Exploration Books (149)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ALLAN, J. Alex MEN AND MANNERS IN AUSTRALIA: Being a Social and Economic Sketch History Melbourne, F. W. Cheshire, 1945 $8.00
APPLEYARD, R.T. and Toby MANFORD THE BEGINNING - European discovery and early settlement of Swan River Western Australia Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1979 $40.00
AUGHTON, Peter ENDEAVOUR - The Story of Captain Cook's First Great Epic Voyage Gloucestershire, Cassell, 2002 $28.00
BADGER, G.M. - edited by CAPTAIN COOK - Navigator and Scientist Canberra, Australian National University, 1970 $20.00
BAKER, Clive KOKODA TREK - - THIRD EDITION - - Loftus, Australian Military History Publications, 2009 $26.00
BEASLEY, A. W. FELLOWSHIP OF THREE: The Lives and Associations of John Hunter 1728-1793, The Surgeon; James Cook 1728-1779, The Navigator; and Joseph Banks 1743-1820, The Naturalist Kenthurst, Kangaroo Press, 1993 $15.00
BECHERVAISE, John ANTARCTICA - The Last Horizon Melbourne, Cassell, 1979 $20.00
BIANCHI, Phil WORK COMPLETED, CANNING: A Comprehensive History of the Canning Stock Route 1906 - 2010. The Western Australian Explorer's Diaries Series - HARD COVER - 'Sorry - this Book is not in our Sale' Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2013 $115.00
BIANCHI, Phil WORK COMPLETED, CANNING: A Comprehensive History of the Canning Stock Route 1906 - 2010 - 'SORRY - THIS BOOK IS NOT IN OUR SALE' Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2013 $85.00
BLAINEY, Geoffrey SEA OF DANGERS: Captain Cook and His Rivals Camberwell, Viking/Penguin, 2009 $24.00
BLIGH, William - edited by Paul BRUNTON AWAKE, BOLD BLIGH - William Bligh's letters describing the mutiny on HMS Bounty North Sydney, Allen & Unwin in assoc. with the State Library of New South Wales, 1989 $26.00
BOWERMASTER, Jon BIRTHPLACE OF THE WINDS: Adventuring in Alaska's Islands of Fire and Ice Washington, National Geographic Adventure Press, 2000 $25.00
BRADFORD, Ernle CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS London, Michael Joseph, 1973 $18.00
BRAY, Chris THE 1000 HOUR DAY : Two adventurers take on the world's harshest island - AUTHOR SIGNED - Millers Point, Murdoch Books/Pier 9, 2010 $34.00
BRENNAN, Niall DAMIEN PARER - Cameraman Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1994 $24.00
BRENT, Peter BLACK NILE - Mungo Park and the Search for the Niger London, Gordon Cremonesi, 1977 $18.00
BRIDGE, Peter J. and Ian MURRAY THE OVERLANDERS - Crossing the Nullarbor 1870s - 1970s Carlisle, Hesperian, 2011 $54.00
BUCHANAN, Gordon PACKHORSE AND WATERHOLE - With the First Overlanders to the Kimberleys Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1997 $26.00
CHAUVEL, Charles and Elsa WALKABOUT - Exploring one of the world's last frontiers of adventure London, W.H. Allen, 1959 $12.00
CHEWINGS, Charles THE SOURCES OF THE FINKE RIVER - And Other Expeditions - - DELUXE LIMITED EDITION - - Adelaide, Friends of the State Library, 2010 $130.00
CHISHOLM, Alec H. STRANGE JOURNEY: The adventures of Ludwig Leichhardt and John Gilbert - - - SECOND EDITION WITH WRAP-AROUND PUBLICITY BAND - - - Adelaide, Rigby, 1973 $28.00
CLUNE, Frank BOUND FOR BOTANY BAY - Narrative of a Voyage in 1798 Aboard the Death Ship "Hillsborough" Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1964 $26.00
