Poetry and Plays Books (86)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ALLEN, Geoff; with illustrations by Bill Harding BALLADS OF THE KIMBERLEY and Other Wild Places - with erratum Balgowlah, G Allen, 1991 $24.00
ARISTOPHANES; illustrated by Audrey BEARDSLEY THE LYSISTRATA OF ARISTOPHANES London, Academy Editions, 1973 $44.00
AYRES, Pam SURGICALLY ENHANCED - The New Collection London, Hodder & Stoughton/Hodder Headline, 2006 $24.00
BAILLIE, Joy LET IT BE RECORDED: A family's journey through outback Queensland - PERSONAL INSCRIPTION and HAND SIGNED by THE AUTHOR - n.p., the author, 1997 $30.00
BELL, Katherine - editor CATTLE AUSTRALIA: The Story - The Icons - The Drives - The Big Runs - Belrose West, Murray David Publishing/ Gary Allen, 2009 $28.00
BENNETT, Bruce and William GRONO WIDE DOMAIN - Western Australian Themes and Images Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1979 $26.00
BENNETT, Bruce; Peter PORTER SPIRIT IN EXILE: Peter Porter and His Poetry Melbourne, Oxford, 1991 $10.00
BOND, Graeme, wilderness photographer MANDURAH TO THE PEEL HINTERLANDS Mandurah, the author, 2002 $24.00
BRIDGE, P.J. - edited by DOLLY POT Perth, Taurus Resources/Heaperian, 1987 $18.00
BRISSENDEN, R.F. and F.C. EADE - edited by STUDIES IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY III Canberra, Australan National University Press, 1976 $10.00
CAMPBELL, David THE MIRACLE OF MULLION HILL - Poems Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1956 $32.00
CAREY, Peter MY LIFE AS A FAKE - - - PLUS a hard cover copy of THE ERN MALLEY AFFAIR - - - Milsons Point, Knopf/Random House, 2003 $18.00
CHESSON, Keith JACK DAVIS - A Life-Story Melbourne, Dent Australia, 1988 $15.00
COLE, Catherine THE POET WHO FORGOT Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2008 $8.00
COURTENAY, Bryce THE SILVER MOON: Reflections on Life, Death and Writing Camberwell, Viking/Penguin Group Australia, 2014 $30.00
CRUGNALE, Jordan compiled by FOOTPRINTS ACROSS OUR LAND - short stories by senior Western Desert women Broome, Magabala Books, 1995 $30.00
CUSACK, Dymphna RED SKY AT MORNING: A Play in Three Acts Melbourne, Melbourne University Press in assoc. with Oxford University Press, 1942 $15.00
DASSAULT, Olivier CES REGARDS D'ENFANT - text in French Quebec, Editions Anne Sigier Inc, 1983 $35.00
DICKENS, Charles; an adaption by Russell THORNDIKE OLIVER TWIST: Illustrated with scenes from the Cineguild Film Production London, Raphael Tuch & Sons, 1948 $8.00
DYSON, Edward - illustrations by Will DYSON, Ruby LIND and George DANCEY 'HELLO, SOLDIER!' - Khaki Verse Melbourne, McKinley & Co., 1919 $78.00
FALKINER, Suzanne MICK: A Life of Randolph Stow Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2016 $56.00
FARJEON, Annabel MORNING HAS BROKEN - A Biography of Eleanor Farjeon Julia MacRae/Franklin Watts, 1986 $20.00
GOLDSTIVER, Linda M. WESTERLEY INDEX - 1956-1977 Nedlands, 'Westerley', UWA, 1978 $26.00
GORDON, Adam Lindsay SELECTED POEMS OF ADAM LINDSAY GORDON - The Collector's Library of Australia's Great Books - - - DELUXE SERIES - - - Kensington, Times House, 1984 $16.00
GRINBLAT, Kathy - edited by CHILDREN OF THE SHADOWS - Voices of the Second Generation Crawley, University of Western Australia Press/Benchmark Publications, 2002 $44.00
HADGRAFT, Cecil JAMES BRUNTON STEPHENS St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1969 $10.00
HARRIGAN, Garth and Karen E. NEWMAN - edited by BOOK OF MEMORIES 1901 - 1999 Townsville, Townsville Region Committee on the Ageing, 1999 $28.00
HAYLEN, Leslie, M.P.; With a Foreword by The Rt. Hon. J.B. Chifley, P.C. BLOOD ON THE WATTLE: A play of the EUREKA STOCKADE Sydney, Angus & Robertson , 1948 $50.00
HEWETT, Dorothy; MORRISON, Fiona - edited and introduced by SELECTED PROSE OF DOROTHY HEWETT Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2011 $26.00
