Health and Medical Books (101)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ALTMAN, Stuart and David Shactman ; foreword by Senator John Kerry POWER, POLITICS, and UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE: The inside story of a century-long battle Amherst, Prometheus Books, 2011 $36.00
ANDERSON, Warwick THE CULTIVATION OF WHITENESS: Science, Health and Racial Destiny in Australia - - NEW EDITION - - Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 2005 $20.00
ATKINSON, Mary THE ART OF INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: Health and Beauty at Your Fingertips London, Carlton Books, 2000 $16.00
BABKENIAN, Vicken & Peter STANLEY ARMENIA AUSTRALIA AND THE GREAT WAR Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $38.00
BEASLEY, A. W. FELLOWSHIP OF THREE: The Lives and Associations of John Hunter 1728-1793, The Surgeon; James Cook 1728-1779, The Navigator; and Joseph Banks 1743-1820, The Naturalist Kenthurst, Kangaroo Press, 1993 $15.00
BEAUMONT, Joan BROKEN NATION: Australians in the Great War Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2013 $35.00
BERGER, John and Jean MOHR A FORTUNATE MAN: The Story of a Country Doctor London, Allen Lane/Penguin, 1967 $34.00
BERNDT, R.M. - Editor ABORIGINES AND CHANGE - Australia in the 70's Canberra, Australian Institute of Aborigial Studies, 1977 $18.00
BERRILL, N.J. MAN'S EMERGING MIND: Man's Progress Through Time - Trees, Ice, Flood, Atoms and the Universe London, Dobson, 1958 $15.00
BONGIORNO, Frank THE EIGHTIES: The Decade That Transformed Australia Collingwood, Black Ink/Schwartz, 2015 $30.00
BRAYLEY, Annabelle - edited by BUSH NURSES: Inspiring true stories of nursing bravery and ingenuity in rural and remote Australia Melbourne, Penguin/Viking, 2013 $18.00
BRIGGS, Margaret GINGER: Old Home Remedies and Many Other Uses Wigston, Abbeydale Press/Bookmart, 2008 $24.00
BRINE, John and friends LOOKING FOR MILLIGAN - The fascinating search for William Milligan a pioneering doctor of the Swan River colony 1795 - 1851 Western Australia, Milligan Society, 1991 $16.00
BURNET, Sir Macfarlane CHANGING PATTERNS - an atypical autobiography Melbourne, William Heinemann, 1968 $18.00
CAPLAN, Arthur L. - edited by THE SOCIOBIOLOGY DEBATE: Readings on Ethical and Scientific Issues New York, Harper & Row, 1978 $20.00
CILENTO, Lady; compiled by Dr. Ruth CILENTO BETTER HEALTH WITH MEDICAL MOTHER Cranbrook, Veritas, 1991 $18.00
CLARKE, Philip A. DISCOVERING ABORIGINAL PLANT USE: The Journeys of an Australian Anthropologist Kenthurst, Rosenberg, 2014 $48.00
COMFORT, Alex; illustrated by Michael LEONARD A GOOD AGE South Melbourne, Macmillan, 1977 $8.00
CORMICK, Craig - edited by NED KELLY - Under the Microscope: Solving the forensic mystery of Ned Kelly's remains Collingwood, CSIRO Publishing, 2014 $40.00
DARROCH, Ian THE BOONAH TRAGEDY Bassendean, Access Press, 2004 $34.00
DOOLEY, Thomas A., M.D. THE NIGHT THEY BURNED THE MOUNTAIN Kingswood, World's Work (1913), 1961 $12.00
DUGUID, Charles DOCTOR AND THE ABORIGINES - SIGNED by CHARLES DUGUID - Adelaide, Rigby Limited, 1972 $36.00
DUNLOP, E. E. - Weary THE WAR DIARIES OF WEARY DUNLOP: Java and the Burma-Thailand Railway 1942-1945 Melbourne, Thomas Nelson Aust, 1986 $15.00
FABIAN, Sue and Morag LOH CHILDREN IN AUSTRALIA - An Outline History - - AUTHOR INSCRIBED and SIGNED - - South Yarra, Hyland House, 1980 $15.00
FEARNLEY, Kurt with Warwick Green PUSHING THE LIMITS: Life, Marathons and Kokoda - SIGNED by KURT FEARNLEY - Melbourne, Michael Joseph/Penguin Random House Australia, 2014 $38.00
FITZGERALD, Ross and Trevor L. JORDAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE: A history of alcohol in Australia Pymble, HarperCollins/ABC, 2009 $16.00
