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We have tried to keep these abbreviations simple to use while at the same time giving as much concise information about the book as we can. Remember, if there is anything unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us directly via If you would like a reference copy of the list of abbreviations to use as you browse, it is available for download in the following formats: Plain Text Format or HTML format

Eureka Abbreviations Key
a.e.g - all edges gilt append. - appendix auto. - autographed biblio. - bibliograph
bd.(s) - board(s) b/w - black and white col. - colour/ed cl. - cloth
cond. - condition diagm. - diagrams d.j. - dust jacket docum. - document(s)
d.w. - dust wrapper dwgs. - drawings ed. - editor edit. - edition
ex/lib. - ex-library end/p. - end papers facs.ed - facsimilie edition fronts. - frontispiece
gd. - good hc. - hard cover h/title - half title page illus. - illustrations (illustrated by)
imp. - impression/s inscr. - inscribed inscript. - inscription n.d. - no date/not dated
n.n. - not numbered n.p.- no place n.publ. - no publisher nr. - near
orig. - original o/w. - otherwise pict. - pictorial p.o.i. - previous owners inscription
p.p. - printed pages prev. - previous prelim. - preliminary r.h. - right hand
refer. - references repr. - reprint rev. - revised - rebound
sl. - slight/slightly sm. - small t.e.g. - top edge gilt t.p. - title page
t/out - throughout unpag. - un-paginated v.g. - very good w.a.f. - with all faults
wraps. - wrappers w/r. - wrap-around w/out - without

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