Biography & Autobiography Books (1149)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ABBA; compiled by Chris Charlesworth ABBA - Legendary Piano Series - NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION No 0177 London, Wise Publicatrions, 2011 $50.00
ACKLAND, Michael HENRY HANDEL RICHARDSON - A Life Port Melbourne, Cambridge University Press, 2004 $30.00
ADAIR, Lawrens GLASS HOUSES: PAPER MEN Brisbane, CopyRight, 1992 $24.00
ADAM-SMITH, Patsy THERE WAS A SHIP: Patsy Adam-Smith's story of her years at sea - ILLUSTRATED NEW EDITION - SIGNED by PATSY ADAM-SMITH - Melbourne, Thomas Nelson, 1983 $64.00
ADAMS, Brian PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST - A Biography of William Dobell Melbourne, Hutchinson, 1983 $20.00
ADAMS, Keith Flexmore CROCODILE SAFARI MAN: My Tasmanian Childhood in the Great Depression and Over 50 Years of Desert Safaris to the Gulf of Carpentaria 1949 - 2003 - SIGNED by KEITH FLEXMORE ADAMS - Perth, Keith Adams, 2008 $26.00
AITKEN, Richard PLANTING DREAMS: Shaping Australian Gardens Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $35.00
AITON, DOUG and Terry LANE THE FIRST CENTURY - Australia's Federal Elections since Federation Melbourne, Information Australia, 2000 $18.00
AKERMANIS, Jason - with Gary SMART JASON AKERMANIS: OPEN SEASON - SIGNED by JASON AKERMANIS - Prahran, Hardie Grant Books, 2010 $55.00
ALEXANDER, Kristen TAKING FLIGHT: Lores Bonny's Extraordinary Flying Career Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2016 $36.00
ALFORD, Bob DARWIN'S AIR WAR 1942 - 1945: An Illustrated History - HARD COVER - Darwin, Aviation Historical Society of the Northern Territory/Colemans Printing, 1991 $38.00
ALLEN, Kim HISTORY OF THE TOWNSVILLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1888 - 1988 Bowen Hills, Boolarong /Trustees of the Townsville Grammar School, 1990 $34.00
ALLFREY, Anthony MAN OF ARMS: The Life and Legend of Sir Basil Zaharoff - - HARD COVER - - London, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1989 $30.00
ALTMAN, Stuart and David Shactman ; foreword by Senator John Kerry POWER, POLITICS, and UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE: The inside story of a century-long battle Amherst, Prometheus Books, 2011 $36.00
ANANIAN-WELSH, Rebecca, Gabrielle APPLEBY and Andrew LYNCH THE TIM CARMODY AFFAIR: Australia's Greatest Judicial Crisis Sudney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $28.00
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian THE FAIRY TALE OF MY LIFE - An Autobiography New York, Paddington, 1975 $20.00
ANDERSON, Hugh THE RISE AND FALL OF SQUIZZY TAYLOR - A LARRIKIN CROOK Millers Point, Pier 9/Murdoch, 2011 $12.00
ANDERSON, Jaynie, Christopher R. MARSHALL and Andrew YIP - edited by THE LEGACIES OF BERNARD SMITH: Essays on Australian Art, History and Cultural Politics Sydney, Power Publications/Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2016 $40.00
ANDERSON, Nola AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL - TREASURES FROM A CENTURY OF COLLECTING Millers Point, Murdoch Books/Australian War Memorial, 2012 $85.00
ANDERSON, Patricia ELWYN LYNN'S ART WORLD Sydney, Pandora Press, 2001 $30.00
ANEMAAT, Louise NATURAL CURIOSITY: Unseen Art of the First Fleet Sydney, New South Publishing, 2014 $38.00
