Education Books (219)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ALEXANDER, F., M.A. FROM PARIS TO LOCARNO AND AFTER: The League of Nations and the Search for Security, 1919 - 1928 London, J. M. Dent, 1928 $28.00
ALLEN, Kim HISTORY OF THE TOWNSVILLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1888 - 1988 Bowen Hills, Boolarong /Trustees of the Townsville Grammar School, 1990 $34.00
ANDERSON, Jaynie, Christopher R. MARSHALL and Andrew YIP - edited by THE LEGACIES OF BERNARD SMITH: Essays on Australian Art, History and Cultural Politics Sydney, Power Publications/Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2016 $40.00
ARBIB, Helen, - concept and text; illustrations by Pauline CLEMENTS et al THE TERRACE TIMES COOK BOOK - Minimum Effort, Maximum Effect - NINE TITLES - Woolahra, The Terrace Times Pty Ltd, 1980 $72.00
ARTHUR, Jay, et al; National Museum of Australia COLLECTION STORIES Canberra, National Museum of Australia Press, 2012 $26.00
ATKINSON, Mary THE ART OF INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: Health and Beauty at Your Fingertips London, Carlton Books, 2000 $16.00
ATTENBOROUGH, David THE LIVING PLANET: A Portrait of the Earth - SIGNED by DAVID ATTENBOROUGH - London, William Collins Sons/BBC, 1984 $140.00
ATTENBOROUGH, David and Errol FULLER DRAWN FROM PARADISE: The discovery, art and natural history of the birds of paradise London, HarperCollins, 2012 $30.00
AVELING, M. - editor WESTRALIAN VOICES: Documents in Western Australian Social History - NUMBERED EDITION - Nedlands, University Western Australia Press, 1979 $34.00
BEAN, Charles; edited by Peter Burness THE WESTERN FRONT DIARIES OF CHARLES BEAN Sydney, NewSouth Publishing/Australian War Memorial, 2018 $98.00
BEILHARZ, Pater THINKING THE ANTIPODES: Australian Essays - Warmly INSCRIBED by the AUTHOR - Clayton, Monash University Publishing, 2015 $36.00
BENNETT, Bruce; Peter PORTER SPIRIT IN EXILE: Peter Porter and His Poetry Melbourne, Oxford, 1991 $10.00
BERESFORD, Quentin ROB RILEY: An Aboriginal Leader's Quest for Justice - SIGNED by QUENTIN BERESFORD - Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2006 $52.00
BERESFORD, Quentin and Gary PARTINGTON - edited by REFORM AND RESISTENCE IN ABORIGINAL EDUCATION - The Australian Experience Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2003 $44.00
BERKLEY, Brenda and Anulka KITAMURA; photographs by Emily Brooke Sandor ZEN FLOWERS: Designs to Soothe the Senses and Nourish the Soul - SIGNED by BRENDA BERKLEY & ANULKA KITAMURA - New York, Stewart, Tabori & Chang/Harry N. Abrams, 2006 $48.00
BERMUDEZ, Jose Luis - edited by PHILOSOPHY OF PSYCHOLOGY - Contemporary Readings - Routledge Contemporary Readings in Philosophy Abingdon Routledge, 2006 $36.00
BHATHAL, Ragbir, Ralph SUTHERLAND and Harvey BUTCHER MOUNT MT. STROMLO OBSERVATORY: From Bush Observatory to the Nobel Prize Collingwood, CSIRO/Australian National University, 2013 $50.00
BIRNS, Nicholas and Rebecca McNEER - edited by A COMPANION TO AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE SINCE 1900 Rochester, Camden House, 2010 $40.00
BLACKBURN, Thomas A CLIP OF STEEL - a picaresque autobiography London, Panther, 1970 $15.00
BLUMHARDT, Doreen and Brian BRAKE CRAFT NEW ZEALAND: The Art of the Craftsman Wellington, A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1981 $24.00
