Religion Books (103)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ARMSTRONG, Patrick CHARLES DARWIN IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA - A Young Scientists Perception of an Environment Nedlands, University Western Australia Press, 1985 $30.00
BAIGENT, Michael RACING TOWARD ARMAGEDDON: The three great religions and the plot to end the world New York, HarperOne, 2009 $16.00
BARRETT, John THAT BETTER COUNTRY - The Religious Aspect of Life in Eastern Australia 1835 - 1850 Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1966 $12.00
BLACKBURN, Thomas A CLIP OF STEEL - a picaresque autobiography London, Panther, 1970 $15.00
BOSTOM, Andrew G. - edited by THE LEGACY OF JIHAD: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims Amherst, Prometheus Books, 2005 $38.00
BOYD, Arthur - artist; HART, Deborah ARTHUR BOYD: AGONY AND ECSTASY Canberra, National Gallery of Australia, 2014 $60.00
BRENNAN, Niall DR. MANNIX Adelaide, Rigby, 1964 $15.00
Brother PAUL, S.V.D. - editor; DIVINE WORD MISSIONARIES THE WORD: An international Catholic pictorial magazine edited and published by the Divine Word Missionaries: 14 bound Volumes of 12 months each 1960 - 1973 Roscomon, Divine Word Missioneries, 1961 $95.00
BROWN, Cavan THE BLACKFELLOW'S FRIEND Bassendean, Access Press, 1999 $44.00
BURBANK, Viictoria Katherine ABORIGINAL ADOLESCENCE: Maidenhood in an Australian Community - A Volume in the Adolescents in a Changing World Series - - HARD COVER - - New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1988 $30.00
CARNE, D. LANDRIGHTS - LAND RIGHTS: A Christian Perspective Chippendale, Alternative Publishing, 1980 $20.00
CARTER, Anne - edited by; BENEDICTINE COMMUNITY OF NEW NORCIA Inc. NEW NORCIA STUDIES: Number 11 - September 2003 New Norcia, The Archives, Research & Publications Committee Benedictine Community of New Norcia, 2003 $20.00
CHATTERTON, Percy DAY THAT I HAVED LOVED - Percy Chattertons Papua Sydney, Pacific Publications, 1974 $28.00
CHOO, Christine MISSION GIRLS: Aboriginal Women on Catholic Missions in the Kimberley, Western Australia, 1900-1950 Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2004 $38.00
CLUNE, Frank ROAMING AROUND AUSTRALIA Melbourne, The Hawthorn Press, 1947 $15.00
COHEN, David - edited by; introduction by Gabriel Garcia MARQUEZ THE CIRCLE OF LIFE - Rituals from the Human Family Album New York, Harper Collins, 1991 $28.00
COHEN, Lysbeth BEGINNING WITH ESTHER - Jewish Women in New South Wales from 1788 Sydney, Ayers & James in assoc. with Australian Jewish Times, 1987 $25.00
COLLISON, Kerry B. CRESCENT MOON RISING: The Bali Bombing - AUTHOR SIGNED - Hartwell, Sid Harta, 2005 $36.00
COLLOMS, Brenda CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Lion of Eversley London, Constable, 1975 $12.00
DAVIS, Pedr TIMELESS MACHINES - Veteran and Vintage Motoring in Australia and New Zealand Blakehurst, Marque, 1990 $20.00
DEVENISH, Bruce MAN OF ENERGY AND COMPASSION: The life, letters and times of Henry Trigg, Swan River pioneer and Church founder - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - South Perth, Wongaburra Enterprises, 1996 $40.00
EAGLE, Chester PLAY TOGETHER, DARK BLUE TWENTY - a Boys-eye View of an Elite Australian School Melbourne, McPhee Gribble, 1986 $24.00
EBSWORTH, Rev. Walter A. ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL - MELBOURNE - - Revised Edition - - - Armadale, Graphic Books for St Patrick's Cathedral, 1979 $34.00
ELLIOTT, Keith, V.C., with Rona ADSHEAD FROM COWSHED TO DOG COLLAR Wellington, A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1968 $18.00