ANGWIN, Donald A. and Shirley G. ANGWIN BURNS A HISTORY OF THE GEORGE ANGWIN FAMILY n.p. the Authors, 1988 $48.00
ANSELL Rod - with Rachel PERCY; illustrations by Robert Birch TO FIGHT THE WILD - A true story of survival - FIRST AUSTRALIAN EDITION - Woollahra, Currency/Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1980 $90.00
ANSON, Stan HAWKE - an emotional life Ringwood, McPhee Gribble/Penguin, 1991 $10.00
APPLEBY, Rosalind WOMEN OF NOTE: The Rise of Australian Women Composers - - HARD COVER - - Fremantle, Fremantle Press, 2012 $30.00
APPLETON, Gillian DIAMOND CUTS: An affectionate memoir of Jim McClelland Sydney, Macmillan, 2000 $8.00
APPLEYARD, Reginald, Anna AMERA and John YIANNAKIS BLACK NIGHT WHITE DAY: Greece-born Women in Australia - A Longitudinal Study 1964-2007 Rydalmere, Avago Books, 2015 $50.00
ARETZ, Gertrude - translated from the German by Eden and Cedar PAUL NAPOLEON AND HIS WOMEN FRIENDS London, George Allen & Unwin, 1927 $16.00
ARMSTRONG, Patrick CHARLES DARWIN IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA - A Young Scientists Perception of an Environment Nedlands, University Western Australia Press, 1985 $30.00
ARNOLD, John - editor THE IMAGINED CITY - Melbourne in the mind of its writers Sydney, Allen and Unwin, 1983 $12.00
ART AND AUSTRALIA - edited by CURRENT: Contemporary Art from Australia and New Zealand Paddington, Dott Publishing an imprint of Art and Australia, 2008 $90.00
ASTOR, Gerald THE LAST NAZI: The Life and Times of Dr Joseph Mengele New York, Donald I. Fine, 1985 $15.00
ATKINSON, Alan THE EUROPEANS IN AUSTRALIA : Democracy - Volume Two - 2 - SECOND EDITION - Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $45.00
AUSTEN, Tom THE ENTOMBED MINER: The true account of an astonishing rescue - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - Revised Commemorative Edition - -- Kambalda, Shire of Coolgardie, 2007 $48.00
AUSTEN, TOM - text by COUNTRY IMAGES WESTERN AUSTRALIA : A Portrait of the Past Osborne Park, Western Australian Newspapers Ltd, 2000 $58.00
AUSTIN, Ron GALLIPOLI ENCYCLOPEDIA: Australians in the 1915 Dardanelles Campaign McCrae, Slouch Hat Publications, 2005 $25.00
AUSTIN, Ronald J. CYCLING TO WAR: The History of the AIF/NZ Cyclist Corps 1916-1919 McCrae, Slouch Hat Publications, 2008 $75.00
AVELING, M. - editor WESTRALIAN VOICES: Documents in Western Australian Social History - NUMBERED EDITION - Nedlands, University Western Australia Press, 1979 $34.00
AYRES, Pam SURGICALLY ENHANCED - The New Collection London, Hodder & Stoughton/Hodder Headline, 2006 $15.00
AYRES, Philip MAWSON: A Life Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 2003 $24.00
BADGER, G.M. - edited by CAPTAIN COOK - Navigator and Scientist Canberra, Australian National University, 1970 $20.00
BAILEY, Jean - with charcoal drawings by Lorraine HANNAY ANTARCTICA: a traveller's tale Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1980 $16.00
BAILLIE, Joy LET IT BE RECORDED: A family's journey through outback Queensland - - - PERSONAL INSCRIPTION BY THE AUTHOR - - - n.p., the author, 1997 $30.00
BAIN, Mary Albertus ANCIENT LANDMARKS: A Social and Economic History of the Victoria District of Western Australia 1839 - 1894 Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1975 $60.00