CLUNE, Frank CASTLES IN SPAIN - a Flying Trip from Australia to Europe with some Quixotical Peregrinations in the Iberian Peninsula in Quest of Facts Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1952 $24.00
CLUNE, Frank ROAMING AROUND EUROPE - Random Rambles in Paris, Eire, Iceland, Vienna and Belgium - - FIRST EDITION - - Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1954 $34.00
CLUNE, Frank; illustrated by Bert ZIMMERMAN FLYING DUTCHMEN: Narrative of an Expedition of Discovery from Australia to the Netherlands with the "Flying Dutchmen" Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1953 $15.00
COLNETT, James A VOYAGE TO THE SOUTH ATLANTIC AND ROUND CAPE HORN INTO THE PACIFIC OCEAN: Bibliotheca Australiana #36 Amsterdam/New York, N. Israel/Da Capo, 1968 $70.00
COLWELL, Max THE VOYAGES OF MATHEW FLINDERS Sydney, Paul Hamlyn, 1970 $12.00
COOK, Captain James; Wiggins Teape Australia Group CAPTAIN COOK AND THE SOUTHERN GATEWAY 1770 - 1970 New South Wales, The Wiggins Teape Australia Group, 1970 $40.00
COOK, James Captain; text by John CLARK COOK'S ENDEAVOUR JOURNAL - The Inside Story Canbefrra, National Library of Australia, 2008 $24.00
CORDINGLY, David - edited by CAPTAIN JAMES COOK - NAVIGATOR: The achievements of Captain James Cook as a seaman, navigator and surveyor London, National Maritime Museum/ Campbell Group, 1988 $10.00
CRANE, Ralph and Lisa FLETCHER CAVE; Nature and Culture London, Reaktion Books, 2015 $28.00
de BEAUVOIR, Ludovic; edited by John MELVILLE-JONES; with contributions by Nicola Cousen, et al LUDOVIC DE BEAUVOIR'S VISIT TO AUSTRALIA Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2016 $54.00
DOLE, Stephen H. and Isaac ASIMOV PLANETS FOR MAN London, Methuen, 1965 $24.00
DUNMORE, John WHERE FATE BECKONS - Jean-Francois de La Perouse Sydney, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006 $44.00
DUNMORE, John - translated and edited by THE EXPEDITION OF THE ST JEAN- BAPTISTE TO THE PACIFIC 1769-1770: From Journals of Jean de Surville and Guillaume Labe London, The Hakluyt Society, 1981 $24.00
DUTTON, Geoffrey THE SQUATTERS South Yarra, Currey O'Neil, 1985 $15.00
EDWARDS, Hugh THE BUCCANEER'S BELL Kalamunda, Tangee, 2006 $36.00
EISLER, William and Bernard SMITH TERRA AUSTRALIS - The Furthest Shore The Rocks, International Cultural Corp./Beagle, 1988 $24.00
ELLIS, Elizabeth CONRAD MARTENS: Life and Art Sydney, State Library of New South Wales, 1994 $40.00
ESTENSEN, mariam THE LIFE OF GEORGE BASS - Surgeon and sailor of the Enlightment Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2005 $30.00
ESTENSEN, Miriam DISCOVERY: The Quest for the Great South Land - - TRUE FIRST AUSTRALIAN EDITION - - St Leonards, Allen & Unwin, 1998 $24.00
ETHERINGTON, Norman - edited by MAPPING COLONIAL CONQUEST - Australia and Southern Africa Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2007 $30.00
FITZGERALD, Lawrence JAVA LA GRANDE - The Portuguese Discovery of Australia Circa 1521 - - - REPRINT WITH CORRECTIONS - - - Hobart, The Publishers Pty Ltd., 1986 $30.00
FITZSIMONS, Peter BURKE AND WILLS: The triumph and tragedy of Australia's most famous explorers Sydney, Hachette, 2017 $48.00
