Queensland (and Brisbane) Books (137)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
AKERMANIS, Jason - with Gary SMART JASON AKERMANIS: OPEN SEASON - HAND SIGNED by JASON AKERMANIS - Prahran, Hardie Grant Books, 2010 $44.00
ALLEN, Kim HISTORY OF THE TOWNSVILLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1888 - 1988 Bowen Hills, Boolarong /Trustees of the Townsville Grammar School, 1990 $48.00
ANANIAN-WELSH, Rebecca, Gabrielle APPLEBY and Andrew LYNCH THE TIM CARMODY AFFAIR: Australia's Greatest Judicial Crisis Sudney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $28.00
ARCHER, Michael, Suzanne J. HAND, Henk GODTHELP; foreword by Sir David Attenborough RIVERSLEIGH: The Sory of Animals in Ancient Rainforests of Inland Australia Balgowiah, Reed Books , 1991 $30.00
ARTHUR, Bill & Frances MORPHY - general editors MACQUARIE ATLAS OF INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIA - Second Edition - Sydney, Macquarie Dictionary Publishers/Pan Macmillan Aust. , 2019 $74.00
ASTLEY, Thea HUNTING THE WILD PINEAPPLE - and other related stories West Melbourne, Thomas Nelson, 1979 $50.00
ATKINSON, Lee THE AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE ATLAS Frenchs Forest, New Holland Publishers, 2007 $58.00
ATKINSON, Lee AUSTRALIA'S BEST NATURE ESCAPES Richmond, Hardie Grant Travel, 2018 $48.00
ATKINSON, Lee THE DEFINITIVE BUCKET LIST: Travel experiences in Australia and New Zealand - For the best years of your life - Richmond, Hardie Grant Travel, 2019 $34.00
ATKINSON, Lee EXPLORE AUSTRALIA by CAMPER TRAILER; 50 destinations with comprehensive maps Richmond, Hardie Grant Travel, 2017 $34.00
AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC: The Journal of The Australian Geographic Society - FORTY-SEVEN ISSUES: No. 1 January/March 1986 through to No. 47 July/September 1997 - Terrey Hills, Australian Geographic Pty Ltd., 1986 $180.00
BAGLIN, Douglass and Yvonne AUSTIN AUSTRALIA'S MUSEUMS Hornsby, Child and Henry, 1980 $15.00
BAILLIE, Joy LET IT BE RECORDED: A family's journey through outback Queensland - Personal inscription and HAND SIGNED by JOY BAILLIE - n.p., the author, 1997 $36.00
BALSON, Scott ENEMY OF THE STATE - SIGNED LIMITED EDITION - Mt Crosby, Interactive Presentations, 2000 $45.00
BEASLEY, Margo THE MISSOS - A History of The Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union St Leonards, Allen & Unwin, 1996 $28.00
BEATTY, Bill; edited by James YOUNG and Merry PEARSON AUSTRALIAN FOLKLORE - NEW EDITION - Belrose West, Murray David Publishing/Gary Allen, 2009 $34.00
BECCALONI, Jan ARACHNIDS Collingwood, CSIRO, 2009 $38.00
BEDFORD, Randolph; with a foreword by Geoffrey Blainey NAUGHT TO THIRTY- THREE Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1976 $20.00
BILNEY, Elizabeth, Anne CHISHOLM, Judith THORNE - editorial staff; AUSTRALIAN HERITAGE COMMISSION/M THE HERITAGE OF AUSTRALIA - The Illustrated Register of the National Estate - South Melbourne, The MacMillan Co./Australian Heritage Commission, 1981 $40.00
BLACKMAN, Charles - Text by Al Alvarez RAINFOREST - CHARLES BLACKMAN - South Melbourne, The MacMillan Company, 1988 $35.00