ELWENSPOEK, Dr. Curt JEW SUSS OPPENHEIMER: The Great Financier, Gallant, and Adventurer of the 18th Century - A study based on various documents, private papers and traditions London, Hurst & Blackett, Ltd., 1931 $20.00
ENJI, Torei; with commentary by Master Daibi of Unkan; translated by Yoko Okuda The Discourse on THE INEXHAUSTIBLE LAMP of the Zen School Boston, Charles E. Tuttle/Zen Centre, London, 1996 $38.00
FERGUSON, R.J. ARCHITECTURAL IMAGES - - Limited Edition NUMBERED and SIGNED by the AUTHOR - - n.p., R.J. Ferguson, 1996 $175.00
FORREST, John; G. F. ANGAS - illustrations by EXPLORATIONS IN AUSTRALIA - - LIMITED DELUXE EDITION - - Adelaide, Friends of the State Library of South Australia:Australiana Facsimile Editions No. 217, 1998 $225.00
FREADMAN, Richard THIS CRAZY THING A LIFE: Australian Jewish Autobiography Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2007 $24.00
FRISCHLER, Kurt; translated from the German by Norman DENNY AYESHA London, Barrie & Rockliff, 1961 $35.00
GARDINER, Paul - SJ MARY MACKILLOP: An Extraordinary Australian Sydney, E.J. Dywer in assoc. with David Ell Press, 1993 $28.00
GARNSEY, Mrs. Arthur H. SCARLET PILLOWS - An Australian Nurse's Tales of Long Ago Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1984 $34.00
GRANT, James - compiled by PERSPECTIVE OF A CENTURY: A volume for the Centenary of Trinity College Melbourne 1872 - 1972 Melbourne, The Council of Trinity College, 1972 $10.00
GRAY, Henry; with original illustrations by Henry CARTER GRAY'S ANATOMY - The Classic 1860 Edition Heatherton, Hinkler Books, 2008 $20.00
GRIFFITHS, Max FRANCIS ORMOND: A Ruling Passion Kenthurst, Rosenberg Publishing, 2015 $40.00
GROMM, Leslie J. BLAZING THE WESTERN TRAILS: The Story of the Life and Work of William Kennedy - Pathfinder, Preacher and Pioneer Perth, W.A. Baptist Home Mission, 1991 $18.00
HAMILTON, Reg COLONY: Strange Origins of One of the Earliest Modern Democracies Kent Town, Wakefield Press, 2010 $36.00
HARRIS, Dorothy, Douglas HYND and David MILLIKAN THE SHAPE OF BELIEF: Christianity in Australia today Homebush West, Lancer, 1982 $15.00
HENSON, Barbara A STRAIGHT-OUT MAN: F. W. Albrecht and Central Australian Aborigines Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1992 $35.00
HETHERINGTON, John PILLARS OF THE FAITH - Churchmen and their Churches in Early Victoria Melbourne, F.W.Chesire, 1966 $15.00
HIRSHSON, Stanley P. THE LION OF THE LORD: A Biography of the Mormon Leader, Brigham Young London, J. M. Dent, 1971 $25.00
HOLDEN, Colin RITUALIST ON A TRICYCLE: Frederick Goldsmith - Church, Nationalism and Society in Western Australia 1880 - 1920 Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1997 $35.00
HOLROYD, Stuart ALIEN INTELLIGENCE - A Fascinating Exploration into the Mysterious World of Non-Human, Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Intelligence Terry Hills, A H & A W Reed in assoc. with David & Charles, 1979 $12.00
HOSKINS, Richard Kelly VIGILANTES OF CHRISTENDOM: The Story of The Phineas Priesthood Lynchburg, The Virginia Publishing Co., 1990 $28.00
HUDSON, Harrry FLYNNS FLYING DOCTORS: An artists journey through the outback and the story of the Flying Doctor Service in Australia Melbourne, William Heinemann, 1956 $20.00
Human Rights Commission World Congress of Free Ukrainians THE PERSECUTION OF THE UKRAINIAN HELSINKI GROUP Toronto, Human Rights Commission World Congress of Free Ukrainians, 1985 $20.00
HUNT, Norman Bancroft HISTORICAL ATLAS OF ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA New York, Checkmark/Facts On File, 2004 $30.00