BAKER, Jeannine AUSTRALIAN WOMEN WAR REPORTERS: Boer War to Vietnam Sydney, New South Publishing, 2013 $35.00
BALDWIN, James THE FIRE NEXT TIME London, Michael Joseph, 1963 $16.00
BALSON, Scott MURDER BY MEDIA: Death of Democracy in Australia Mt Crosby, Interactive Presentations, 1999 $30.00
BALSON, Scott ENEMY OF THE STATE - - - SIGNED LIMITED EDITION - - - Mt Crosby, Interactive Presentations, 2000 $45.00
BALSON, Scott INSIDE ONE NATION: The inside story on a people's party born to fail - - AUTHOR SIGNED AND NUMBERED - - Mt. Crosby, Interactive Presentations, 2000 $35.00
BARKER, Anthony GEORGE ROBERTSON - A Publishing Life in Letters Queensland, University of Queensland Press, 1993 $15.00
BARNETT, David LIFE ON AUSTRALIAN LOCOMOTIVES Kenthurst, Rosenberg Publishing, 2015 $28.00
BARONOVA, Irina IRINA - Ballet, Life and Love - SIGNED by IRINA BARONOVA - Camberwell, Viking/Penguin Books, 1995 $78.00
BARRETT, Alf THE ROAD I TRAVELLED - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - Adelaide, the author, 1993 $38.00
BARRETT, David and Brian ROBERTSON: foreword by Toshiyuki Tanaka DIGGER'S STORY: Surviving the Japanese POW camps was just the beginning ... Scorseby, Five Mile Press, 2012 $25.00
BARRY, Paul RICH KIDS: How the Murdochs and Packers lost $950 Million in ONE.TEL Milsons Point/ Bantam/Transworld-Random House, 2002 $26.00
BATTEN, Jean ALONE IN THE SKY Shewsbury, Airlife, 1979 $18.00
BEAN, C.E.W. - Oficial Historian of Australia in the War of 1914 - 1918 THE STORY OF ANZAC - TWO VOLUMES - Vol. 1 - ONE: From the Outbreak of War to the End of the First Phase of The Gallipoli Campaign, May 4, 1915 AND Vol. 2 - Two - Evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1941 $235.00
BEASLEY, Margo THE MISSOS - A History of The Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union St Leonards, Allen & Unwin, 1996 $24.00
BEASLEY, A. W. FELLOWSHIP OF THREE: The Lives and Associations of John Hunter 1728-1793, The Surgeon; James Cook 1728-1779, The Navigator; and Joseph Banks 1743-1820, The Naturalist Kenthurst, Kangaroo Press, 1993 $15.00
BEAUMONT, Joan BROKEN NATION: Australians in the Great War Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2013 $35.00
BECKHAM, David - with Tom WATT DAVID BECKHAM: MY SIDE - SIGNED by DAVID BECKHAM - London, CollinsWillow/HarperCollins Publishers , 2003 $175.00
BEDFORD, Randolph; with a foreword by Geoffrey Blainey NAUGHT TO THIRTY- THREE Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1976 $10.00
BEE, W.A., Bill ALL MEN BACK - ALL ONE BIG MISTAKE Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1998 $22.00
BELL, Diane - edited by; for the Ngarrindjeri Nation LISTEN TO NGARRINDJERI WOMEN SPEAKING - Kungun Ngarrindjeri Miminar Yunnan North Melbourne, Spinifex, 2008 $30.00
BELL, John JOHN BELL: The Time of My Life - - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2002 $36.00
BELL, Katherine - editor CATTLE AUSTRALIA: The Story - The Icons - The Drives - The Big Runs - Belrose West, Murray David Publishing/ Gary Allen, 2009 $24.00
BENNETT, Bruce; Peter PORTER SPIRIT IN EXILE: Peter Porter and His Poetry Melbourne, Oxford, 1991 $10.00
BENNETT, J.M. SIR ARCHIBALD BURT: First Chief Justice of Western Australia 1861 - 1879 - Lives of the Australian Chief Justices Leichhardt, Federation Press, 2002 $35.00