BORDER, Allan; Foreword by Richie Benaud ALLAN BORDER - BEYOND TEN THOUSAND - My Life Story - HAND SIGNED by ALLAN BORDER - Nedlands, Swan Publishing, 1993 $86.00
BRAYLEY, Annabelle - edited by BUSH NURSES: Inspiring true stories of nursing bravery and ingenuity in rural and remote Australia Melbourne, Penguin/Viking, 2013 $30.00
BREMER, Stuart AUSTRALIA'S GOLDEN ERA OF SHIPS Silverwater, Bullion books, 1989 $12.00
BROWN, Peter - editor CLASS RACEHORSES - Australia and New Zealand 1991-92 - Volume Nine - 9 - Sydney, AAP Information Services, 1993 $44.00
BROWNING, Neville FROMELLES TO NAUROY: 31st Battalion AIF 1915 - 1919 - SIGNED by NEVILLE BROWNING - Huntingdale, the Author, 2013 $135.00
BROWNING, Neville FROMELLES TO NAUROY - 31st Battalion AIF 1915 - 1919 - SIGNED by NEVILLE BROWNING - Huntingdale, the Author, 2013 $135.00
BUDDEE, Paul (9th Division A.I.F.); 'STAND TO' and other WAR POEMS Sydney, Elmsdale Publications, 1942 $30.00
BURKE, David 30 DAYS ON AUSTRALIA'S RAILWAYS: A Diary of September Journeys Kenthurst, Rosenberg, 2014 $25.00
BUTI, Antonio De Paulo SEPARATED: Australian Aboriginal Childhood Separations and Guardianship Law - Sydney Institute of Criminology Monograph Series No. 20 Sydney, The Sydney Institute of Crimionology/Federation Press, 2004 $30.00
BUTLER, Sally - edited by BEFORE TIME TODAY: Reinventing Tradition in Aurukun Aboriginal Art St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 2010 $30.00
CARTER, Jennifer M.T. EYES TO THE FUTURE - Sketches of Australia and her Neighbours in the 1870s Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2000 $20.00
CLARK, Ian D. and Fred CAHIR - edited by THE ABORIGINAL STORY OF BURKE and WILLS - Forgotten Narratives - Clayton South, CSIRO Publishing, 2016 $76.00
CLARK, Manning A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA: Volume VI (Six) - 'The Old Dead Tree and the Young Tree Green' 1916-1935 with an Epilogue Melbourne University Press, 1992 $36.00
CLARK, Manning; Abridged by Michael Cathcart MANNING CLARK'S HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA - Abridged Edition - Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1994 $15.00
CLUNE, Frank ROAMING AROUND AUSTRALIA Melbourne, The Hawthorn Press, 1947 $15.00
COOK, James Captain; text by John CLARK COOK'S ENDEAVOUR JOURNAL - The Inside Story Canbefrra, National Library of Australia, 2008 $28.00
COOK, John - compiled by A BOOK OF AUSTRALIAN RAILWAY JOURNEYS Sydney, William Collins, 1985 $12.00
CRAWFORD, Fiona & Lee McGOWAN NEVER SAY DIE: The Hundred-Year Overnight Success of Australian Women's Football Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2019 $18.00
CRONIN, Leonard CRONIN'S KEY GUIDE: AUSTRALIAN REPTILES AND FROGS Crows Nest, Jacana/Allen & Unwin, 2009 $26.00
CRONIN, Leonard; illustrations by Marion WESTMACOTT CRONIN'S KEY GUIDE: AUSTRALIAN MAMMALS Crows Nest, Jacana/Allen & Unwin, 2008 $26.00
CROPP, Ben SHARK HUNTERS Adelaide, Rigby, 1964 $16.00
CSIRO: PERRY, R. A. compiled by; N. H. SPECK et al LAND OF THE DAWSON - FITZROY AREA, QUEENSLAND - Land Research Series No. 21 Melbourne, CSIRO, 1968 $48.00
CUNNINGTON, Roger ALBANY'S ANZAC CONVOYS n.p., Digger, 2014 $54.00
