EXPOSURES Doncaster, Kotabi Pub., 2000 $48.00
HYAMS, Edward TERRORISTS AND TERRORISM London, J.M. Dent, 1975 $16.00
HYDE, H. Montgomery THE QUIET CANADIAN: The Secret Service Story of Sir William Stephenson London, Hamish Hamilton, 1962 $15.00
HYDE, H. Montgomery STALIN: The History of a Dictator London, Granada/Rupert Hart-Davis, 1971 $16.00
JACKSON, Graham ECCENTRIC MINDS: A homage to the Bony novels of Arthur Upfield Raleigh,, 2010 $34.00
JOHNSON HARRIS, Carolyn COME WITH DADDY: Child Murder - Suicide after Family Breakdown Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2005 $35.00
JONES, Stephen and Peter ISRAEL OTHERS UNKNOWN: The Oklahoma Bombing Case and Conspiracy - SIGNED by STEPHEN JONES - New York, Public Affairs, 1998 $36.00
KEITH, Jim - edited by THE GEMSTONE FILE Avondale Estates, IllumiNetPress, 1992 $20.00
KENEALLY, Thomas THE GREAT SHAME - A Story of the Irish in the Old World and the New Milsons Point, Random House, 1998 $15.00
KIERNAN, Ben BLOOD AND SOIL: A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Darfur Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 2008 $30.00
KING, Robert J. THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE CONVICT COLONY: Alexandro Malaspina's report on the British settlement of New South Wales North Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 1990 $25.00
League of Rights; introduction by Eric D. BUTLER BRAIN WASHING: A Synthesis of the Communist Textbook on Psychopolitics n.p., League of Rights, n.d. $15.00
LEVELL, David TOUR TO HELL: Convict Australia's Escape Myths St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 2008 $18.00
LINDSAY, Patrick BACK FROM THE DEAD: Peter Hughes' story of survival and hope after Bali - Warmly INSCRIBED and SIGNED by PETER HUGHES - Milsons Point, Random House Australia, 2003 $36.00
LIPSON, Norm and Adam WALTERS NIGHTMARE ON NORFOLK Sydney, Woman's Day True Crime/ACP, 2005 $10.00
LOVELL, Avon - SIGNED by PETER MICKELBERG SPLIT IMAGE: International Mystery of the Mickelberg Affair - SIGNED by PETER MICKELBERG North Perth, Creative Image, 1990 $54.00
MACEK, Steve URBAN NIGHTMARES - The Media, The Right, and the Moral Panic over the City Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2006 $35.00
MAHER, Christine RICHARD BROOKS: From Convict Ship Captain to Pillar of Early Colonial Australia Kenthurst, Rosenberg Publishers, 2016 $30.00
MALOUF, David THE CONVERSATIONS AT CURLOW CREEK - First Australian Edition - AUTHOR SIGNED - Milsons Point, Chatto & Windus/Randon House, 1996 $30.00
McCULLOUGH, Colleen ON, OFF - - TRUE FIRST AUSTRALIAN EDITION - - Pymble, Harper Collins, 2005 $35.00
McGLADE, Hannah OUR GREATEST CHALLENGE: Aboriginal children and human rights Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2012 $44.00
McHugh, Evan BUSHRANGERS: Australia's greatest self-made heroes Camberwell, Penguin/Viking, 2011 $20.00
McKEWON, Elaine THE SCARLET MILE - A Social History of Prostitution in Kalgoorlie, 1894 - 2004 - SIGNED by Elaine McKEWON - Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2005 $38.00
MILENTIS, Sheryl and Peter J. BRIDGE - edited by THE SCARLET STAIN: Harlots, Harridans and Hellholes of Old Kalgoorlie Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2004 $20.00
MINGENEW HISTORICAL SOCIETY MINGENEW 1846 - 1986 Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1988 $24.00
MORROW, E. THE LAW PROVIDES London, Herbert Jenkins, 1937 $85.00
MOTTRAM, David R. - edited by DRUGS IN SPORT - - FOURTH EDITION - - Abingdon, Routledge, 2005 $15.00