BENNETT, Jack - based on the screenplay by David Williamson from a story by Peter Weir GALLIPOLI Melbourne., Angus and Robertson: Australian Classics Series, 1981 $15.00
BENNETT, Terry PHOTOGRAPHY IN JAPAN 1853 - 1912 Tokyo, Tuttle Publishing, 2006 $45.00
BERGER, John and Jean MOHR A FORTUNATE MAN: The Story of a Country Doctor London, Allen Lane/Penguin, 1967 $34.00
BERGNER, Yosi; editor Beryl HILL; foreword by Patrick McCAUGHEY YOSI BERGNER - A Retrospective Exhibition Banyule Gallery 11 September - 8 December 1985 Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria, 1985 $44.00
BHATHAL, Ragbir, Ralph SUTHERLAND and Harvey BUTCHER MOUNT MT. STROMLO OBSERVATORY: From Bush Observatory to the Nobel Prize Collingwood, CSIRO/Australian National University, 2013 $50.00
BIANCHI, Phil WORK COMPLETED, CANNING: A Comprehensive History of the Canning Stock Route 1906 - 2010. The Western Australian Explorer's Diaries Series - HARD COVER - 'Sorry - this Book is not in our Sale' Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2013 $115.00
BIANCHI, Phil WORK COMPLETED, CANNING: A Comprehensive History of the Canning Stock Route 1906 - 2010 - 'SORRY - THIS BOOK IS NOT IN OUR SALE' Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2013 $85.00
BIGNELL, Merle FIRST THE SPRING: A History of the Shire of Kojonup Western Australia - - FIRST EDITION - - Nedlands, University Western Australia Press/The Shire of Kojonup, 1982 $16.00
BILLINGTON, Michael - consulting editor; foreword by Sir John GIELGUD PERFORMIMG ARTS: An Illustrated Guide Terry Hills, A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1980 $15.00
BILLINGTON, Michael O. REFLECTIONS OF AN AMERICAN POLITICAL PRISONER: The repression and promise of the LaRouche movement Washington, EIR News Service, 2000 $10.00
BINGHAM, Madeline MASKS AND FACADES, Sir John Vanbrugh the Man in his Setting London, George Allen & Unwin, 1974 $28.00
BIRNS, Nicholas and Rebecca McNEER - edited by A COMPANION TO AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE SINCE 1900 Rochester, Camden House, 2010 $40.00
BISHOP, Clifford and Xenia OSTHELDER SEXUALIA: From Prehistory to Cyberspace Cologne, Konemann, 2001 $48.00
BLACKBURN, Estelle BROKEN LIVES: The complete life and crimes of serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke - REVISED & UPDATED EDITION - South Yarra, Hardie Grant, 2005 $14.00
BLACKBURN, Thomas A CLIP OF STEEL - a picaresque autobiography London, Panther, 1970 $15.00
BLACKMAN, Charles - Felicity St John MOORE SCHOOLGIRLS AND ANGELS: A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Charles Blackman Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria, 1993 $245.00
BLACKMAN, Charles - Text by Al Alvarez RAINFOREST South Melbourne, The MacMillan Company, 1988 $28.00
BLACKMORE, L.K.; foreword by Sir Thomas SOPWITH, CBE HAWKER: One of Aviation's Greatest Names - Aviator, Designer and Test Pilot - A Biographer of Harry Hawker, MBE, AFC - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - Glenfield, David Batgeman Ltd., 1990 $28.00
BLAGG, Janet - editor; Andre LIPSCOMBE; Ted SNELL, Carly LANE, Mike LEFROY and Jean ROBINS FERTILE SOIL: Fifty Years of The City of Fremantle Art Collection Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2008 $28.00
BLAINEY, Geoffrey SEA OF DANGERS: Captain Cook and His Rivals Camberwell, Viking/Penguin, 2009 $24.00