INGERSOLL, Colonel R.G. LEECTURES AND ESSAYS - - - THE THREE SERIES IN ONE VOLUME - - - London, Watts & Co., 1940 $25.00
JENKINS, Philio THE GREAT AND HOLY WAR : How World War I Changed Religion For Ever Oxford, Lion Books/Lion Hudson, 2014 $25.00
KHATIBI, Abdelkebir and Mohammed SIJELMASSI THE SPLENDOUR OF ISLAMIC CALLIGRAPHY New York, Rizzoli, 1977 $28.00
KOESTLER, Arthur THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage London, Picador/Pan, 1977 $20.00
KUNG, Hans - translated by Edward QUINN ON BEING A CHRISTIAN London, Collins, 1977 $15.00
LEFROY, Rob ARCHITECTURAL GEMS OF JOHN HAWES n.p., the author, 2011 $28.00
LEMON Andrew THE YOUNG MAN FROM HOME - James Balfour 1830 -1913 Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1982 $16.00
LONDON, ANNE and Bertha KAHN BISHOV THE COMPLETE JEWISH COOKBOOK: In accordance with the Jewish Dietary Laws London, W.H. Allen, 1972 $20.00
MATHEWS, Janet; edited by Isobel WHITE THE OPAL THAT TURNED INTO FIRE - Aboriginal Spirit of Life does not die - Broome, Magabala Books Aboriginal Corporation, 1994 $30.00
McIVOR, Roy - stories and art by COCKATOO - My Life in Cape York Broome, Magabala Books, 2010 $22.00
McLOUGHLIN, Lorraine; edited by Gunta Groves BARBARA ROBERTSON: An Australian Artist's Life Yankalilla, Lorraine McLoughlin, 2009 $30.00
McMAHON, J.T. Very Rev., TEVLIN, J.S. Rev. Bro. et al; SCOTT, Alphonsus Dudley - foreword by PAUL FRANCIS KEANEY: Founder Boys Town, Bindoon, Western Australia - A Biography Perth, Scott Printing, 1954 $95.00
McMAHON, J.T., Monsignor COLLEGE, CAMPUS, CLOISTER Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1969 $14.00
MEAD, Margaret; edited by Rhoda METRAUX MARGARET MEAD - SOME PERSONAL VIEWS London, Angus and Robertson, 1979 $12.00
MEDDING, P.Y. FROM ASSIMILATION TO GROUP SURVIVAL: A Political and Sociological Study of an Australian Jewish Community Melbourne, F.W. Cheshire, 1968 $12.00
MINGENEW HISTORICAL SOCIETY MINGENEW 1846 - 1986 Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1988 $24.00
MODYSTACK, William MARY MacKILLOP: A Woman Before Her Time Adelaide, Rigby, 1982 $12.00
MOSSENSON, David HEBREW, ISRAELITE, JEW - The History of the Jews in Western Australia Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1990 $30.00
MURRAY, Father James, SSC RITES OF PASSAGE: Homilies For Our Times - - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Baulkam Hills, the Author, 2007 $24.00
NUDGEE COLLEGE NUDGEE COLLEGE MAGAZINE; XMAS 1928 Nudgee, Editorial Committee, 1928 $25.00
O'BRIEN, Philippa MARGARET PRIEST - An Artist's Life Fremantle, Fremantle Press, 2009 $40.00
O'ROURKE, Kevin REFORMASI - The struggle for power in post-Soeharto Indonesia Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2002 $32.00
ORMONDE, Paul THE MOVEMENT - How it saved Australia from the Red Menace, fought the Yellow Peril, started the rift that split the Labor Party and the Catholic Church turned layman against bishop... Melbourne, Thomas Nelson, 1972 $16.00
PAPPE, Ilan A HISTORY OF MODERN PALESTINE: One Land, Two Peoples Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2004 $24.00
PASH, Frank - artist; Fr. Charles O'MALLEY - text COME FOLLOW ME Perth, Echidna Holdings, 1988 $28.00
PETRI, Helmut; translated by Dr. Ian CAMPBELL THE DYING WORLD IN NORTHWEST AUSTRALIA - "Sterbende Welt in Nordwest Australien" - Sorry, this is not a 'Sale' book Victoria Park, Hesperian Press, 2011 $48.00
RAYMOND, E. Capt. KING'S SOLOMON'S TEMPLE: A study of its symbolism Thousand Oaks, Artisan Sales, 1992 $12.00
READERS DIGEST FARMHOUSE COOKERY: Recipes from the Country Kitchen London, The Reader's Digest Assoc., 1982 $20.00