FITZSIMONS, Peter MAWSON and the Ice Men of the Heroic Age: Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen North Sydney, William Heineman/Random House, 2012 $16.00
FLANNERY, Tim TIM FLANNERY: AN EXPLORER'S NOTEBOOK - Essays on Life, History and Climate Melbourne, Text, 2007 $16.00
FLEMING, Peter BRAZILIAN ADVENTURE London, Jonathan Cape, 1935 $24.00
FORREST, John; G. F. ANGAS - illustrations by EXPLORATIONS IN AUSTRALIA - - LIMITED DELUXE EDITION - - Adelaide, Friends of the State Library of South Australia:Australiana Facsimile Editions No. 217, 1998 $225.00
FROST, Alan ARTHUR PHILIP 1738 - 1814 - His Voyaging Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1987 $24.00
GABBEDY, J. P. YOURS IS THE EARTH: The Life and Times of Charles Mitchell - AUTHOR SIGNED with personal inscription - Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press for the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, 1972 $35.00
GARVEY, Robert et al TO BUILD A SHIP: The VOC Replica Ship Duyfken Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 2001 $40.00
GASCOIGNE, John CAPTAIN COOK - Voyager Between Worlds London, Hambledon Continuum, 2007 $30.00
GREEN, Jeremy - editor MARITIME ARCHAELOGY: Papers from the First Southern Hemisphere Conference - Perth, Western Australia, 1977 Melbourne, Ocean's Society of Australia, 1977 $15.00
GREENOP, F.S. COAST OF TRAGEDY Sydney, K.G. Murray, 1944 $10.00
HAKLUYT, Richard - edited and introduction by David B. QUINN and Alison M. QUINN VIRGINIA VOYAGES FROM HAKLUYT: Oxford English Memoirs and Travels London, Oxford, 1973 $28.00
HAKLUYT, Richard; introduction by John Masefield, O.M. VOYAGES - Complete in Eight Volumes - EVERYMAN'S LIBRARY - London, J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. , 1962 $145.00
HALLIBURTON, Richard RICHARD HALLIBURTON: His Story of His Life's Adventure - As told in Letters to his Mother and Father London, Geoffrey Bles, 1941 $16.00
HAYGARTH, Nic A VIEW TO CRADLE: A History of Tasmania's Forth River High Country Tasmania, Nic Haygarth, 1998 $50.00
HEATH, Byron DISCOVERING THE GREAT SOUTH LAND Dural, Rosenberg, 2005 $16.00
HENDERSON, Graeme UNFINISHED VOYAGES: Western Australian Shipwrecks 1622 - 1850 - - - REVISED SECOND EDITION - - - Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2007 $46.00
HENDERSON, James SENT FORTH A DOVE - Discovery of the Duykfen Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1999 $18.00
HENDERSON. Graeme MARITIME ARCHAEOLOGY IN AUSTRALIA Nedlands, University Western Australia Press, 1986 $28.00
HERCOCK, Marion, Sheryl MILENTIS - editors; series editors Peter J. BRIDGE and Kim EPTON WESTERN AUSTRALIAN EXPLORATION 1836 - 1845: The Letters, Reports and Journals of Exploration and Discovery in Western Australia - Sorry, this book is 'not' in our Sale - Victoria Park, Hesperian Press, 2011 $115.00
HEYERDAHL, Thor; illustrated by Eric PALMQUIST THE KON - TIKI EXPEDITION - - - ILLUSTRATED EDITION - - - London, Allen and Unwin, 1965 $25.00
HORDERN, Marsden MARINERS ARE WARNED - John Lort Stokes and H.M.S. Beagle in Australia 1837-1843 Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 1989 $85.00
HORNE, Julia THE PURSUIT OF WONDER: How Australia's Landscape was Explored, Nature Discovered and Tourism Unleashed Carlton, Miegunyah, 2005 $18.00