BONDAREW, Veronica and Peter SELIGMAN THE COCHLEAR STORY Colllingwood, CSIRO, 2012 $36.00
BOSWORTH, Richard and Margot MELIA - edited by ASPECTS OF ETHNICITY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA- Studies in Western Australian History Volume XII Nedlands, Centre for Western Australian History, 1991 $10.00
BRADSHAW, Don - et al ART, SCIENCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: A Festschrift for Emeritus Professor Don Bradshaw Chair of Zoology 1976 - 2004 The University of Western Australia Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2009 $30.00
BRIGGS, Margaret GINGER: Old Home Remedies and Many Other Uses Wigston, Abbeydale Press/Bookmart, 2008 $24.00
BRITTEN, Rosemary RANGI RURU: Rangi Ruru Girls' School Christchurch, New Zealand 1889 - 1989 Lincoln, Te Waihora Press, 1988 $34.00
BROADRIBB, Donald THE DREAM STORY Nedlands, Cygnet/University of Western Australia Press, 1987 $15.00
Brother PAUL, S.V.D. - editor; DIVINE WORD MISSIONARIES THE WORD: An international Catholic pictorial magazine edited and published by the Divine Word Missionaries: 14 bound Volumes of 12 months each 1960 - 1973 Roscomon, Divine Word Missioneries, 1961 $95.00
BRUMBY, Ed & Eric VASZOLYI edit. by LANGUAGE PROBLEMS AND ABORIGINAL EDUCATION Mt Laweley, Mt Lawley College of Advanced Education, 1977 $20.00
BUNBURY, Bill CAUGHT IN TIME: Talking Australian History Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2006 $78.00
BURBANK, Viictoria Katherine ABORIGINAL ADOLESCENCE: Maidenhood in an Australian Community - A Volume in the Adolescents in a Changing World Series - - HARD COVER - - New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1988 $30.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE: A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - Perth, A Tumulutous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BUSH, Brian, Brad MARYAN, Robert BROWNE-COOPER and David ROBINSON FIELD GUIDE TO REPTILES AND FROGS OF THE PERTH REGION - 2nd - Second Edition - Welshpool, Western Australian Museum, 2010 $30.00
CAPLAN, Arthur L. - edited by THE SOCIOBIOLOGY DEBATE: Readings on Ethical and Scientific Issues New York, Harper & Row, 1978 $20.00
CARLTON, Jan McBride THE OLD - FASHIONED COOKBOOK; illustrations by Alice and Martin PROVENSES New York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1975 $30.00
CARTER, Jennifer M.T. and Roger CROSS GINGER FOR PLUCK: The Life and Times of Miss Georgina King Kent Town, Wakefield Press, 2013 $15.00
CASTLE, Molly ROUND THE WORLD WITH AN APPETITE London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1936 $15.00
CHAMBERLAIN, E.R. PRESERVING THE PAST London, J.M. Dent, 1979 $25.00
CHATTERTON, Percy DAY THAT I HAVED LOVED - Percy Chattertons Papua Sydney, Pacific Publications, 1974 $28.00
CHURCHILL, Winston S. A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES: Volume III - Three - The Age of Revolution London, Cassell & Company, 1957 $15.00
CHURCHILL, Winston S. A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES: Volume II - Two - The New World London, Cassell & Company, 1956 $15.00
CLARK, Manning SPEAKING OUT OF TURN - Lectures and Speeches 1940 - 1991 Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 1997 $18.00
CLARK, Manning (*NOTE: Image of Set featured, is NOT the set for Sale*) A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA - COMPLETE IN SIX VOLUMES - Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1987 $395.00