CURR, Edward M. THE AUSTRALIAN RACE: Its Origin, Languages, Customs, Place of Landing in Australia and The Routes by which it Spread itself over that Continent - In Four Volumes - GEOFFREY BLAINEY'S Copy - Melbourne, John Ferres - Government Printer, 1887 $1,145.00
CURR, Edward M. THE AUSTRALIAN RACE: Its Origin, Languages, Customs, Place of Landing in Australia and The Routes by which it Spread itself over the Continent - In Four Volumes - GEOFFREY BLAINEY'S Copy - Melbourne, John Ferres - Government Printer, 1887 $1,145.00
DAVIDSON, Jim and Peter SPEARRITT HOLIDAY BUSINESS - Tourism in Australia since 1870 Carlton South, Miegunyah Press/Melbourne University Press, 2000 $48.00
DAVIDSON, Robyn ANCESTORS - a novel London, Jonathan Cape, 1989 $22.00
DAVIS, Tony WIDE OPEN ROAD: The Story of Cars in Australia Sydney, HarperCollins/ABC Books, 2011 $48.00
de BEAUVOIR, Ludovic; edited by John MELVILLE-JONES; with contributions by Nicola COUSEN et al LUDOVIC DE BEAUVOIR'S VISIT TO AUSTRALIA Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2016 $54.00
de BEAUVOIR, Ludovic; edited by John MELVILLE-JONES; with contributions by Nicola Cousen, et al LUDOVIC DE BEAUVOIR'S VISIT TO AUSTRALIA Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2016 $55.00
de VRIES-EVANS, Susanna PIONEER WOMEN PIONEER LAND: Yesterday's tall poppies North Ryde, Angus & Robertson, 1987 $30.00
DREWE, Robert THE BEACH: An Australian Passion Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2015 $34.00
DURACK, Mary TO RIDE A FINE HORSE New York, St Martins Press, 1965 $15.00
DURACK, Noni and Pamela KING DOWNS ARTISTS: A Changing Landscape Darling Heights, Darling Downs Institute Press, 1984 $12.00
DUTTON, Geoffrey THE SQUATTERS South Yarra, Currey O'Neil, 1985 $15.00
EAGLE, Chester PLAY TOGETHER, DARK BLUE TWENTY - a Boys-eye View of an Elite Australian School Melbourne, McPhee Gribble, 1986 $24.00
FARWELL, George CAPE YORK TO THE KIMBERLEYS Adelaide, Rigby, 1962 $15.00
FINKEL, George QUEENSLAND 1824 - 1900 Melbourne, Thomas Nelson, 1975 $22.00
FINNEY, C. M. TO SAIL BEYOND THE SUNSET - Natural History in Australia 1699 - 1829 Adelaide, Rigby, 1984 $18.00
FISCHER, Tim STEAM AUSTRALIA: Locomotives that Galvanised the Nation Canberra, NLA Australia, 2018 $56.00
FITZSIMONS, Peter BURKE AND WILLS: The triumph and tragedy of Australia's most famous explorers Sydney, Hachette, 2017 $48.00
FRINDALL, Bill; edited by Howard Spencer FRINDALL'S SCORE BOOK - Australia versus West Indies 1975/1976 Brentford, Lonsdale Press, 1976 $48.00
GILBERT, R. S. THE AUSTRALIAN LOAN COUNCIL IN FEDERAL FISCAL ADJUSTMENTS 1890 - 1965 Canberra, Australian National University Press, 1973 $16.00
GILCHRIST, Adam ADAM GILCHRIST - The Man, The Cricketer, The Legend South Melbourne, Affirm Press, 2014 $68.00
HADGRAFT, Cecil JAMES BRUNTON STEPHENS St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1969 $10.00
HAMMOND, Marilyn - compiled by THE TOWNSVILLE AND DISTRICT PIONEER AND BIOGRAPHICAL REGISTER Townsville, The Family History of Assoc. of North Queensland, 1988 $48.00
HANDLEY, David; et al SCULPTURE BY THE SEA: The first fifteen years 1997 - 2011 Surry Hills, Sculpture by the Sea Inc., 2011 $54.00
HARNEY, Bill and Douglas LOCKWOOD THE SHADY TREE Adelaide, Rigby, 1963 $10.00
