Federal Government Books (78)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
AITON, DOUG and Terry LANE THE FIRST CENTURY - Australia's Federal Elections since Federation Melbourne, Information Australia, 2000 $18.00
ALBINSKI, Henry S. AUSTRALIAN EXTERNAL POLICY UNDER LABOUR: Context, Process and The National Debate St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1977 $12.00
AMOS, Douglas James THE STORY OF THE COMMONWEALTH FLEET OF STEAMERS - THE STORY OF THE COMMONWEALTH WIRELESS SERVICE: The Commonwealth Stories Volume 2 Two n.p., unknown, 1980 $36.00
APPLETON, Gillian DIAMOND CUTS: An affectionate memoir of Jim McClelland Sydney, Macmillan, 2000 $8.00
BALSON, Scott INSIDE ONE NATION: The inside story on a people's party born to fail - - AUTHOR SIGNED AND NUMBERED - - Mt. Crosby, Interactive Presentations, 2000 $35.00
BALSON, Scott MURDER BY MEDIA: Death of Democracy in Australia Mt Crosby, Interactive Presentations, 1999 $30.00
BARRETT, Lindsay THE PRIME MINISTER'S CHRISTMAS CARD - 'Blue Poles' and cultural politics in the Whitlam era Sydney, Power Institute, 2001 $16.00
BEAN, C.E.W. - Oficial Historian of Australia in the War of 1914 - 1918 THE STORY OF ANZAC - TWO VOLUMES - Vol. 1 - ONE: From the Outbreak of War to the End of the First Phase of The Gallipoli Campaign, May 4, 1915 AND Vol. 2 - Two - Evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1941 $235.00
BEASLEY, Margo THE MISSOS - A History of The Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union St Leonards, Allen & Unwin, 1996 $24.00
BEAUMONT, Joan BROKEN NATION: Australians in the Great War Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2013 $35.00
BERESFORD, Quentin THE RISE AND FALL OF GUNNS LTD. Sydney, New South Publishing, 2015 $28.00
BERESFORD, Quentin and Gary PARTINGTON - edited by REFORM AND RESISTENCE IN ABORIGINAL EDUCATION - The Australian Experience Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2003 $44.00
BHATHAL, Ragbir, Ralph SUTHERLAND and Harvey BUTCHER MOUNT MT. STROMLO OBSERVATORY: From Bush Observatory to the Nobel Prize Collingwood, CSIRO/Australian National University, 2013 $50.00
BOKER, Malcolm THE GREAT PROFESSIONAL: A Study of W.M. Hughes Sydney, McGraw-Hill, 1980 $8.00
BRAMSTON, Troy - foreword by Gough Whitlam THE WHITLAM LEGACY - REVISED & UPDATED EDITION - Annandale, The Federation Press, 2015 $30.00
BRODIE, Scott STATESMEN, LEADERS AND LOSERS - The Twenty-Three Prime Ministers of Australia Sydney, Dreamweaver, 1984 $12.00
BURKE, David 30 DAYS ON AUSTRALIA'S RAILWAYS: A Diary of September Journeys Kenthurst, Rosenberg, 2014 $25.00
BURRELL, Andrew TWIGGY: The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest - AUTHOR SIGNED - Collingwood, Black Inc./Schwartz Media, 2013 $30.00
BUTI, Antonio De Paulo SEPARATED: Australian Aboriginal Childhood Separations and Guardianship Law - Sydney Institute of Criminology Monograph Series No. 20 Sydney, The Sydney Institute of Crimionology/Federation Press, 2004 $24.00
CAMPBELL, D.A.S. - edited by POST-WAR RECONSTRUCTION IN AUSTRALIA Sydney, Australasian Publishing in conjunction with Australasian Institue of Political Science, 1944 $30.00
CAREY, Jim and Toni MCRAE PEACOCK, M.P. Adelaide, Rigby, 1982 $8.00
CARR, Bob DIARY OF A FOREIGN MINISTER - - HARD COVER - - Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2014 $40.00
CLEARY, Tania - written by; researched by Fiona KATAUSKAS; foreword by Peter GRESTE BEHIND THE LINES: The Years Best Political Cartoons 2015 Canberra, Museum of Australian Democracy at old Parliament House, 2015 $24.00
COPLAND D. B. and C. V. JANES AUSTRALIAN TRADE POLICY: A Book of Documents 1932 - 1937 Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1937 $44.00