MURPHY, John EVATT - A LIFE Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $55.00
MURRAY, Herbert; - edited by Francis WEST SELECTED LETTERS OF HUBERT MURRAY Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1970 $12.00
National Committee on Violence with drawings by Sidney NOLAN VIOLENCE - Directions for Australia Canberra, Australian Institute of Criminology, 1990 $34.00
NEELY, Richard A MADNESS OF THE HEART - Constable Crime London, Constable, 1978 $20.00
NOAH, William VOYAGE TO SYDNEY IN THE SHIP "HILLSBOROUGH" 1798 - 1799 And A Description of the Colony North Sydney, Library of Australian History, 1978 $28.00
O'TOOLE, Sean THE HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN CORRECTIONS Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2006 $30.00
OWEN, Chris EVERY MOTHER'S SON IS GUILTY: Policing the Kimberley Frontier of Western Australia 1882-1905 Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2016 $54.00
PEACHEY, Brian UNBROKEN SPIRIT - The Life of William Boxhal Convict 3744 - - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Carlisle, Hesperian, 2000 $22.00
PEASE, Z.W. THE CATALPA EXPEDITION Victoria Park, Hesperian Press, 2002 $22.00
PENTON, Brian LANDTAKERS - The Story of an Epoch Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1963 $16.00
PERKINS, Roberta and Frances LOVEJOY CALL GIRLS: Private Sex Workers in Australia Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2007 $25.00
PERRY, Roland THE EXILE - Burchett - Reporter of Conflict Victoria, William Heinemann Aust., 1988 $20.00
POLLAK, Michael SENSE AND CENSORSHIP: Commentaries on censorship violence in Australia Balgowlah, Reed, 1990 $8.00
PORTER, Richard ROOTS OF EVIL - Legalized Thieves: The Banks Suffolk, Richard Porter, n.d. $24.00
PRIEST, Tim ON DEADLY GROUND: The Assassination of John Newman, MP Chatswood, New Holland Publishers, 2010 $15.00
PRIMROSE, Robert FRONTLINE POLICING: On the Beat and in the Bush (with Mister Bob) - Inscribed and SIGNED by the AUTHOR Karrinyup, Robert Primrose, 2006 $30.00
REECE, Bob - edited by IRISH CONVICT LIVES Sydney, Crossing Press, 1993 $35.00
REISS, R.A., D.Sc.; English translation by F. S. COPELAND THE KINGDOM OF SERBIA: Austro - Hungarian Atrocities Report committed by the Austro-Hungarian Army during the first invasion of Serbia London, Simpkin, Marshall, 1916 $45.00
RINALDI, Fiori AUSTRALIAN PRISONS - Australian Library of Social Policy Canberra, F. & M. Publishers, 1977 $12.00
SAMUELSON, Steve and Ray MASON A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN TRUE CRIME: Australian Lives and Stories North Sydney, Ebury Press/Random House, 2008 $24.00
SCARFE, Gerald SCARFE'S SEVEN DEADLY SINS London, Hamish Hamilton/Penguin, 1987 $24.00
SCHWARZENEGGER, Arnold - with Peter PETRE TOTAL RECALL: My Unbelievably True Life Story London, Simon & Schuster/CBS, 2012 $16.00
SEAL, Graham THESE FEW LINES: A Convict Story - The Lost Lives of Myra and William Sykes Sydney, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006 $15.00
SEJNA, Jan WE WILL BURY YOU: The Soviet plan for subversion of the West by the highest ranking Communist ever to defect London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1982 $35.00
SHAW, A.G.L. - edited by GIPPS - LA TROBE CORRESPONDENCE 1839 - 1846 Carlton, Miegunyah/Melbourne University Press, 1989 $28.00
SHAW, Bruce - as told to WHEN THE DUST COME IN BETWEEN: Aboriginal Viewpoints in the East Kimberley Prior to 1982 Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 1992 $34.00