HARRIGAN, Garth and Karen E. NEWMAN - edited by BOOK OF MEMORIES 1901 - 1999 Townsville, Townsville Region Committee on the Ageing, 1999 $28.00
HENDERSON, Graeme SWALLOWED BY THE SEA: The Story of Australia's Shipwrecks Canberra, National Library of Aust./Western Australian Museum, 2016 $48.00
HOARE, M. E.; - foreword by Sir Paul HASLUCK BOYS, URCHINS, MEN: A History of The Boys' Brigade in Australia and Papua-New Guinea 1882 - 1976 - - - LEATHER BOUND EDITION - - - Terry Hills, A. H. & A. W. Reed, 1980 $24.00
HOLLOWS, Fred - with Peter CORRIS FRED HOLLOWS - An autobiography Richmond, John Kerr Pty Ltd, 1991 $20.00
HUDSON, Harrry FLYNNS FLYING DOCTORS: An artists journey through the outback and the story of the Flying Doctor Service in Australia Melbourne, William Heinemann, 1956 $20.00
HUGHES, Roland AUSTRALIAS UNDERWATER WILDERNESS New South Wales, Weldons, 1985 $24.00
HUME, Walter and Anna Kate FOWLER - edited by Bertram HUME A VICTORIAN ENGAGEMENT: Letters and Journals of Walter Hume and Anna Kate Fowler during the 1860s St. Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1975 $16.00
INGPEN, Robert MARKING TIME: Australia's Abandoned Buildings Adelaide, Rigby Ltd. , 1979 $20.00
JACOB, Trevor K. IN THE BEGINNING: A Perspective of Traditional Aboriginal Societies Western Australia, Ministry of Education, 1991 $345.00
JAHN, Graham; with photography by Scott FRANCES CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIAN ARCHITECTURE - - HARD COVER - - Basel, G+B Arts/Craftsman, 1994 $25.00
JONES, Colin SOMETHING IN THE AIR: A History of Radio in Australia Kenthurst, Kangaroo Press, 1995 $26.00
JOYCE, E.B. and D.A. McCANN - edited by BURKE AND WILLS: The Scientific Legacy of the Victorian Exploring Expedition Collingwood, CSIRO Publishung, 2012 $54.00
KATTER, Bob AN INCREDIBLE RACE OF PEOPLE: A Passionate History of Australia Millers Point. Murdoch Books, 2012 $20.00
KENDELL, Jeni, Eddie Buivids EARTH FIRST: The struggle to save Australia's rainforest Sydney, ABC Enterprises/ABC, 1987 $20.00
KENNEDY, Malcolm J. HAULING THE LOADS: A History of Australia's Working Horses and Bullock's Rockhampton, Central Queensland University Press, 2005 $24.00
KLAATSCH, Hermaan Some Notes on Scientific Travel amongst the Black Population of Tropical Australia in 1904, 1905, 1906 Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2020 $30.00
LARKINS, Bob CHIPS: The life and films of Chips Rafferty South Melbourne, Macmillan Co. of Aust. , 1986 $32.00
LATTA, David LOST GLORIES: A Memorial to Forgotten Australian Buildings North Ryde, Angus & Robertson, 1986 $16.00
LEA, Tess BUREAUCRATS AND BLEEDING HEARTS: Indigenous Health in Northern Australia Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2008 $44.00
LEECHMAN, Frank - Fellow of the Gemmological Association THE OPAL BOOK - A complete guide to the famous gemstone - Seventh Impression Revised with Additional Illustrations - Sydney, Ure Smith, 1968 $28.00
LEGGE, J. Stewart WHOS WHO IN AUSTRALIA 1971 - Bibliographical Dictionary and Register of Titled Persons Melbourne, The Herald & Weekly Times, 1971 $20.00
LLOYD, Clem THE NATIONAL ESTATE - Australia's Heritage Stanmore, Cassell, 1977 $16.00