INGLETON, Geoffrey C.; foreword by HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh MATTHEW FLINDERS: Navigator and Chartmaker Guildford, Genesis Publications in association with Hedley Australia, 1986 $148.00
INNES, Hammond THE LAST VOYAGE - Captain Cook's Lost Diary London, Collins, 1978 $14.00
JENNINGS, Howard and Robin MOORE ADVENTURES OF A TREASURE HUNTER London, Talmy Franklin, 1973 $20.00
JOYCE, E.B. and D.A. McCANN - edited by BURKE AND WILLS: The Scientific Legacy of the Victorian Exploring Expedition Collingwood, CSIRO Publishung, 2012 $58.00
KING, Phillip Parker NARRATIVE OF A SURVEY OF THE INTERTROPICAL AND WESTERN COASTS OF AUSTRALIA - Performed between the years 1818 to 1822 - - - DELUXE LIMITED EDITION - - - 2 - Two Volume Set - Adelaide, Friends of the State Library of South Australia, 2012 $245.00
KING, Robert J. THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE CONVICT COLONY: Alexandro Malaspina's report on the British settlement of New South Wales North Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 1990 $25.00
KIRWAN, The Hon. Sir John AN EMPTY LAND: Pioneers and Pioneering in Australia London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1934 $24.00
KNIGHT, James SPIRIT HIGH , The Mick Parker Story - The incredible true Australian story of a brave mountaineer Sydney, Xoum Publishing, 2015 $18.00
KRASPEDON, Dino; translated from the Portugese by J. B. WOOD MY CONTACT WITH FLYING SAUCERS - - - SECOND EDITION - - - London, Neville Spearman, 1968 $15.00
LANDSBOROUGH, William JOURNAL OF LANDSBOROUGH'S EXPEDITION FROM CARPENTARIA, IN SEARCH OF BURKE AND WILLS - with a map showing his route - - - DELUXE NUMBERED EDITION - - - Adelaide, Friends of the State Library of South Australia, 2000 $115.00
LANGLEY, Michael STURT OF THE MURRAY - The Father of Australian Exploration London, Robert Hale, 1969 $28.00
LANSING, Alfred ENDURANCE: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage North Salem, The Adventure Library, 1994 $65.00
LEVELL, David TOUR TO HELL: Convict Australia's Escape Myths St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 2008 $18.00
LINDSAY, David JOURNAL OF THE ELDER SCIENTIFIC EXPLORING EXPEDITION, 1891 - 2. Under the Command of D. Lindsay - - PLUS Map Folder - - North Adelaide, Corkwood, 1999 $195.00
LINN, Rob NATURE'S PILGRIM: The life and journeys of Captain S.A.White naturalist, author and conservationist Netley, South Australian Government Printer, 1989 $16.00
LISTOWEL, Judith THE OTHER LIVINGSTONE Sussex, Julian Frienmann, 1974 $15.00
LITCHFIELD, Lois MARREE and the tracks beyond in black and white: Commemorating the Centenary of Maree 1883 - 1983 n.p., the Author, 1983 $25.00
LOCKYER, Paul; featuring photographs by John BEAN and Gary TICEHURST LAKE EYRE: A journey through the heart of the continent Sydney, HarperCollins/ABC, 2012 $30.00
MACFARLANE, C.W. and L.A. TRIEBEL - edited by FRENCH EXPLORERS IN TASMANIA AND IN SOUTHERN SEAS: Being Extracts from Peron, Dumas and the Comte de Beauvoir Sydney, Australasian Publishing, 1937 $40.00
MacINNIS, PETER AUSTRALIAN BACKYARD EXPLORER * Explorers * Adventures * Fascinating Facts * Backyard Projects Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2009 $25.00
MACLEAN, Alistair CAPTAIN COOK London, Book Club Associates, 1972 $30.00