CLARKE, Philip A. DISCOVERING ABORIGINAL PLANT USE: The Journeys of an Australian Anthropologist Kenthurst, Rosenberg, 2014 $50.00
COLEMAN P.J. - editor THE WESTERN PACIFIC: Island Arcs - Marginal Seas - Geochemistry - Record of Section D of the Twelfth Pacific Science Congress 18 - 29 August 1971 Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press/Australian Academy of Science, 1973 $20.00
COOK, Timothy - artist; Seva FRANGOS et al TIMOTHY COOK: Dancing With the Moon Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2015 $48.00
COOMBS, H. C. KULINMA, Listening to Aboriginal Australians Canberra, Australian National University Press, 1978 $16.00
CRAMERI, Ricardo DOT DASH TO DOT COM: A North-West Odyssey North Perth, R.P.L. Crameri, 2002 $26.00
CRAWFORD, Ashley; paintings by Tim STORRIER LINES OF FIRE: Works on paper by Tim Storrier Fishermans Bend, Thames & Hudson, 2003 $24.00
CROCKER, Walter Sir TRAVELLING BACK: The Memories of Sir Walter Crocker - SIGNED by WALTER CROCKER with the Bookplate of WILLIAM HESELTINE, Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II from 1986-1990) - South Melbourne, Macmillan Co. of Aust. , 1981 $44.00
CRONIN, Leonard CRONIN'S KEY GUIDE: AUSTRALIAN REPTILES AND FROGS Crows Nest, Jacana/Allen & Unwin, 2009 $24.00
CRONIN, Leonard; illustrations by Marion WESTMACOTT CRONIN'S KEY GUIDE: AUSTRALIAN MAMMALS Crows Nest, Jacana/Allen & Unwin, 2008 $24.00
CURNONSKY; translated and edited by Edwin LAVIN; original French edition by P. E. LAMAISON TRADITIONAL RECIPES OF THE PROVINCES OF FRANCE - selected by CURNONSKY London, W. H. Allen, 1961 $60.00
CURTIS, A.C. STRIVE MANFULLY: A History of CBC Perth & Trinity College 1894 - 2003 East Perth, Trinity College, 2007 $44.00
DOLE, Stephen H. and Isaac ASIMOV PLANETS FOR MAN London, Methuen, 1965 $24.00
DOWE, John Lesliexi, AUSTRALIAN PALMS: Biogeography, Ecology and Systematics Collingwood, CSIRO, 2010 $64.00
DRUCKER, Peter F. with Loseph A. MACIARIELLO THE DAILY DRUCKER: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done New York, HarperBusiness, 2004 $15.00
DRURY, Nevill; foreword by Max GERMAINE IMAGES 1 - ONE - CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIAN PAINTING Roseville, McGraw-Hill, 1992 $48.00
DUNCAN, Molly SPIN YOUR OWN WOOL AND DYE AND WEAVE IT - Revised and Enlarged Edition Wellington, A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1978 $10.00
EADES, Diana ABORIGINAL WAYS OF SPEAKING ENGLISH Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2013 $36.00
EAGLE, Chester PLAY TOGETHER, DARK BLUE TWENTY - a Boys-eye View of an Elite Australian School Melbourne, McPhee Gribble, 1986 $24.00
EDGAR, W.J. VELDT TO VIETNAM - Haleians at War - - - AUTHOR DEDICATION - - - Wembley Downs, Old Haleians Assoc., 1994 $34.00
EDWARDS, Deborah and Denise MIMMOCCHI - edited by SYDNEY MODERNS: Art for a New World Sydney, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2013 $78.00
EEKHOF-STORK, Nancy; English-language edition edited by Adrian BAILEY THE WORLD ATLAS OF CHEESE New York, Paddington Press, 1977 $20.00
EVELINE, Joan IVORY BASEMENT LEADERSHIP - power and invisibility in the changing university Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2004 $30.00