HEYWARD, Michael; Introduction by Robert HUGHES THE ERN MALLEY AFFAIR: The literary hoax of the twentieth century St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1993 $25.00
HONG, Ee Tiang NEARING A HORIZON Singapore, UniPress, 1994 $16.00
INGPEN, Robert, Commentary and Illustrations by; Ballads by A.B. Banjo PATERSON LOOKING FOR CLANCY Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2014 $30.00
KIERNAN, Brian DAVID WILLIAMSON - A Writers Career Melb., William Heinemann, 1990 $20.00
KINSELLA, John; edited with introduction by Gordon COLLIER SPATIAL RELATIONS: Essays, Reviews, Commentaries and Chorography - VOLUME ONE - Cross/Cultures 161 and VOLUME TWO - Cross/Cultures 162 - Readings in Post/Colonial Literature and Cultures in English Amsterdam, Editions Rodopi, 2013 $95.00
KOREN, Yehuda and Eilat NEGEV A LOVER OF UNREASON: the Life and Tragic Death of Assia Wevill - Ted Hughes' Doomed Love London, Robson/Anova, 2006 $18.00
KRAMER, LEONIE - Selected and with an Introduction by MY COUNTRY: Australian Poetry & Short Stories Two Hundred Years - Two Volumes - (Volume 1: Beginnings - 1930; Volume 2: 1930s-1980s) Dee Why West, Lansdowne Press/Weldon-Hardie, 1985 $34.00
KRAUSE, David SEAN O'CASEY and His World London, Thames & Hudson, 1976 $16.00
LAWSON, Sylvia THE ARCHIBALD PARADOX - A Strange Case of Authorship Ringwood, Allen Lane/Penguin Books, 1983 $24.00
LEAK, Bill - cartoons by; poems by Bob ELLIS THE ELLIS - LEAK ALMANAC 2000 AD Annandale, Pluto Press Australia, 2000 $34.00
LEHMANN, Geoffrey & Robert GRAY - edited by AUSTRALIAN POETRY SINCE 1788 Sydney, New South Wales Publishing, 2011 $56.00
LYNN, Jonathan and Antony JAY - edited by YES PRIME MINISTER: The Diaries of the Right Hon. James Hacker - Volume I - One - Personal inscription and HAND SIGNED by PAUL EDDINGTON - London, BBC Publications, 1986 $78.00
MACARTNEY, Frederick T. FURNLEY MAURICE 'Frank Wilmot' - Coles Book Arcade Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1955 $15.00
MACGEORGE, A.J. - edited by Michael Macgeorge WHERE FORTUNES LAY: A Personal Story of the Birth of Kalgoorlie Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1993 $30.00
MacMAHON, Bryan THE MASTER - HAND SIGNED by BRYAN MacMAHON - Swords, Poolbeg Press, 1992 $48.00
MANDLE, W.F. GOING IT ALONE - Australia's National Identity in the Twentieth Century London, Allen Lane/Penguin Books, 1978 $24.00
MANNIX, Max AUSTRALIAN CHARACTERS Belgrave, Ian Drakeford Publishing/Franklin Watts, 1989 $74.00
MARR, David PATRICK WHITE - A Life London, Jonathon Cape, 1991 $10.00
MARR, David PATRICK WHITE: A Life Milsons Point, Random House/Randon Century, 1991 $16.00
MASON, Walt RIPPLING RHYMES: To Suit The Times - All Sorts of Themes Embracin' - Some Gay - Some Sad - Some not so Bad Covent Garden, Duckworth, 1916 $24.00
McBRIDE, Dick CALL OF THE FAR HORIZONS Hamilton Hill, Eunice McBride, 1994 $85.00
McCUMISKEY, John Alexander - Merry Mac ALL AT SEA - Warmly INSCRIBED and SIGNED by the AUTHOR - Wembley Downs, The Valvana Publishing House, 1988 $35.00
McNAMARA, Phillip TO BRING ALL CIRCLES FULL - Just ordinary life to treasure East Victoria Park, Eureka, 2009 $20.00
MILLIGAN, Spike STARTLING VERSE FOR ALL THE FAMILY London, Michael Joseph, 1987 $28.00
MIRREN, Helen; edited by Amy Rennert HELEN MIRREN: PRIME SUSPECT - A Celebration - SIGNED by HELEN MIRREN - San Francisco, KQED Books, 1995 $44.00
MORAN, Rod ICON OF THE NORTH: The Legend of Tom Gray Northbridge, Access Press, 1995 $58.00
MURRAY, Les; introduced and edited by Christine Alexander KILLING THE BLACK DOG - essays and poems Leichhardt, The Federation Press, 1997 $40.00
O'CASEY, Sean COLLECTED PLAYS: Volume IV London, MacMillan, 1958 $20.00
PAGE, Geoff - memoir text and poems; compiled by Mary HUTCHINSON CANBERRA THEN AND NOW Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2013 $40.00