COSTELLO, Peter with Peter COLEMAN THE COSTELLO MEMOIRS : The Age of Prosperity - Personally Inscribed and SIGNED by PETER COSTELLO Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 2008 $34.00
COULTHARD-CLARK, Chris BREAKING FREE: Transforming Australia's Defence Industry - The ADI Story Kew, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 1999 $35.00
CROWLEY, F. K. FORREST 1847 - 1918 - Volume one 1847-91 Apprenticeship to Premiership St. Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1971 $35.00
CURTIN, John - correspondence; David BLACK - editorial FRIENDSHIP IS A SHELTERING TREE - John Curtin's Letters 1907 to 1945 Bentley, The John Curtin Prime Mininteral Library, 2001 $16.00
EMY, Hugh, Owen HUGHES and Race MATHEWS - edited by WHITLAM RE - VISITED: Policy Development, Policies and Outcomes Leichhardt, Pluto, 1993 $28.00
GENAT, Bill - with Sharon BUSHBY, May McGUIRE, Eileen TAYLOR, Yvette WALLEY and Thelma WESTON ABORIGINAL HEALTHWORKERS: Primary Health Care at the Margins Crawley, University Western Australia Press, 2006 $24.00
GILBERT, R. S. THE AUSTRALIAN LOAN COUNCIL IN FEDERAL FISCAL ADJUSTMENTS 1890 - 1965 Canberra, Australian National University Press, 1973 $16.00
GILLARD. Julia JULIA GILLARD: MY STORY North Sydney, Knopf/Random House, 2014 $25.00
GOLDING, Peter AN UNQUALIFIED SUCCESS: The Extraordinary Life of Allan Percy Fleming Kenthurst, Rosenberg Publishing, 2013 $24.00
GOOT, Murray AND Tim ROWSE - edited by MAKE A BETTER OFFER - The Politics of Mabo Leichhardt, Pluto, 1994 $16.00
GOTHARD, Jan BLUE CHINA: Single Female Migration to Colonial Australia Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 2001 $18.00
GREENWOOD, Gordon THE FUTURE OF AUSTRALIAN FEDERALISM: A Commentary on the Working of the Constitution - - - SECOND EDITION - - - St Lucia , University of Queensland Press, 1976 $8.00
HAM, Paul VIETNAM: The Australian War - - - ILLUSTRATED EDITION - - - Pymble, HarperCollins, 2010 $46.00
HANCOCK, Ian NATIONAL AND PERMANENT - The Federal Organisation of the Liberal Party of Australia 1944 - 1965 Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 2000 $18.00
HANSEN, Guy - written and researched by BEHIND THE LINES: The Years Best Cartoons - 2010 Canberra, National Museum of Australia, 2010 $26.00
HANSEN, Guy - written and researched by BEHIND THE LINES: The Years Best Cartoons - 2004 Canberra, National Museum of Australia, 2005 $26.00
HOCKING, Jenny; Gough WHITLAM; edited by Susan KEOGH GOUGH WHITLAM: His Time: Carlton, The Miegunyah Press, 2014 $45.00
JAMES, Peter REQUIEM FOR THE REEF - The Crown Of Thorns - A Story of Official Distortion Brisbane, Foundation Press, 1976 $20.00
KATTER, Bob AN INCREDIBLE RACE OF PEOPLE: A Passionate History of Australia Millers Point. Murdoch Books, 2012 $20.00
LANG, J. T., M.L.A., Leader of Australian Labor Party - State of N.S.W. WHY I FIGHT Kent Town, Veritus Publishing, 1934 $18.00
LEA, Tess BUREAUCRATS AND BLEEDING HEARTS: Indigenous Health in Northern Australia Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2008 $40.00
LEGGE, J. Stewart WHOS WHO IN AUSTRALIA 1971 - Bibliographical Dictionary and Register of Titled Persons Melbourne, The Herald & Weekly Times, 1971 $20.00
LLOYD, Clem and Richard HALL edited by - from original notes compiled by Frederick T. SMITH BACKROOM BRIEFINGS - John Curtin's War Canberra, National Library of Australia, 1997 $26.00
MARCHANT, Leslie R. THE WESTMINSTER TRADITION AND AUSTRALIA: The parliamentary democratic system inherited from Britain Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1999 $20.00
MARTIN, A.W. HENRY PARKES: A Biography Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1980 $35.00