EWERS, John K. PERTH BOYS SCHOOL: 1847 - 1947 - The Story of the First Hundred Years of a Great School with a Background of the History of Education in Western Australia Perth, Government Printer, 1947 $60.00
FABIAN, Sue and Morag LOH CHILDREN IN AUSTRALIA - An Outline History - - AUTHOR INSCRIBED and SIGNED - - South Yarra, Hyland House, 1980 $15.00
FARNDON, John THE GREAT SCIENTISTS: From Euclid to Stephen Hawking Heatherton, Hinkler, 2010 $15.00
FEAIN, Paul and Ellie ARONEY ION IDRIESS: An Annotated and illustrated Bibliography - LIMITED EDITION - Sydney, Sydney Rare Book Auctions, 2016 $175.00
FERGUSON, R.J. CRAWLEY CAMPUS: The Planning and Architecture of the University of Western Australia - - NUMBERED and SIGNED EDITION - - Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1993 $30.00
FINK, Edith; edited by Avanelle DAY HOT BIRDS AND COLD BOTTLES - A Cookbook New York, Delacorte Press, 1972 $20.00
FINKEL, Elizabeth - edited by THE BEST AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE WRITING 2012 Sydney, New South Books, 2012 $16.00
FITZGERALD, Criena A PRESS IN ISOLATION: University of Western Australia Press 1935 - 1994 Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2005 $28.00
FITZGERALD, Criena TURNING MEN INTO STONE: A Social and Medical History of Silicosis in Western Australia 1890 - 1970 Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2016 $50.00
FLORENCE, Museo La Specola ENCYCLOPAEDIA ANATOMICA: A Collection of Anatomical Waxes Koln, Taschen, 2006 $25.00
FORD, Fred; edited by Jo KARMEL JOHN GOULD'S EXTINCT AND ENDANGERED MAMMALS OF AUSTRALIA - HARD COVER - Canberra, The National Library of Australia, 2014 $58.00
FORD, Henry; in collaboration with Samuel CROWTHER THE GREAT TODAY AND THE FUTURE Sydney, Cornstalk Publishing, 1926 $16.00
FOX, Robin ENCOUNTER WITH ANTHROPOLOGY New York, Harcourt Brace, 1973 $16.00
GAENSLER, Bryan EXTREME COSMOS Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2011 $15.00
GAMMAGE, Bill THE BIGGEST ESTATE ON EARTH: How Aborigines Made Australia Sydney, Allen and Unwin, 2011 $85.00
GARDINER, Paul - SJ MARY MACKILLOP: An Extraordinary Australian Sydney, E.J. Dywer in assoc. with David Ell Press, 1993 $28.00
GELDER, Ken and Rachael WEAVER - edited by THE ANTHOLOGY OF COLONIAL AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE FICTION Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 2011 $34.00
GEORGE, Alex S. AUSTRALIAN BOTANIST'S COMPANION Kardinya, Four Gables Press, 2009 $84.00
GOTHARD, Jan; foreword by Professor Fiona Stanley AC GREATER EXPECTATIONS: Living with Down syndrome in the 21st century Fremantle, Fremantle Press, 2011 $12.00
GRANT, James - compiled by PERSPECTIVE OF A CENTURY: A volume for the Centenary of Trinity College Melbourne 1872 - 1972 Melbourne, The Council of Trinity College, 1972 $10.00
GRAY, Henry; with original illustrations by Henry CARTER GRAY'S ANATOMY - The Classic 1860 Edition Heatherton, Hinkler Books, 2008 $20.00
GRAY, Nigel - story by; pictures by Gregory ROGERS RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME - - INSCRIBED and SIGNED by NIGEL GRAY - - Milsons Point, Mark MacLeod Book/Random House Australia, 1996 $38.00
GREENE, Bert GREENE ON GREENS - - - AUSTRALIAN EDITION - - - Lane Cove, Doubleday, 1985 $24.00
GREGORY, Jenny BUILDING A TRADITION: A History of Scotch College, Perth 1897 - 1996 Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 1996 $40.00
GRIFFITHS, Max FRANCIS ORMOND: A Ruling Passion Kenthurst, Rosenberg Publishing, 2015 $40.00