MACLEAN, Alistair CAPTAIN COOK London, Book Club Assoc., 1972 $8.00
MACQUEEN, Andy BACK FROM THE BRINK: Blue Gum Forest and the Grose Wilderness - SECOND EDITION - AUTHOR SIGNED - - - Wentworth Falls, the Author, 2007 $34.00
MADDOCK, Shirley and Don WHYTE FAR AS A MAN MAY GO - Captain Cook's New Zealand Auckland, Collins, 1969 $10.00
MARCHANT, Leslie R. FRANCE AUSTRALE: The French search for the Southland & subsequent explorations & plans to found a penal colony & strategic base in south west West Australia 1503-1826 - REVISED & UPDATED 2nd Edition - Perth, Scott/the Author, 1998 $86.00
MARRIOTT, Edward THE LOST TRIBE: A Search through the Jungles of Papua New Guinea London, Picador/Macmillan, 1996 $15.00
MARSDEN, Peter THE WRECK OF THE 'AMSTERDAM' London, Hutchinson, 1974 $10.00
McCALMAN, Iain and Nigel ERSKINE - edited by IN THE WAKE OF THE BEAGLE: Science in the Southern Oceans from the Age of Darwin Sydney, University of New South Wales Press/Australian National Maritime Museum, 2009 $38.00
McCARTHY, M. - edited by SHIPWRECKS OF AUSTRALIA'S WEST COAST Welshpool, Western Australian Museum, 2012 $36.00
McHUGH, Evan SHIPWRECKS - Australia's Greatest Maritime Disasters Camberwell, Penguin/Viking, 2003 $10.00
McKernan, Michael UNDERGROUND AUSTRALIA Canberra, National Library Australia, 2013 $30.00
McMAHON, Libby and John EXPLORING THE SOUTH LAND: Tasmania emerges from Terra Australia Incognita Hobart, Maritime Museum of Tasmania, 2006 $30.00
MILIUS, Pierre Bernard; edited by Peter HAMBLY PIERRE BERNARD MILIUS - Last Commander of the Baudin Expedition - THE JOURNAL 1800 - 1804 - TWO VOLUME SET IN SLIPCASE - West Perth, Australian Capital Equity Pty Ltd/National Library of Australia, 2013 $100.00
MORTON, Harry and Carol Morton JOHNSTON THE FARTHEST CORNER: New Zealand - A Twice Discovered Land Auckland, Century Hutchison New Zealand, 1988 $24.00
MORWOOD, Mike and Penny Van OOSTERZEE THE DISCOVERY OF THE HOBBIT - The Scientific Breakthrough that Changed the Face of Human History Milsons Point, Random House Australia, 2007 $26.00
MUNDLE, Rob FLINDERS: The Man Who Mapped Australia - - HARD COVER - - Sydney, Hatchette Australia, 2012 $30.00
MUNDLE, Rob GREAT SOUTH LAND: How the Dutch Sailors found Australia and an English Pirate almost beat Captain Cook Sydney, Harper Collins/ABC, 2015 $40.00
MURGATROYD, Sarah THE DIG TREE - The Story of Burke and Wills Melbourne, Text, 2002 $15.00
NAPIER, William EASTERN ISLANDS, SOUTHERN SEAS - A History of Discovery and Exploration London, Aldus/Jupiter Books, 1973 $18.00
NASH, Michael - edited by SHIPWRECK ARCHAEOLOGY IN AUSTRALIA Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2007 $30.00
NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM VOYAGES AND TRAVEL: National Martime Museum Catalogue of the Library - Volume one London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1968 $35.00
NORMAN, l. PIONEER SHIPPING OF TASMANIA Sandy Bay, Shearwater Press, 1989 $78.00
O'CONNOR, Maura and Terry BIRTLES; edited by John CLARK AUSTRALIA IN MAPS: Great Maps in Australia's History from The National Library's Collection Canberra, The National Library of Australia, 2007 $70.00
PEASLEY, William J. IN THE HANDS OF PROVIDENCE: The Desert Journeys of David Carnegie Perth, St George Books, 1995 $25.00