McGREGOR, Alasdair A NATION IN THE MAKING: Australia at the dawn of the modern era Sydney, Australian Geographic/ACP, 2011 $54.00
McKERNAN, Michael THE STRENGTH OF A NATION: Six years of Australians fighting for the nation and defending the homefront in WWII Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2008 $18.00
McMULLIN, Ross THE LIGHT ON THE HILL: The Australian Labor Party 1891-1991 - SIGNED by ROSS McMULLIN - Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1991 $95.00
MILLAR, Ann - editor THE BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF THE AUSTRALIAN SENATE: Volume 1 - 1901 - 1929 Victoria, Melbourne University Press, 2000 $35.00
MOOREHEAD, Alan GALLIPOLI - - FIRST AUSTRALAIN ILLUSTRATED EDITION - - South Melbourne, The Macmillan Co., 1975 $26.00
MOORHOUSE, Frank DARK PALACE - The companion novel to Grand Days Milsons Point, Random, 2000 $15.00
MURPHY, John EVATT - A LIFE Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $55.00
NETHERCOTE J.R. - edited by LIBERALISM and the Australian Federation Leichhardt, The Federation Press, 2001 $24.00
NOYE, Larry O'MALLEY MHR - American wanderer, Australian trailblazer - - - NEW EDITION - - - Glen Waverley, Sid Harta Publishers, 2009 $24.00
OSBORNE, Elizabeth THROWING OFF THE CLOAK: Reclaiming self-reliance in Torres Straits Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2009 $28.00
PALMER, Ian BUYING BACK THE LAND - Organisational struggle and the Aboriginal Land Fund Commission Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 1988 $8.00
PUGH, Judith UNSTILL LIFE: Art, politics and living with Clifton Pugh Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2008 $18.00
PULLAN, Robert BOB HAWKE - A Portrait Sydney, Methuen, 1980 $26.00
RADCLIFFE, Russ - edited by BEST AUSTRALIAN POLITICAL CARTOONS 2012 Brunswick, Scribe, 2012 $25.00
RICKARD, John and Vince ROSS, edited by UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Texts and Addresses from the Unfinished Business Conference including the inaugural Eddie Mabo Memorial Lecture Thornbury, Desbooks, 2002 $24.00
RITTER, Paul CURSES FROM CANBERRA: PEER into Trade Vol. II - Secret files that framed an honest man - - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Kalamunda, PEER, 1989 $28.00
ROBINSON, W. Courtland TERMS OF REFUGE - The Indochinese Exodus and the International Response - Politics in Contemporary Asia London, Zeb Books, 1998 $34.00
ROWLEY, C.D. THE AUSTRALIANS IN GERMAN NEW GUINEA 1914- 1921 Catlton, Melbourne University Press, 1958 $50.00
RYDON, Joan A FEDERAL LEGISLATURE: The Australian Commonwealth Parliament 1901 - 1980 Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1986 $55.00
SHERIDAN, Tom AUSTRALIA'S OWN COLD WAR - The Waterfront under Menzies Carlton, Melbourne Univertity Press, 2006 $38.00
SOUTER, Gavin LION AND KANGAROO - The Initiation of Australia 1901 - 1919 Sydney, William Colins, 1976 $28.00
STUBBS, John HAYDEN Port Melbourne, William Heinemann, 1989 $16.00
TWOMEY, Anne THE CHAMELEON CROWN: The Queen and Her Australian Governors Annandale, Federation Press, 2006 $60.00
WARUNG, Price - William Astley CONVICT DAYS Sydney, Australasian Book Society, 1960 $20.00
WHITLAM, Gough; edited by Wendy GUEST and Gary GRAY NOT JUST FOR THIS LIFE: Gough Whitlam Remembered Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2016 $34.00
WILLIAMS, George A CHARTER OF RIGHTS FOR AUSTRALIA - Briefings Series Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2007 $18.00
WOOD, James CHIEFS OF THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY: Higher Command of the Australian Military Forces 1901 - 1914 Loftus, Australian Military History Publications, 2006 $34.00

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