GUUNDIE and Gerald KUCHLING - Inscribed and SIGNED by GUUNDIE & GERALD KUCHLING - TRUE FIRST EDITION YAKKINN THE SWAMP TORTOISE: The Most Dangerous Years Subiaco, Chelonia Enterprises, 1995 $56.00
HAI, Paul RAISING STONE: Paul Hai's Racks and Pinions Theory Mount Isa, PHP, 2006 $18.00
HALE, Gill FENG SHUI - a complete guide to harmonious modern living London, Hermes/Annes, 2003 $8.00
HANGAY, George and Paul ZBOROWSKI BEETLES OF AUSTRALIA: A Guide to the Collingwood, CSIRO, 2010 $44.00
HARKNESS, Deborah E. THE JEWEL HOUSE - Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution London, Yale University Press, 2007 $20.00
HEININGER, Jeanie sgs - edited by JOURNEY TO THE HEART: Celebrating fifty years of special education at Mater Dei 1957 - 2007 - SIGNED by JEANIE HEININGER sgs - Narellan, The Trustees of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St. Benedict, 2007 $44.00
HIGGINS C. S. and P. D. MOSS SOUNDS REAL: Radio in everyday life St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1982 $10.00
HILL, Marji and Alex BARLOW - annotated, compiled and edited by BLACK AUSTRALIA - An annotated bibliography and teacher's guide to resources on Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. Bibliography Series No. 7 Canberra, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Canberra, 1978 $15.00
HINTON, S.E. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW London, Victor Gollance Ltd, 1971 $45.00
HOBBES, Thomas; edited by Richard TUCK LEVIATHAN - Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought - - - REVISED STUDENT EDITION - - - Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1997 $18.00
HOGGETT, Sarah - edited by 1000 BIRDS: A unique collection of 1000 species in exquisitely detailed paintings New York, Chartwell Books/Quarto Publishing Group , 2015 $40.00
HOLLANDS, David and Clive MINTON WADERS: The Shorebirds of Australia - SIGNED by DAVID HOLLANDS and CLIVE MINTON - Melbourne, Bloomings Books, 2012 $116.00
HUISMAN, John M.; volume editor Patrick M. McCarthy ALGAE OF AUSTRALIA: Marine Benthic Algae of North-Western Australia, Green and Brown Algae Melbourne, CSIRO Publishing, 2015 $125.00
HUXLEY, Aldous; edited by Piero FERRUCCI THE HUMAN SITUATION: Lectures at Santa Barbara, 1959 London, Chatto & Windus, 1978 $24.00
HYETT, Jack - text by; illustrations by Noel SHAW AUSTRALIAN MAMMALS: A Field Guide for New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania West Melbourne, Thomas Nelson, 1980 $20.00
HYLAND, Linda et al (Cookbook Committee) TIED WITH A RIBBON - Made from the Heart: Over 100 years of stories & recipes shared by Perth College Mt Lawley, Perth College Old Girls' Assoc. , 2013 $64.00
JAMES, Michael with Pippa JAMES THE TIVOLI ROAD BAKER: Recipes and notes from a chef who chose baking - Bread - Pastries - Doughnuts - Pies - Cakes Richmond, Hardie Grant Books, 2015 $64.00
JAMES, Ruth Marchant FIELDS OF GOLD: A History of the Dominican Sisters in Western Australia - flat SIGNED by RUTH MARCHANT JAMES - Doubleview, Dominican Sisters of Western Australia, 1999 $48.00
JEFFERY, Clement RHEUMATISM - Its Causes, Prevention and Treatment London, Frederick Muller, 1940 $12.00
JOHNSON HARRIS, Carolyn COME WITH DADDY: Child Murder - Suicide after Family Breakdown Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2005 $35.00