MACKIE, Pat - with Elizabeth Vassilieff MOUNT ISA: The Story of a Dispute - Pat Mackie tells the miners' story Hawthorn, Hudson Publishing, 1989 $58.00
MALOUF, David JOHNNO St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1975 $145.00
MARGALIT, Harry AUSTRALIA: modern architectures in history Waterside, Reaktion Books, 2019 $35.00
MASSEY, Kathryn and May LEE SUN BRUMBY: A celebration of Australia's wild horses Wollombi, Exisle Publishing, 2013 $74.00
MATTHEWS, Lorna LEIGH MATTHEWS: His football career as collected and scrapbooked by his mother Lorna Matthews - - Icons of Australian Sport - - Faulconbridge, HyperActive, 2007 $45.00
McCARTNEY, Tania AUSTRALIA MAP PUZZLE - 252 puzzle pieces - 12 page fact book - Richmond, Hardie Grant Travel, 2019 $20.00
McCARTNEY, Tania FAUNA: Australia's Most Curious Creatures Canberra, NLA Publishing, 2019 $24.00
McCoy, Michael REEF AND RAINFOREST Collingwood, CSIRO Publishing, 2010 $34.00
McGILL, Craig; designed by Susan ELLIOTT WINE DOGS AUSTRALIA 2 - Two - More Dogs from Australian Wineries Rozelle, Giant Dog, 2011 $25.00
McGLADE, Hannah OUR GREATEST CHALLENGE: Aboriginal children and human rights Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2012 $44.00
McIVOR, Roy - stories and art by COCKATOO - My Life in Cape York Broome, Magabala Books, 2010 $22.00
MISKO, Khrystyna FADED FOOTSTEPS - FORGOTTEN GRAVES: Queensland's Ukrainian Anzacs Salisbury, Boolarong Press, 2016 $58.00
MOOREHEAD, Alan GALLIPOLI - - FIRST AUSTRALAIN ILLUSTRATED EDITION - - South Melbourne, The Macmillan Co., 1975 $26.00
MORRISSEY, Di RAIN MUSIC - HAND SIGNED by DI MORRISSEY - Sydney, Macmillan/Pan Macmillan Australia, 2015 $26.00
MULVANEY, John DIGGING UP A PAST - HARD COVER - Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2011 $48.00
NEWSTEAD, Adrian; with Ruth HESSEY THE DEALER IS THE DEVIL: An insider's history of the Aboriginal art trade Blackheath, Brandl & Schlesinger, 2014 $48.00
NUDGEE COLLEGE NUDGEE COLLEGE MAGAZINE; XMAS 1928 Nudgee, Editorial Committee, 1928 $25.00
OBERG, Leon LOCOMOTIVES OF AUSTRALIA 1850s - 1980s - REVISED and ENLARGED Edition - Frenchs Forest, Reed Books, 1984 $36.00
OTTLEY, Matt REQUIEM for a BEAST - a work of image, word and music - INCLUDES CD - Sydney, Lothian Children's Book/Hachette Livre Aust. , 2007 $40.00
PALMER & ASHWORTH, Publishers; FIGHTING SONS OF THE EMPIRE AUSTRALIA'S FIGHTING SONS OF THE EMPIRE: Portraits and Biographies of Australians in the Great War - WWI - One Victoria Park, Hesperian Press, 2014 $95.00
PALMER, Ian BUYING BACK THE LAND - Organisational struggle and the Aboriginal Land Fund Commission Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 1988 $15.00
PAYES, Sonia UNTITLED: PORTRAITS OF AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS South Yarra, Macmillan Art/Palgrave Macmillan, 2007 $115.00
PEARN, John and Peggy CARTER - editors ISLANDS OF INCARCERATION - Convict and Quarantine Islands of the Australian Coast Brisbane, The Australian Society of the History of Medicine/Amphion Press, 1995 $26.00
PENTON, Brian LANDTAKERS - The Story of an Epoch Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1963 $16.00
PGA Australia PGA AUSTRALIA CENTENARY - Est 1911 - HAND SIGNED by ALAN MURRAY (Life Member) PGA of Australia, 2011 $64.00