PERON, Francois and continued by Louis de FREYCINET VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY TO THE SOUTHERN LANDS: Two Volumes: Vol. I - Books I - III Comprising Chapters I to XXI and Vol. II - Book IV, Comprising Chapters XXII to XXXIV Adelaide, The Friends of the State Library of South Australia, 2003 $645.00
PERON, Francois; translated and edited by Jean FORNASIERO and John WEST-SOOBY FRENCH DESIGNS ON COLONIAL NEW SOUTH WALES - Francois Peron's Memoir on the English Settlement in New Holland, Van Diemen's Land & the Archipelagos of the Great Pacific Ocean - - DELUXE EDITION - - Adelaide, Friends of The State Library of South Australia, 2014 $175.00
PETRI, Helmut; translated by Dr. Ian CAMPBELL THE DYING WORLD IN NORTHWEST AUSTRALIA - "Sterbende Welt in Nordwest Australien" - Sorry, this is not a 'Sale' book Victoria Park, Hesperian Press, 2011 $48.00
PIGGOTT, Richard FISHTRAPS AND FLOODS APPLES AND SPUDS: A History of the Lower Kalgan District - SECOND EDITION - Kalamunda, Tangee Pty Ltd, 2004 $38.00
PIKE, DOUGLAS AUSTRALIA - The Quiet Continent London, Cambridge, 1962 $12.00
PLAGE, Dieter WILD HORIZONS: A Cameraman in Africa London, William Collins, 1980 $10.00
PLAYFORD, Phillip VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY TO TERRA AUSTRALIS BY WILLEM DE VLAMINGH IN 1696 - 97 Perth, Western Australian Museum, 1998 $54.00
POLDEN, Richard ENDEAVOUR - A Photographic Journey Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press in assoc. with Sunday Times, Perth, 1998 $30.00
READER'S DIGEST ANTARCTICA: The Extraordinary History of Man's Conquest of the Frozen Continent - - - REVISED & UPDATED SECOND EDITION Surrey Hills, Readers Digest, 1990 $28.00
RICHARDSON, William A. R. WAS AUSTRALIA CHARTED BEFORE 1606? - The Jave la Grande inscriptions Canberra, Natrional Library of Australia, 2006 $26.00
RIGBY, Nigel, Pieter van der MERWE and Glyn WILLIAMS PIONEERS OF THE PACIFIC - Voyages of Exploration, 1787 - 1810 Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2005 $18.00
RITCHIE, Rod SEEING THE RAINFORESTS - in 19th Century Australia Paddington, Rainforest, 1989 $22.00
ROBSON, John CAPTAIN COOK'S WAR AND PEACE: The Royal Navy Years 1755 - 1768 Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2009 $28.00
SCOTT, R. F., Captain SCOTT'S LAST EXPEDITION: The personal journals of Captain R. F. Scott, CVO, RN on his journey to the South Pole - with an introduction by Sir Vivian Fuchs London, Folio Society, 1964 $16.00
SENIOR, Sally L. SANDSTONE: From Gold to Wool and Back Again - - - NUMBERED EDITION, AUTHOR SIGNED with personal inscription - - - Sandstone, Shire of Sandstone, 1995 $54.00
SHACKLETON, Ernest, H. - Sir AURORA AUSTRALIS - The British Antarctic Exhibition 1907 - 1909 Sydney, Bay Books, 1988 $25.00
SHERRY, Frank PACIFIC PASSIONS - The European Struggle for Power in the Great Ocean in the Age of Exploration New York, William Morrow, 1994 $18.00
SMITH, Ivan and Jocelyn - text/poem; illustrations by Albert TUCKER THE DIE-HARD - Illustrations by Albert TUCKER - Numbered Limited Edition of 500 Copies SIGNED by both Authors and ALBERT TUCKER - Artarmon, Harper & Row (Australasia), 1979 $140.00
SOLOMON, Susan THE COLDEST MARCH - Scott's Fatal Antarctic Expedition Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 2001 $26.00