JOHNSON, Vivien STREETS OF PAPUNYA: The re-invention of Papunya painting Sydney, New South Books/University of New South Wales, 2015 $50.00
JOLLY, Jane and Elise HURST illustrated by ALL the BOLD HEART Balmain, Limelight Press, 2006 $36.00
JONES, Frederic Wood, D.Sc. THE MAMMALS OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Part III - 3 - Conclusion -The Monodelphia Adelaide, British Science Guild (South Australia Branch), 1925 $25.00
KAGAN, Neil - edited by; National Geographic NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CONCISE HISTORY OF THE WORLD - An Illustrated Time Line Washington DC, National Geographc Society, 2006 $20.00
KEAN, John THE ART OF SCIENCE: Remarkable natural history illustrations from Museum Victoria Melbourne, Museum Victoria, 2013 $48.00
KEAN, Sam THE DISAPPEARING SPOON - and other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from The Periodic Table of the Elements New York, Little Brown, 2010 $28.00
KELLER, Helen THE WORLD I LIVE IN London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1908 $15.00
KELLY, Gail LIVE LEAD LEARN My Stories of Life and Leadership - INSCRIBED and SIGNED by GAIL KELLY - Penguin Random House Australia, 2017 $48.00
KINSMAN, Jane WORKSHOP - The Kenneth Tyler Collection - HARD COVER - Canberra, National Gallery of Australia, 2015 $95.00
KIYOSAKI, Robert T. IF YOU WANT TO BE RICH AND HAPPY Don't Go To School San Diego/Windsor, Excellerated Learning, 1992 $10.00
KLAUS, Carl, text; Parkstone Press International CLOWNS - Art for Kids - Jigsaw Concept - New York, Parkstone Press/ Confidential Concepts, 2010 $24.00
KLEPAC, Lou THE DRAWINGS OF RUSSELL DRYSDALE - 1980 Perth Survey of Drawing Perth, Art Gallery of Western Australia/The Australian Gallery Director's Council, 1980 $25.00
KLEPAC, Lou; drawings by Russell DRYSDALE RUSSELL DRYSDALE: 1912-1981 - THE DRAWINGS - Drysdale Centenary 1912- 2012 - Roseville, The Beagle Press, 2012 $95.00
KLEPAC, Lou; drawings by Russell DRYSDALE RUSSELL DRYSDALE 1912 - 1981 - REVISED EDITION 2009 - Millers Point, Murdoch Books, 2009 $120.00
KNOX, Dorothy TIME FLIES - The Memoirs of Dorothy Knox Adelaide, Rigby, 1982 $16.00
KOLATA, Gina CLONE: The Road to Dolly and The Path Ahead - SIGNED by GINA KOLATA - London, Allen Lane/Penguin, 1997 $45.00
KRUGER, Arne; translated by Jean C. YORSHEE COOKING ROUND THE WORLD: The Big Cookery Book of National Dishes London, Heron, n.d. $20.00
KUCHLING, Guundie SILVERSKIN Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2002 $24.00
LAMBERS, Hans - editor PLANT LIFE ON THE SANDPLAINS IN SOUTHWEST AUSTRALIA: A Global Biodiversity Hotspot Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2014 $70.00
LANGMEIER, J. and Z. MATEJCEK; edited by G. L. Mangan PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPRIVATION IN CHILDHOOD - 3rd - third edition - St Lucia, University Queensland Press, 1975 $24.00
LEWIS, Andrea, and David DOYLE - edited by PROVING THE PRACTICE - Evidencing the effects of community arts programs on mental health Fremantle, DADAA, 2008 $30.00
LOMB, Nick TRANSIT OF VENUS; 1631 to the Present Sydney, New South Books, 2011 $38.00
LONDON, ANNE and Bertha KAHN BISHOV THE COMPLETE JEWISH COOKBOOK: In accordance with the Jewish Dietary Laws London, W.H. Allen, 1972 $20.00
MacMAHON, Bryan THE MASTER - SIGNED by BRYAN MacMAHON - Swords, Poolbeg Press, 1992 $48.00