FLORENCE, Museo La Specola ENCYCLOPAEDIA ANATOMICA: A Collection of Anatomical Waxes Koln, Taschen, 2006 $25.00
GARNSEY, Mrs. Arthur H. SCARLET PILLOWS - An Australian Nurse's Tales of Long Ago Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1984 $34.00
GEDDES, Margaret REMBERING WEARY: Sir Edward Dunlop - as recalled by those whose lives he touched Ringwood, Viking/Penguin, 1996 $10.00
GENAT, Bill - with Sharon BUSHBY, May McGUIRE, Eileen TAYLOR, Yvette WALLEY and Thelma WESTON ABORIGINAL HEALTHWORKERS: Primary Health Care at the Margins Crawley, University Western Australia Press, 2006 $24.00
GOTHARD, Jan; foreword by Professor Fiona Stanley AC GREATER EXPECTATIONS: Living with Down syndrome in the 21st century Fremantle, Fremantle Press, 2011 $12.00
GRANT, Lachlan - edited by; with Changi Authors THE CHANGI BOOK Sydney, New South Publishing in association with The Australian War Memorial, 2015 $58.00
GRAY, Henry; with original illustrations by Henry CARTER GRAY'S ANATOMY - The Classic 1860 Edition Heatherton, Hinkler Books, 2008 $20.00
GREER, Germaine THE CHANGE - Women, Ageing and the Menopause London, Hamish Hamilton, 1991 $10.00
HAIGH, Gideon ASBESTOS HOUSE - the secret history of James Hardie Industries Carlton North, Scribe, 2007 $18.00
HALE, Gill FENG SHUI - a complete guide to harmonious modern living London, Hermes/Annes, 2003 $8.00
HANSEN, Vivienne and John HORSFALL NOONGAR BUSH MEDICINE: Medical Plants of the South-West of Western Australia Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2016 $36.00
HARRIS, Robert and Jeremy PAXMAN A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING - The Secret Story of Gas and Germ Warfare London, Chatto & Windus, 1982 $10.00
HEINERMAN, John, Ph.D. FOLK REMEDIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: From a medical anthropologist's files, here are safe, all-natural remedies for over three hundred common illnesses and ailments n.p., Prentice Hall, 2000 $18.00
HETZEL, B.S et al BETTER HEALTH FOR ABORIGINES: Report of a National Seminar at Monash Unversity St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1974 $10.00
HICKS, Ron RUM REGULATION AND RICHES: The evolution of the Australian Health Care system n.p., The Australian Hospital Assoc., 1981 $5.00
HILLARY, Eve HEALTH BETRAYAL: Staying Away from the Sickness Industry St. Ives, Synergy Books, 2003 $24.00
HOWARD, Jo MOTHERS AND SONS: Bringing up boys as a sole parent Port Melbourne, Thomas C. Lothian, 2001 $12.00
IDRIESS, Ion; illustrated by Tony Pyrazakowski ION IDRIESS'S GREATEST STORIES: The Silver City; Lightning Ridge; The Desert Column; The Cattle King; Flynn of the Inland; Lasseter's Last Ride - PLUS LASSETER'S (tragic last) DIARY - North Ryde, Angus & Robertson, Publishers, 1986 $68.00
JEFFERY, Clement RHEUMATISM - Its Causes, Prevention and Treatment London, Frederick Muller, 1940 $12.00
JOHNSON HARRIS, Carolyn COME WITH DADDY: Child Murder - Suicide after Family Breakdown Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2005 $35.00
KAMINSKY, Dr Leah and Pro. Frank OBERKLAID YOUR CHILD'S HEALTH: A Manual for Australian Parents Port Melbourne, Mandarin/Reed, 1994 $15.00
KING, Dr. Alan; A biography as told to Cyril AYRIS A QUESTION OF DUTY - SIGNED by ALAN KING South Perth, Alan King, 2004 $38.00
KONSALIK, Heinz G.; translated from the German by Irene R. GIBBONS THE CHANGED FACE n.p. Aidan Ellis, 1979 $10.00
LANGMEIER, J. and Z. MATEJCEK; edited by G. L. Mangan PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPRIVATION IN CHILDHOOD - 3rd - third edition - St Lucia, University Queensland Press, 1975 $24.00