BLIGH, William - edited by Paul BRUNTON AWAKE, BOLD BLIGH - William Bligh's letters describing the mutiny on HMS Bounty North Sydney, Allen & Unwin in assoc. with the State Library of New South Wales, 1989 $26.00
BLUMHARDT, Doreen and Brian BRAKE CRAFT NEW ZEALAND: The Art of the Craftsman Wellington, A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1981 $24.00
BOKER, Malcolm THE GREAT PROFESSIONAL: A Study of W.M. Hughes Sydney, McGraw-Hill, 1980 $8.00
BOND, Graeme, wilderness photographer MANDURAH TO THE PEEL HINTERLANDS Mandurah, the author, 2002 $24.00
BONINGTON, Chris QUEST FOR ADVENTURE London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1981 $12.00
BOSWORTH, Michal CONVICT FREMANTLE - A Place of Promise and Punishment Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2004 $20.00
BOURKE, Myra, Susanne HOLZKNECHT and Annie BARTLETT WEAVING A DOUBLE CLOTH - Stories of Asia-Pacific Women in Australia Canberra, Pandanus, 2002 $10.00
BOWERMASTER, Jon BIRTHPLACE OF THE WINDS: Adventuring in Alaska's Islands of Fire and Ice Washington, National Geographic Adventure Press, 2000 $25.00
BOWYER, Chaz FOR VALOUR - The Air V.C.s London, William Kimber, 1985 $55.00
BOYD, Annie KOOMBANA DAYS Fremantle, Fremantle Press, 2013 $38.00
BOYD, Arthur - artist; HART, Deborah ARTHUR BOYD: AGONY AND ECSTASY Canberra, National Gallery of Australia, 2014 $60.00
BOYD, Robin THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN DREAM Rushcutters Bay, Pergamon, 1972 $24.00
BOYLE, James RAILROAD TO BURMA North Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 1990 $36.00
BOYLE, Raelene and Garry LINNELL RAELENE: Sometimes Beaten, Never Conquered - AUTHOR SIGNED - Sydney, Harper Collins, 2003 $28.00
BRADMAN, Don FAREWELL TO CRICKET London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1950 $18.00
BRADMAN, Sir Donald; text by Richard MULVANEY, artwork by Brian CLINTON THE ART OF BRADMAN: The Bradman Museum - A Collection of Original Paintings and Drawings South Oakleigh, Funtastic, 2004 $34.00
BRADSHAW, Don - et al ART, SCIENCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: A Festschrift for Emeritus Professor Don Bradshaw Chair of Zoology 1976 - 2004 The University of Western Australia Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2009 $30.00
BRADSHAW, Finn OUR OPEN - 100 YEARS OF Australia's GRAND SLAM: Through the eyes of 12 Australian greats Southbank, News Custom Publishing/ Hearal & Weekly Times, 2004 $28.00
BRADY, Veronica SOUTH OF MY DAYS: A Biography of Judith Wright Pymble/Angus & Robertson/Harper Collins, 1998 $48.00
BRAHMS, Caryl; photographs by Russell SEDGWICK ROBERT HELPMANN - Choreographer London, Batsford, 1945 $15.00
BRAMSTON, Troy - foreword by Gough Whitlam THE WHITLAM LEGACY - REVISED & UPDATED EDITION - Annandale, The Federation Press, 2015 $30.00
BRAND, Ian PENAL PENINSULA: Port Arthur and its Outstations, 1827 - 1898 West Moonah, Jason Publications, 1978 $16.00
BRAY, Chris THE 1000 HOUR DAY : Two adventurers take on the world's harshest island - AUTHOR SIGNED - Millers Point, Murdoch Books/Pier 9, 2010 $34.00
BRAYLEY, Annabelle - edited by BUSH NURSES: Inspiring true stories of nursing bravery and ingenuity in rural and remote Australia Melbourne, Penguin/Viking, 2013 $18.00