MAISNER, Heather - editor COUNTRY COOKBOOK - Regional and traditional recipes from Europe and North America London, Marshall Cavendish, 1978 $18.00
MARX, Karl, Frederick ENGELS, Vladimir LENIN MARX ENGELS LENIN ON DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1977 $40.00
MATTINGLY, Garrett THE DEFEAT OF THE SPANISH ARMADA London, Jonathan Cape, 1958 $12.00
McCoy, Michael REEF AND RAINFOREST Collingwood, CSIRO Publishing, 2010 $34.00
McCRIE, Niven and Richard NOSKE BIRDS OF THE DARWIN REGION Clayton South, CSIRO, 2015 $78.00
McGLADE, Hannah OUR GREATEST CHALLENGE: Aboriginal children and human rights Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2012 $44.00
McGREGOR, Alasdair; Australian Geographic THE ART OF AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION Sydney, Bauer/Australian Geographic, 2013 $50.00
McKINLAY, Brian - edited by SCHOOL DAYS - Looking back on Education in Victoria Clayton, Historic Schools Society of Victoria, 1985 $12.00
McLEAN, Ian RATTLING SPEARS: A History of Indigenous Australian Art London, Reaktion Books, 2018 $56.00
McLEOD, A.L. edit. THE PATTERN OF AUSTRALIAN CULTURE U.S.A., Cornell University, 1963 $26.00
McMAHON, J.T., Monsignor COLLEGE, CAMPUS, CLOISTER Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1969 $14.00
MEAD, Margaret; edited by Rhoda METRAUX MARGARET MEAD - SOME PERSONAL VIEWS London, Angus and Robertson, 1979 $12.00
MEARS, Ray - Creator of TV's World of Survival and Extreme Survival; illustrations by Ben McNUTT BUSHCRAFT: An Inspirational Guide to Surviving the Wilderness London, Hodder & Stoughton, 2002 $36.00
MINGENEW HISTORICAL SOCIETY MINGENEW 1846 - 1986 Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1988 $24.00
MOORE, Jillian M., edited by; and Contributors REALLY NURSE! - Tales from the Nurses' Training School, Royal Perth Hospital 1932-1972 Perth, Royal Perth Hospital Nurses' Training School, 2000 $38.00
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MORRISSY, Lesley WESTERN AUSTRALIAN CRAYFISH COOKERY Scarborough, Claire Dane, 1978 $25.00
MORRISSY, Lesley COOKING AUSTRALIAN SHELLFISH: Molluscs Scarborough, Claire Dane, 1980 $24.00
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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INDEX 1947 - 1976 Washington D.C., National Geographic Society, 1977 $15.00
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NORVAL, Mark with Marty Schiel; foreword (to the First Edition) by Elizabeth Durack MARK NORVAL - KIMBERLEY ARTIST - Revised Edition- West Footsgray, Moonrise Media, 2008 $48.00
NUDGEE COLLEGE NUDGEE COLLEGE MAGAZINE; XMAS 1928 Nudgee, Editorial Committee, 1928 $25.00
O'TOOLE, Michael THE LANGUAGES OF DISPLAYED ART - SIGNED by MICHAEL O'TOOLE - Covent Gardens, Leicester University Press, 1994 $95.00
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PETTIT, Philip MADE WITH WORDS: Hobbes on Language, Mind, and Politics Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2008 $35.00
PINSON, Peter ELWYN LYNN: Metaphor PLUS Texture St Leonards, Craftsman House, 2002 $34.00
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POULIOT, Alison THE ALLURE OF FUNGI Clayton South, CSIRO, 2018 $65.00
QUIN, Sally; paintings by Elsie BLUMANN BAUHAUS ON THE SWAN: Elsie Blumann, an émigré artist in Western Australia 1938 - 1948 Crawley, UWA Publishing, 2015 $48.00
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