LEA, Tess BUREAUCRATS AND BLEEDING HEARTS: Indigenous Health in Northern Australia Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2008 $40.00
League of Rights; introduction by Eric D. BUTLER BRAIN WASHING: A Synthesis of the Communist Textbook on Psychopolitics n.p., League of Rights, n.d. $15.00
LEE, Jeremy - written and compiled by THE OXYGEN CONNECTION: Oxygen Solution to Chemical Carnage Cranbrook, Veritas, 1997 $26.00
LESSING, Doris AFRICAN LAUGHTER: Four Visits to Zimbabwe London, HarperCollins, 1992 $16.00
LEWIS, Andrea, and David DOYLE - edited by PROVING THE PRACTICE - Evidencing the effects of community arts programs on mental health Fremantle, DADAA, 2008 $30.00
LIKEMAN, Robert - Colonel, CSM, Retd. AUSTRALIAN DOCTORS ON THE WESTERN FRONT: France and Belgium 1916 - 1918 - The Australian Doctors at War Series Volume 3 - Three Kenthurst, Rosenberg Publishing, 2014 $50.00
LINDSAY, Patrick BACK FROM THE DEAD: Peter Hughes' story of survival and hope after Bali - Warmly INSCRIBED and SIGNED by PETER HUGHES - Milsons Point, Random House Australia, 2003 $36.00
Lorna Cartwright, Tim Low, Tony Rodd, Rosemary Beresford - editorial committee Reader's Digest MAGIC and MEDICINE of PLANTS - a Guide to Hundreds of Native and Exotic Plants and Their Healing Powers Surry Hills, Reader's Digest, 2010 $30.00
MACQUARIE, Dr Jane BELOW THE BELT - an owner's guide to Gynaecology Port Melbourne, Text, 1994 $24.00
MALOUF, David REMEMBERING BABYLON - FIRST AUSTRALIAN EDITION - Presentation Copy SIGNED by the AUTHOR with personal inscription - - Milsons Point, Chatto & Windus/Random House Australia, 1993 $75.00
MARSH, Loisette and Shirley SLACK-SMITH SEA STINGERS - and other venomous and poisonous marine invertebrates of Western Australia Perth, Western Australian Museum, 1986 $12.00
MARSH, Loisette M. and Shirley M. SLACK-SMITH FIELD GUIDE TO SEA STINGERS - and other venomous and poisonous marine invertebrates of Western Australia - 2nd Edition - Welshpool, Western Australian Museum, 2010 $36.00
MARTIN, Joel and Patricia ROMANOWSKI OUR CHILDREN FOREVER: George Anderson's Messages from Children on the Other Side New York, Berkley, 1994 $15.00
McGLADE, Hannah OUR GREATEST CHALLENGE: Aboriginal children and human rights Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2012 $44.00
MILENTIS, Sheryl and Peter J. BRIDGE - edited by THE SCARLET STAIN: Harlots, Harridans and Hellholes of Old Kalgoorlie Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2004 $20.00
MOODIE Peter M. ABORIGINAL HEALTH Canberra, Australian National University Press, 1973 $26.00
MOORE, G.E. - edited by Alice AMBROSE and Morris LAZEROWITZ G.E. MOORE: ESSAYS IN RETROSPECT - Muirhead Library of Philosophy London, George Allen & Unwin, 1970 $24.00
MOORE, Jillian M., edited by; and Contributors REALLY NURSE! - Tales from the Nurses' Training School, Royal Perth Hospital 1932-1972 Perth, Royal Perth Hospital Nurses' Training School, 2000 $38.00
MORLET, Geoffrey EYES RIGHT: The Life of Claude Morlet, DSO, Eye Surgeon and Soldier - - - AUTHOR SIGNED WITH PERSONAL INSCRIPTION - - - Adelaide, Lythrum Press, 2007 $28.00
MORRIS, desmond MANWATCHING: A Field Guide to Human Behaviour St Albans,Triad/Panther, 1978 $16.00
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY; foreword by Sherwin B. NULAND INCREDIBLE VOYAGE: Exploring the Human Body Washington D.C., National Geographic Society, 1998 $18.00
NILSSON, Lennart and Lars HAMBERGER A CHILD IS BORN - - - COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED FOURTH EDITION - - - London, Doubleday/Random, 2004 $24.00
NIN, Anais DELTA OF VENUS: EROTICA Richmond, Hutchisonn/W.H. Allen, 1978 $34.00