PHILLIPS, Valmai et al THE MAKING OF AUSTRALIA: Twenty Titles Kensington, Bay Books, 1983 $100.00
POSSE, Victor TOGETHER UP THERE: Unit History of 549 RAF/RAAF Fighter Squadron in Northern Australia During World War II - Two - Loftus, Australian Military History Publications, 2003 $38.00
RIDE, W.D.L. with drawings by Ella Fry A GUIDE TO NATIVE MAMMALS OF AUSTRALIA Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1970 $18.00
RIEWOLDT, Nick - with Peter HANLON THE THINGS THAT MAKE US: Life, Loss and Football - HAND SIGNED by NICK RIEWOLDT Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2017 $70.00
SAMUELSON, Steve and Ray MASON A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN TRUE CRIME: Australian Lives and Stories North Sydney, Ebury Press/Random House, 2008 $28.00
SLATTERY, Geoff (Managing Editor), James WESTON (Editor); Foreword by Kevin SHEEDY THE AUSTRALIAN GAME OF FOOTBALL SINCE 1858 Docklands, Geoff Slattery Publishing, 2008 $68.00
SOMES, Toni - stories written by OLDER FOLKS OF THE FLINDERS SHIRE: A collection of stories of long-term residents of the Flinders Shire communities n.p., Flinders Shire Council, 2002 $30.00
STONE, Douglas M. GOLD PROSPECTING Euroa, Outdoor Press, 2008 $58.00
STUBBS, John HAYDEN Port Melbourne, William Heinemann, 1989 $24.00
THOMPSON, Peter A. and Robert MACKLIN THE BATTLE OF BRISBANE: Australians and the Yanks at War Sydney, ABC, 2000 $34.00
TURNBULL, Henry; foreword by Bruce PTATT; illustrations by Francis J. BROADHURST LEICHHARDT'S SECOND JOURNEY: A first-hand account Sydney, Halstead/John Ferguson, 1983 $12.00
VALENTINE, Peter; foreword by Peter GARRETT WORLD HERITAGE SITES OF AUSTRALIA Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2019 $48.00
WANNAN, Bill - Selected and Annotated by WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT: Australian Insults, Invective, Ridicule & Abuse Melbourne, Lansdowne Press, 1972 $20.00
WATT, Peter SHADOW OF THE OSPREY - HAND SIGNED by PETER WATT - Sydney, Macmillan/Pan Macmillan Aust., 2000 $145.00
WEALSH, Gerald ON THE WALLABY: Pioneering Days in the Australian Bush Rockhampton, Central Queensland University Press, 2005 $24.00
WEBBY, Elizabeth EARLY AUSTRALIAN POETRY - An Annotated Bibliography of Original Poems Published in Australian Newspapers, Magazines and Almanacks Before 1850 Sydney, Hale & Iremonger, 1982 $14.00
WELSH, Frank GREAT SOUTHERN LAND - A New History of Australia London, Allen Lane/Penguin Books, 2004 $28.00
WHITE, Mary E. THE NATURE OF HIDDEN WORLDS: Animals and Plants in Prehistoric Australia and New Zealand Chatswood, Reed, 1993 $28.00
WILLOUGHBY, Howard AUSTRALIAN PICTURES: Drawn with Pen and Pencil - With a Map and One Hundred and Seven Illustrations From Sketches and Photographs Engraved by E. Whymper and Others - A facsimile of the volume original Brookvale, Child, Henry & Page Pty Ltd., 1985 $56.00
WILLSTEED, Theresa, Publisher's editor; Margaret DENT, Exhibition curator NATIONAL TREASURES FROM AUSTRALIA'S GREAT LIBRARIES Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2005 $18.00
YARROW, Stephen WE DISCOVERED AN ISLAND Booragoon, Regency Publications, 1980 $28.00

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