REECE, Bob THE INVINCIBLES: New Norcia's Aboriginal Cricketers 1879 - 1906 Fremantle, Histronics Publishing, 2014 $35.00
REECE, Bob - edited by IRISH CONVICT LIVES Sydney, Crossing Press, 1993 $35.00
REED, Douglas THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION Bullsbrook, Vertias, n.d. $24.00
REUBEN, J. - SILVERBIRD MY LIFE IN TWO WORLDS Austria, Lebensgeschenke-Verlag, 2010 $45.00
RHYS, Lloyd JUNGLE PIMPERNEL - The Story of a District Officer in Central Netherlands New Guinea - Jean Victor de Bruijn London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1947 $24.00
ROBERTS, Annette SISTER EILEEN, A Life With The Lid Off Bassendean, Access Press, 2002 $26.00
RUSSO, George RACE FOR THE CATALPA - The Fenian Escape Story Perth, Lynward Enterprises, 1986 $20.00
RUSSO, George RACE FOR THE CATALPA: The Fenian Escape Story Perth, Lynward Enterprises, 1986 $20.00
SAEED, Abdullah and Shahram AKBARZADEH - edited by MUSLIM COMMUNITIES IN AUSTRALIA Sydney, University New South Wales Press, 2001 $40.00
SHAW, Bruce - as told to WHEN THE DUST COME IN BETWEEN: Aboriginal Viewpoints in the East Kimberley Prior to 1982 Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 1992 $34.00
SOFFER, Yonna JUSTICE - HOW MUCH Guildford, Bookmark, 1990 $48.00
STEPANEK, Mattie J.T. with Jimmy CARTER; edited by Jennifer Smith Stepanek JUST PEACE: A Message of Hope - SIGNED by MATTIE - Kansas City, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2006 $48.00
STOW, Randolph TO THE ISLANDS - The Revised Edition of this classic Australian novel - Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1981 $30.00
TIMPERLEY, H. J. JAPAN - A WORLD PROBLEM Melbourne, Robertson & Mullins/The John Day Co., 1942 $18.00
TOMAS, Andrew WE ARE NOT THE FIRST: Riddles of Ancient Science London, Souvenir Press, 1971 $145.00
TURNER, Naomi - dust jacket illustrations by Pro HART CATHOLICS IN AUSTRALIA - A Social History - - - TWO VOLUME SET IN SLIP CASE - - - North Blackburn, Collins Dove, 1992 $42.00
VAN RAAY, Carla GOD'S CALLGIRL - A Memoir - Inscribed and SIGNED by CARLA VAN RAAY - Pymble, Harper Collins, 2004 $34.00
VIERECK, G. S. and Paul ELDRIDGE SALOME: The Wandering Jewess - - - Second Volume of the "2000 years" Saga London, Duckworth, 1952 $10.00
WAGHORNE, James and Stuart MACINTYRE LIBERTY - A History of Civil Liberties in Australia Sydney, New South PUblishing, 2011 $70.00
WATSON, Don - compiled by A SINGLE TREE: Voices from the bush North Sydney, Hamish Hamilton/Penguin Random House, 2016 $48.00
WELLS. H. G.; revised and brought up to date by Raymond POSTGATE THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY: Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind - Volume Two - 2 - New York, Garden City Books, 1961 $24.00
WHEATLEY, Harry James and Margaret WHEATLEY TRUTHTELLERS - Warmly inscribed and SIGNED by BOTH AUTHORS - n.p. Truthtellers International, 2007 $18.00
WICKHAM, John MERGING STREAMS: The Story of The Cloisters and Guildford Grammar School - AUTHOR SIGNED and Inscribed Presentation Copy - Bassendean, Advance Press/Accessioned by Guildford Grammar School Archives 2004, 2004 $38.00
WILSON, Ian JESUS - The Evidence London, Book Club Assoc., 1984 $15.00
WOLLASTON, John Ramsden - Rev. WOLLASTONS ALBANY JOURNALS 1848 - 1856 being volume two of The Journals and Diaries - 1841 - 1856 Nedlands, University Western Australia Press, 1954 $65.00
WOLLASTON, Revd. John Ramsden WOLLASTON'S PICTON JOURNAL 1841-1856: The Personal Diary of an oberrvant, educated Early Settler in Western Australia - Volume 1 Perth, Paterson & Brokensha, n.d. $55.00

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