NOSSAL, Sir Gustav DIVERSITY AND DISCOVERY - The Walter and Eliz Hall Institute 1965 - 1996 Carlton, Miegunyah/Melbourne University Publishing, 2007 $40.00
OSBORNE, Therese and Julie SIMPKIN - editors ENCOUNTERS: Revealing Stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Objects from the British Museum Canberra, National Museum Australia/The British Museum, 2015 $64.00
PAUL, Eden and Cedar - translated from the German by; prefaced with a letter by Sigmund FREUD A YOUNG GIRL'S DIARY: Prefaced with a letter by Sigmund Freud London, George Allen & Unwin, 1952 $18.00
PITT, Turia with Libby HARKNESS EVERYTHING TO LIVE FOR: Turia Pitt could not outrun the fire. But she was not ready to die. Sydney, Random House, 2013 $15.00
PRIEST, Joan SCHOLARS AND GENTLEMEN: A Biography of the Mackerras Family Spring Hill, Boolarong, 1986 $12.00
PRIESTLEY, Susan BUSH NURSING IN VICTORIA 1910 - 1985: The First 75 Years Port Melbourne, Victorian Bush Nursing Assoc./Lothian Publishing, 1986 $12.00
RAISIN, Saul with Dave Shields - Inscribed and SIGNED by SAUL RAISIN - TOUR de LIFE: From Coma to Competition Salt Lke City, Three Story Press, 2007 $30.00
RICHARDSON, Arthur O. FORGING AHEAD - - - PRESENTATION COPY - - - London, Thomas A. Masters, 1922 $20.00
ROHL, John C.G., Martin WARREN and David HUNT PURPLE SECRETS: Genes 'Madness' and the Royal Houses of Europe London Transworld/Bantem Press, 1998 $24.00
ROPER, Arik - paintings; with field notes by Erik DAVIS, Daniel PINCHBECK and Gary LINCOFF MUSHROOM MAGICK: A Visionary Field Guide New York, Harry N. Abrams, 2009 $24.00
ROSS, Helen JUST FOR LIVING: Aboriginal perceptions of housing in northwest Australia Canberra, AIAS, 1984 $24.00
SAUERS, Joan with Joanna McMILLAN-PRICE GUT REACTIONS: Everything you wanted to know about burping, bloating, candida, constipation, food allergies, farting and poo, but were afraid to ask Sydney, ABC, 2004 $20.00
SAUVAGE, Louise; foreword by Dawn FRASER MY STORY - SIGNED by LOUISE SAUVAGE Pymble, Harper Collins, 2002 $24.00
SELZER, Richard MORTAL LESSONS: Notes on the Art of Surgery London, Chatto & Windus, 1981 $34.00
SEXTON, Christopher THE SEEDS OF TIME - The Life of Sir Macfarlane Burnet Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1991 $15.00
SHAW, Otto L. PRISONS OF THE MIND London, George Allen and Unwin, 1969 $15.00
SIEGEL, Bernie S., M.D. PEACE, LOVE AND HEALING - The Bodymind & the Path to Self-Healing: An Exploration - - AUDIO CASSETTE - - Broadway, Caedmon, 1995 $12.00
STEWART, Robin CHEMICAL FREE PEST CONTROL: Hundreds of practical and inexpensive ways to control pests without chemicals Melbourne, Black Inc., 2002 $15.00
TEWFIK, Dr Gerald A FRIEND IN NEED - A Psychiatrist's Personal Story Nedlands, Design One Publications, 1981 $16.00
THOMAS, Gordon JOURNEY INTO MADNESS: Medical Torture and the Mind Controllers London, Corgi/Bantam, 1989 $15.00
THURER, Shari L. THE MYTHS OF MOTHERHOOD - How Culture Reinvents the Good Mother New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1994 $16.00
TREGER, Anne MATERNITY NURSE - by the Author of Probationer Nurse London, Peter Davies, 1960 $25.00
WILKINSON, Celia and Bill SAUNDERS - edited by PERSPECTIVES ON ADDICTION: Making sense of the issues Perth, William Montgomery Pty Ltd, 1996 $38.00
WILLIAMS, Cheryll MEDICINAL PLANTS IN AUSTRALIA: Volume 2 - two - Gums, Resins, Tannin and Essential Oils Dural, Rosenberg, 2011 $64.00
WILLIAMS, Trevor I. HOWARD FLOREY: Penicillin and After Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1984 $25.00
WYNN, Claire SIMPLY REFLEXOLOGY: Reduce stress, increase energy and improve your overall wellbeing - Book and DVD with bonus foot roller Brentwood, Hinkler Books, 2006 $10.00

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