SILVESTER, John and Andrew RULE GOTCHA: How Australia's baddest crooks copped their right whack - from the 'Underbelly' archives Camberwell, Floradale/Sly Ink, 2007 $10.00
SLEE, June CRIME, PUNISHMENT AND REDEMPTION; A Convicts Story Canberra, The National Library of Australia, 2014 $40.00
SPENCE, Ainslie THE MYSTERY OF THE RED GUM Perth, C.H. Pitman, 1946 $24.00
SPITERI, David THE PREZ: A true account of the birth of outlaw motorcycle clubs in Australia Sydney, HarperCollins, 2012 $20.00
ST JOHN, Joe THROW AWAY THE KEY: Australian Justice's Hall of Shame Chatswood, New Holland, 2014 $35.00
STRAW, Leigh THE WORST WOMAN IN SYDNEY: The Life and crimes of Kate Leigh Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $28.00
SUE, Jack Wong, AKR 13 BLOOD ON BORNEO - REVISED EDITION - n.p., L. Smith (W.A.) Pty Ltd. T/A Jack Sue W.A. Skindivers Publication, 2002 $30.00
SWEENEY, Christopher TRANSPORTED: IN PLACE OF DEATH - Convicts in Australia South Melbourne, Macmillan, 1981 $12.00
TAYLOR, Paul GREAT AUSTRALIAN TALES Scoresby, Five Mile Press, 2012 $20.00
THOMAS, Gordon JOURNEY INTO MADNESS: Medical Torture and the Mind Controllers London, Corgi/Bantam, 1989 $15.00
THOMAS, J. E. and Alex STEWART IMPRISONMENT IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Evolution, Theory and Practice Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1978 $18.00
THORWALD, Jurgen DEAD MEN TELL TALES: The fascinating history of medicine in the service of criminal investigations. London, Thames & Hudson, 1966 $12.00
TINK, ANDREW LORD SYDNEY - The Life and times of Tommy Townshend North Melbourne, Walker & Whiteoak/Australian Scholarly, 2012 $30.00
TREGER, Anne MATERNITY NURSE - by the Author of Probationer Nurse London, Peter Davies, 1960 $25.00
TURNER, Ian SYDNEY'S BURNING London, Heinemann, 1967 $18.00
VAN RAAY, Carla GOD'S CALLGIRL - A Memoir - Inscribed and SIGNED by CARLA VAN RAAY - Pymble, Harper Collins, 2004 $34.00
VOLKOGONOV, Dmitri; translated by Harold SHUKMAN LENIN - LIFE AND LEGACY London, HarperCollins, 1994 $25.00
VULLIAMY, C.E. TEA AT THE ABBEY London, Michael Joseph, 1961 $65.00
WALKER, Terry; introduction by Arthur W. UPFIELD MURDER ON THE RABBIT PROOF FENCE: The strange case of Arthur Upfield and Snowy Rowles Victoria Park, Hesperial Press, 1993 $25.00
WALSH, J.M. SECRET WEAPONS: A Mystery Story - a Collins White Circle Pocket Novel Sydney, Collins, n.d. $24.00
WALTER-ADAMS, Silas THE LEGALIZED CRIME OF BANKING Hawthorne, Omni Publications, 1983 $20.00
WANNAN, Bill AUSTRALIAN BUSHRANGING - The Stark Story Adelaide, Rigby, 1978 $16.00
WARUNG, Price - William Astley CONVICT DAYS Sydney, Australasian Book Society, 1960 $20.00
WESTON, Garnet DEAD MEN ARE DANGEROUS - No. 73 Crime-Book Society series London, Crime-Book Society, n.d. $14.00
WILKINSON, Celia and Bill SAUNDERS - edited by PERSPECTIVES ON ADDICTION: Making sense of the issues Perth, William Montgomery Pty Ltd, 1996 $38.00
WILLIAMS, George A CHARTER OF RIGHTS FOR AUSTRALIA - Briefings Series Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2007 $18.00
WOLF, Markus; with Anne McELVOY MAN WITHOUT A FACE: The Autobiography of Communism's Greatest Spy London, Jonathan Cape, 1997 $20.00
WOLFF, Larry POSTCARDS FROM THE END OF THE WORLD: An Investigation into the Mind of Fin-De-Siecle Vienna London, Collins, 1989 $15.00
ZUNDEL, Ernst SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT - Letters from Cell #7 Pigeon Forge, Ingrid Rimland Zundel/ Soaring Eagles Gallery, 2004 $18.00

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