BREMER, Stuart AUSTRALIA'S GOLDEN ERA OF SHIPS Silverwater, Bullion books, 1989 $12.00
BRENNAN, Niall DR. MANNIX Adelaide, Rigby, 1964 $15.00
BRENNAN, Niall DAMIEN PARER - Cameraman Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1994 $24.00
BRENNAN, Tony FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE: The Life and Times of Peter and Patience Brennan and their decendants in Western Australia n.p., Tony Brennan, 2006 $35.00
BRESLER, Fenton THE MURDER OF JOHN LENNON lOLondon, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1989 $10.00
BRIDGE, P.J. - edited by DOLLY POT Perth, Taurus Resources/Heaperian, 1987 $18.00
BRIDGE, Peter - compiled by; with Angela TEAGUE TOODYAY GOLD Perth, Hesperian, 2008 $22.00
BRIDGE, Peter J. and Ian MURRAY THE OVERLANDERS - Crossing the Nullarbor 1870s - 1970s Carlisle, Hesperian, 2011 $54.00
BRIDGE, Peter J., Gail DREEZENS and Angela TEAGUE = edited by TEAMS AND TEAMSTERS Carlisle, Hesperian, 2010 $34.00
BRIDGE, Peter J.; Professor Leslie R. MARCHANT RUSSIAN JACK - together with an essay: "The Twilight of the Gods of Truth and Perfection" Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2002 $20.00
BRINE, John and friends LOOKING FOR MILLIGAN - The fascinating search for William Milligan a pioneering doctor of the Swan River colony 1795 - 1851 Western Australia, Milligan Society, 1991 $16.00
BRISTOW, Iris SEEDTIME AND HARVEST - A History of the Narembeen District 1888 - 1998 Narembeen, Shire of Narembeen, 1988 $36.00
BRITTEN, Rosemary RANGI RURU: Rangi Ruru Girls' School Christchurch, New Zealand 1889 - 1989 Lincoln, Te Waihora Press, 1988 $34.00
BRODIE, Scott STATESMEN, LEADERS AND LOSERS - The Twenty-Three Prime Ministers of Australia Sydney, Dreamweaver, 1984 $12.00
BRODIE-HALL, Laurence Sir BRODIE - Memoirs of Sir Laurence Brodie-Hall - Inscribed, SIGNED and NUMBERED Limited Edition - Northbridge, Access Press, 1994 $40.00
BROOKE, Rupert; illustrated by BUCKLAND-WRIGHT THE POEMS OF RUPERT BROOKE London, The Folio Society, 1961 $15.00
BROOKES, Judy and James SABINE - edited by; for the Australian Film Institute A CENTURY OF AUSTRALIAN CINEMA: Australian Film Institute - HARD COVER IN DUST JACKET - Port Melbourne, William Heinemann/Reed, 1995 $30.00
BROOKS, David and Darren JORGENSEN WANARN PAINTERS OF PLACE AND TIME: Old Age Travels in the Tjukurrpa Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2015 $36.00
Brother PAUL, S.V.D. - editor; DIVINE WORD MISSIONARIES THE WORD: An international Catholic pictorial magazine edited and published by the Divine Word Missionaries: 14 bound Volumes of 12 months each 1960 - 1973 Roscomon, Divine Word Missioneries, 1961 $95.00
BROWN, Cavan THE BLACKFELLOW'S FRIEND Bassendean, Access Press, 1999 $44.00
BROWN, David Blayney THE ART OF J. M. W. TURNER New Jersey, Wellfleet, 1990 $18.00
BROWN, Dee THE GENTLE TAMERS: Women of the Old West London, Barrie & Jenkins, 1973 $18.00
BROWN, Linda M. - Sister Linda BERWICK HISTORY AND MEMORIES OF NURSING AT THE LAUNCESTON GENERAL HOSPITAL - - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Launceston, The Launceston General Hospital Ex-Trainees Assoc., 1980 $24.00
BROWN, Ron and Pat CLIFT DARWIN DILEMMAS Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1992 $22.00