STURT, Captain Charles NARRATIVE OF AN EXPEDITION INTO CENTRAL AUSTRALIA During the Years 1844, 5, and 6. Together with a notice of the Province of South Australia, in 1847 By Captain Charles Sturt - - DELUXE EDITION - - North Adelaide, Corkwood, 2001 $200.00
STURT, Charles Capt.; introduction by Les HIDDINS TWO EXPEDITIONS INTO THE INTERIOR OF SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA: During the Years 1828, 1829, 1830 and 1831 With Observations on the Soil, Climate and General Resources of the Colony of New South Wales North Adelaide, Corkwood Press, 1999 $145.00
TAYLOR, Nancy E. Withnell YEERA-MUK-A-DOO - A Saga of the North West - The First Settlement of North-West Australia told through the Withnell and Hancock families 1861 to 1890 Victoria Park, Hesperian, 1987 $35.00
TAYLOR, Stephen STORM AND CONQUEST - The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809 London, Faber & Faber, 2007 $18.00
TERRY, Martin - pictorial researchers Alexandra BERTRAM and Alisa BUNBURY MARITIME PAINTINGS OF EARLY AUSTRALIA 1788 - 1900 - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - Carlton South, Miegunyah/Melbourne University Press, 1998 $54.00
THOMSON, James NOR WEST OF WEST: Western Australia Land of Wine, Corn, Pearls Wool and Gold Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2012 $38.00
THOMSON-DANS, Carolyn NORTH-WEST BOUND - from the Batavia Coast to the Kimberley - - - COMPLETELY REVISED EDITION - - - Bentley, Dept of Evvironment & Conservation, 2007 $28.00
TOBIN, Lieut. George - edited by Roy SCHREIBER CAPTAIN BLIGH'S SECOND CHANCE - An Eyewitness Account of his Return to the South Seas by Lieut. George Tobin Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2007 $30.00
TURNBULL, Henry; foreword by Bruce PTATT; illustrations by Francis J. BROADHURST LEICHHARDT'S SECOND JOURNEY: A first-hand account Sydney, Halstead/John Ferguson, 1983 $12.00
UREN, Malcolm and Robert STEPHENS WATERLESS HORIZONS - The Dramatic Life Story of Edward John Eyre Overland Explorer Melbourne, Robertson & Mullens, 1945 $24.00
VAN VELZEN, Marianne CALL OF THE OUTBACK: The remarkable story of Ernestine Hill, nomad, adventurer and trailblazer Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2016 $30.00
VETH Peter, Peter SUTTON and Margo NEALE - editors STRANGERS ON THE SHORE - Early Coastal Contacts in Australia Canberra, National Museum of Australia, 2008 $35.00
WARD, Russell AUSTRALIA SINCE THE COMING OF MAN Melbourne, Macmillan, 1987 $44.00
WATSON, Don - compiled by A SINGLE TREE: Voices from the bush North Sydney, Hamish Hamilton/Penguin Random House, 2016 $48.00
WEALSH, Gerald ON THE WALLABY: Pioneering Days in the Australian Bush Rockhampton, Central Queensland University Press, 2005 $24.00
WINTER, Barbara ATLANTIS IS MISSING - a true account of Australia's most bizarre air rescue Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1979 $25.00
WORSLEY P. & J., & D. TOTTY; edited by Jeremy GREEN A WINDSWEPT COAST: Western Australia's Maritime Heritage Between the Moore River and the Zuytdorp Cliffs Fremantle, Dept. of Maritime Archaeology, Western Australian Museum, 2008 $44.00
YARROW, Stephen WE DISCOVERED AN ISLAND Booragoon, Regency, 1980 $16.00

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