Local Government Books (32)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
AVELING, Marian LILLYDALE - THE BILLANOOK COUNTRY - 1837 - 1972 Mebourne, Ramsay Ware Stockland, 1984 $26.00
BAIN, Mary Albertus ANCIENT LANDMARKS: A Social and Economic History of the Victoria District of Western Australia 1839 - 1894 Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1975 $60.00
BIGNELL, Merle FIRST THE SPRING: A History of the Shire of Kojonup Western Australia - - FIRST EDITION - - Nedlands, University Western Australia Press/The Shire of Kojonup, 1982 $16.00
BLAGG, Janet - editor; Andre LIPSCOMBE; Ted SNELL, Carly LANE, Mike LEFROY and Jean ROBINS FERTILE SOIL: Fifty Years of The City of Fremantle Art Collection Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2008 $28.00
BOWD, D.G. MACQUARIE COUNTRY - A History of the Hawkesbury Melbourne, F.W. Cheshire, 1969 $15.00
BRISTOW, Iris SEEDTIME AND HARVEST - A History of the Narembeen District 1888 - 1998 Narembeen, Shire of Narembeen, 1988 $36.00
CHAMBERS, Adrian THE PIONEERS - A Story of Wanneroo 1834 - 1985 Joondalup, City of Wanneroo, 1991 $25.00
FALL, V.G. THE SEA AND THE FOREST: A History of the Port of Rockingham Western Australia Nedlands, University of Western Press/Shire of Rockingham, 1972 $24.00
FALL, V.G. THE SEA AND THE FOREST - A History of the Port of Rockingham, Western Australia Nedlands, University of Western Press/ Shire Rockingham, 1972 $16.00
GREBLE, William E. A BOLD YEOMANRY: Social Change in a Wheat Belt District - Kulin 1848-1970 North Perth, Creative Research in assoc. with Kulin Shire Council, 1979 $18.00
GREEN, Neville with Anne Barwood and Lynne Mannolini NOT JUST A NAME: 1914 - 1918 Service Men and Women Honoured by Cottesloe, Mosman Park and Peppermint Grove Districts Clarkson, Focus Education Services, 2015 $34.00
HENDERSON, Beryl; foreword by Professor Joan KERR MONUMENTS AND MEMORIALS: A Tribute to their worth Sydney, Royal Australian Historical Society Register, 1988 $12.00
HEYDON, P.R. - compiled and written by WESTWARD TO THE SEA - Reminiscences and History of the Carnamah District 1861-1987. Stories from many people Carnamah, Carnamah Historical Society, 1988 $36.00
IDRIESS, Ion L. LIGHTNING RIDGE: The Land of Black Opals Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1947 $30.00
LAURIE, Maxine EVER FLOWING FORWARD: The Story of Belmont - Western Australia Cloverdale, City of Belmont, 1999 $35.00
LAW, F. A. THE HISTORY OF THE MERREDIN DISTRICT - Western Australia Merredin, Merredin Road Board, 1961 $18.00
LEE, Jack THIS IS EAST FREMANTLE: The Story of a Town and its People n.p., East Fremantle Town Council, 1979 $24.00
LITCHFIELD, Lois MARREE and the tracks beyond in black and white: Commemorating the Centenary of Maree 1883 - 1983 n.p., the Author, 1983 $25.00
MARCHANT - JAMES, Ruth HERITAGE OF PINES: A History of Cottesloe, Western Australia - SIGNED by RUTH MARCHANT- JAMES Cottesloe, The Town of Cottesloe Council , 1977 $36.00
MINGENEW HISTORICAL SOCIETY MINGENEW 1846 - 1986 Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1988 $24.00
MONFRIES, J.E., I.S.O. edited by A HISTORY OF GUMERACHA AND DISTRICT - South Australia 1839 -1939 Blackwood, Lynton Publications , 1978 $38.00
MURRAY, Peter R. and John C. WELLS FROM SAND, SWAMP AND HEATH: a History of Caulfield Caulfield, City of Caulfield, 1980 $18.00
RANDWICK MUNICIPAL COUNCIL RANDWICK - A Social History Sydney, New South Wales University Press, 1985 $18.00
ROBINSON, Nancy RELUCTANT HARBOUR: The Romance of Pirie - SIGNED LIMITED EDITION - Jamestown, Nadjuri Aust., 1976 $20.00
SENIOR, Sally L. SANDSTONE: From Gold to Wool and Back Again - - - NUMBERED EDITION, AUTHOR SIGNED with personal inscription - - - Sandstone, Shire of Sandstone, 1995 $54.00
SLEE, John and Bill SHAW CALA MUNNDA: A home in the forest - History of Kalamunda - SIGNED by the AUTHORS - Kalamunda, Shire of Kalamunda, 1979 $36.00
SMYTH, Paul, Tim REDDEL and Andrew JONES - edited by COMMUNITY AND LOCAL GOVERNANCE IN AUSTRALIA Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2005 $35.00
SOMES, Toni - stories written by OLDER FOLKS OF THE FLINDERS SHIRE: A collection of stories of long-term residents of the Flinders Shire communities n.p., Flinders Shire Council, 2002 $30.00
STANNAGE, C.T. THE PEOPLE OF PERTH - A Social History of Western Australia's Capital City - - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Perth, Perth City Council, 1979 $120.00
WALLACE, Lennie THE BATTLERS OF BUTCHER'S HILL: The Frontier Families of Lakeland 1874 - 2002 Rockhampton, Central Queensland University Press, 2002 $28.00
WARBURTON, Elizabeth ST. PETERS: A Suburban Town South Australia, The Corporation of St. Peters, 1983 $26.00
WILTSHIRE, TREA; illustrated by Maureen de la HARPE A PLACE IN THE HILLS: Darlington's First Fifty Years Darlington, the Author,, 1997 $26.00

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