BROWNING, Neville LEANE'S BATTALION: 48th Battalion AIF 1916 - 1919 - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - Huntingdale, Neville James Browning, 2009 $120.00
BROWNING, Neville THE BLUE AND WHITE DIAMOND: The History of the 28th Battalion AIF 1915 - 1919 - REVISED EDITION - SIGNED by NEVILLE BROWNING - Huntingdale, Neville Browning, 2010 $145.00
BROWNING, Neville FROMELLES TO NAUROY: 31st Battalion AIF 1915 - 1919 - SIGNED by NEVILLE BROWNING - Huntingdale, the Author, 2013 $155.00
BROWNING, Neville FROMELLES TO NAUROY - 31st Battalion AIF 1915 - 1919 - SIGNED by NEVILLE BROWNING - Huntingdale, the Author, 2013 $155.00
BROWNING, NEVILLE LEANE'S BATTALION - 48th Battalion AIF 1916 - 1919 - SIGNED by NEVILLE BROWNING - Huntingdale, Neville James Browning, 2009 $120.00
BROWNING, Neville THE BLUE AND WHITE DIAMOND - The History of the 28th Battalion AIF 1915 - 1919 - REVISED EDITION - SIGNED by NEVILLE BROWNING - Huntingdale, Neville James Browning, 2010 $145.00
BROWNING, Neville THE GREEN AND WHITE DIAMOND - 20th Battalion AIF 1915-1919 - SIGNED by NEVILLE BROWNING - Huntingdale, Neville Browning, 2017 $88.00
BRUCE, Candice; with an introduction by Daniel THOMAS EUGEN von GUERARD Canberra, Australian Gallery Directors Council, 1980 $25.00
BRUCE, Keith DIGGER TOURIST South Melbourne, Popular Publications, 1940 $38.00
BRUNE, Peter A BASTARD OF A PLACE: The Australians in Papua - Kokoda - Milne Bay - Gona - Buna - Sanananda Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2004 $18.00
BRUTON, Cal - with Ian Brayshaw THE BLACK PEARL: No Regrets - Warmly SIGNED by CAL BRUTON - Subiaco, Cal Bruton Enterprises, 1991 $85.00
BRYSON, Bill DOWN UNDER Sydney, Doubleday, 2000 $24.00
BUCHANAN, Gordon PACKHORSE AND WATERHOLE - With the First Overlanders to the Kimberleys Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1997 $26.00
BUCHANAN, John IF BETTER IS POSSIBLE: The winning strategies from the coach of Australia's most successful cricket team - AUTHOR SIGNED - Prahran, Hardie Grant Books, 2007 $38.00
BUDDEE, Paul THE ESCAPE OF THE FENIANS Victoria, Longman Aust., 1971 $35.00
BUDDEE, Paul FATE OF THE ARTFUL DODGER: Parkhurst Boys Transported to Australia and New Zealand 1842-52 Perth, St. George, 1984 $78.00
BURCHETT, Wilfred - edited by George BURCHETT and Nick SHIMMIN MEMOIRS OF A REBEL JOURNALIST: The Autobiobraphy of William Burchett Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2005 $70.00
BURGESS, Colin AUSTRALIA'S DAMBUSTERS: The Men and the Missions of 617 RAF Squadron - - REVISED EDITION - - Loftus, The Australian Military History Publications, 2013 $40.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE - A TUMULTUOUS LIFE - Embossed Leather Edition - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $50.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE: A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book Perth, A Tumulutous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE: A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE; A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book - Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BURKE, Janine AUSTRALIAN GOTHIC - A Life of Albert Tucker Milsons Point, Knopf/Random, 2002 $24.00
BURKE, Peter WETTENING AURALIA - In the west, we all know this story. Sort of. - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - Nedlands, Aurelia Press, 2015 $25.00