PASTERNAK, Boris; translated by Alec BROWN and Lydia PASTERNAK-SLATER SAFE CONDUCT: An Early Autobiography and Other Works London, Elel, 1959 $25.00
POLLARD, Jack - Edited by BIRDS OF PARADOX - Birdlife in Australia and New Zealand Melbourne, Lansdowne Press, 1967 $28.00
QUILTY, Tom THE DROVER'S COOK & Other Verses Carlisle, Hesperian, 2016 $28.00
ROBERTS, Cecil AND SO TO AMERICA London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1947 $35.00
ROLFE Patricia - edited by THE BULLETIN - Clotted Rot for Clots and Rotters - jokes, cartoons, stories, verse - best & brightest of the early Bulletin Sydney, Wildcat Press, 1980 $25.00
RUSSO, George RACE FOR THE CATALPA: The Fenian Escape Story Perth, Lynward Enterprises, 1986 $25.00
SAGE, Lorna; Germaine GREER and Elaine SHOWALTER - advisory editors THE CAMBRIDGE GUIDE TO WOMEN'S WRITING IN ENGLISH Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1999 $16.00
SEARLES, Nalda; Andrew NICHOLLS - editor - HAND SIGNED by NALDA SEARLES - NALDA SEARLES: drifting in my own land - contemporary artworks touring Australia 2009 - 2013 Middle Swan, Nalda Searles and Art on the Move, 2013 $48.00
SETH, Vikram - illustrated by Ravi SHANKAR BEASTLY TALES - From Here and There London, Phoenix House, 1993 $20.00
SHAPCOTT, Thomas W. INWARDS TO THE SUN - Poems by Thomas W. Shapcott St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1969 $12.00
SHAW, Bernard THE COMPLETE PREFACES OF BERNARD SHAW London, Paul Hamlyn, 1965 $34.00
SITWELL, Sacheverell FOR WANT OF THE GOLDEN CITY London, Thames & Hudson, 1973 $12.00
SMITH, Ivan and Jocelyn - text/poem; illustrations by Albert TUCKER THE DIE-HARD - Illustrations by Albert TUCKER - Numbered Limited Edition of 500 Copies SIGNED by both Authors and ALBERT TUCKER - Artarmon, Harper & Row (Australasia), 1979 $140.00
SPENCER, Thos. E. HOW M'DOUGALL TOPPED THE SCORE - Australian Classics Series Victoria, Lloyd O'Neil, 1981 $30.00
STEPANEK, Mattie J.T. with Jimmy CARTER; edited by Jennifer Smith Stepanek JUST PEACE: A Message of Hope - SIGNED by MATTIE - Kansas City, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2006 $44.00
STEWART, Douglas SPRINGTIME IN TARANAKI - An autobiography of youth Sydney, Hale & Iremonger, 1983 $28.00
TAYLOR, Beverley and Elisabeth BREWER THE RETURN OF KING ARTHUR: British and American Arthurian Literature since 1900 Cambridge, D.S. Brewer/Barnes & Noble, 1983 $44.00
THROSSELL, Ric VALLEY OF THE SHADOWS - A Three Act Play Printed by Patersons Printing Press, Perth, n.d. $55.00
WANNEN, Bill (edited by) THE HEATHER IN THE SOUTH - Lore Literature and Balladry of the Scots in Australia Melbourne, Landsowne Press, 1966 $22.00
WATSON, Don - compiled by A SINGLE TREE: Voices from the bush North Sydney, Hamish Hamilton/Penguin Random House, 2016 $54.00
WATSON, O. D.; with illustrations by David Hutchinson THE DEAR SOUTH - WEST - - SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR - - Kalamunda, Helicon, 1975 $42.00
WEBBY, Elizabeth EARLY AUSTRALIAN POETRY - An Annotated Bibliography of Original Poems Published in Australian Newspapers, Magazines and Almanacks Before 1850 Sydney, Hale & Iremonger, 1982 $14.00
WHITELEY, Brett - illustrations; Michael DRISCOLL - poetry NATIVE ROSE - Poetry and Illustrations based upon "Australia Twice Traversed: The Romance of Exploration" by Ernest Giles Cammeray, Richard Griffin, 1986 $645.00
WILMOT, Frank -' Furnley Maurice'; edited and introduced by Philip MEAD FRANK WILMOT - selected poetry and prose Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 1997 $18.00
WILSON, Arthur 'Dalry' CANTATAS : POEMS : SONGS Ardrossan, Arthur Guthrie & Sons, 1929 $48.00
Write4fun; Julia WOODS, Managing Editor TOP SECRET WRITE4FUN: Poems and Stories selected from the Poetry and Short Story Competition 2016 Nerang, Write4fun, 2016 $74.00

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