BURNET, Sir Macfarlane CHANGING PATTERNS - an atypical autobiography Melbourne, William Heinemann, 1968 $18.00
BURNLEY, Ian and Peter MURPHY SEA CHANGE: Movement from Metropolitan to Arcadian Australia Sydney, University of New South Wales Press , 2004 $58.00
BURRELL, Andrew TWIGGY: The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest - AUTHOR SIGNED - Collingwood, Black Inc./Schwartz Media, 2013 $30.00
BURSTALL, Terry THE SOLDIERS STORY: The Battle at Xa Long Tan Vietnam, 18 August 1966 - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - St Lucia, Queensland University Press, 1986 $50.00
BUSCOMBE, Eve AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL PORTRAITS Hobart, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, 1979 $15.00
BUTLER, Richard EUREKA STOCKADE - Richard Butler's compelling narrative of rebellion on the goldfields Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1983 $15.00
BUTLER, Sally - edited by BEFORE TIME TODAY: Reinventing Tradition in Aurukun Aboriginal Art St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 2010 $38.00
BYKOV, Vasil - translated by Jennifer and Robert WOODHOUSE HIS BATTALION and LIVE UNTIL DAWN St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1981 $25.00
BYRNE, Geraldine TOM AND JACK - A Frontier Story - AUTHOR Inscribed and SIGNED - Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2003 $28.00
CAHILL, Tim LEGACY, The Autobiography Sydney, Harper Collins, 2015 $24.00
CAMERON, David W. SORRY, LADS, BUT THE ORDER IS TO GO - The August Offensive, Gallipoli: 1915 Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2009 $30.00
CAMERON, Hugh FIFTY YEARS AFLOAT: The Autobiography of a Ferryman Victoria Park, Hesperian, 1996 $20.00
CAMPBELL, Alastair and Richard STOTT - edited by THE BLAIR YEARS - Extracts from The Alastair Campbell Diaries London, Hutchinson, 2007 $28.00
CAMPBELL, David and Douglas STEWART - edited by Jonathan PERSSE LETTERS LIFTED INTO POETRY - Selected correspondence between David Campbell and Douglas Stewart 1946 - 1979 Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2006 $34.00
CAMPBELL, Jean GEORGE LAWRENCE - An Illustrated Biography Sydney, Australian Artist Editions, 1980 $25.00
CAMPBELL, John NEW GUINEA MACHINE GUNNERS: A History of 7 Australian Machine Gun Battalion 1942 - 1944 Jannali, the Author, 2013 $44.00
CAMPBELL, Olwen W. THE LIGHTED WINDOW - essay on T. E. Lawrence Cambridge, W. Heffer & Sons, 1940 $85.00
CAMPESE, David; co-ordinated by David CLARKE DAVID CAMPESE - IRONBARK LEGENDS - - - AUTHOR INSCRIBED & SIGNED - - - Sydney, Ironbark/Pan Macmillan, 1996 $34.00
CAREY, Jim and Toni MCRAE PEACOCK, M.P. Adelaide, Rigby, 1982 $8.00
CARLSSON, Susanne Chauvel PITCAIRN - Island at the Edge of Time Rockhampton, Central Queensland University Press, 2000 $24.00
CARLTON, Mike CRUISER - The Life and Loss of HMAS Perth and Her Crew North Sydney, Willian Heinemann/ Random, 2011 $24.00
CARLYON, Les THE MASTER: A Personal Portrait of Bart Cummings Sydney, Macmillan/Pan Macmillan, 2011 $25.00
CARNARVON, Fiona - 8th Countess of Carnarvon LADY ALMINIA and the real DOWNTON ABBEY: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle - AUTHOR SIGNED - London, Hodder & Stoughton/Hatchette, 2011 $40.00
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