Economics Books (101)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ALLAN, J. Alex MEN AND MANNERS IN AUSTRALIA: Being a Social and Economic Sketch History Melbourne, F. W. Cheshire, 1945 $8.00
BAIN, Mary Albertus ANCIENT LANDMARKS: A Social and Economic History of the Victoria District of Western Australia 1839 - 1894 Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1975 $60.00
BEILHARZ, Pater THINKING THE ANTIPODES: Australian Essays - Warmly INSCRIBED by the AUTHOR - Clayton, Monash University Publishing, 2015 $36.00
BERNSTEIN, Peter L. AGAINST THE GODS - The Remarkable Story of Risk New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1996 $24.00
BOWD, D.G. MACQUARIE COUNTRY - A History of the Hawkesbury Melbourne, F.W. Cheshire, 1969 $15.00
BRABAZON, Tara TRACKING THE JACK - A Retracing of the Antipodes Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2000 $26.00
BRAMSTON, Troy - foreword by Gough Whitlam THE WHITLAM LEGACY - REVISED & UPDATED EDITION - Annandale, The Federation Press, 2015 $30.00
BREMER, Stuart AUSTRALIA'S GOLDEN ERA OF SHIPS Silverwater, Bullion books, 1989 $12.00
BRIDGE, Peter J. and Ian MURRAY THE OVERLANDERS - Crossing the Nullarbor 1870s - 1970s Carlisle, Hesperian, 2011 $54.00
BRISTOW, Iris SEEDTIME AND HARVEST - A History of the Narembeen District 1888 - 1998 Narembeen, Shire of Narembeen, 1988 $36.00
BRODIE-HALL, Laurence Sir BRODIE - Memoirs of Sir Laurence Brodie-Hall - Inscribed, SIGNED and NUMBERED Limited Edition - Northbridge, Access Press, 1994 $40.00
BURNLEY, Ian and Peter MURPHY SEA CHANGE: Movement from Metropolitan to Arcadian Australia Sydney, University of New South Wales Press , 2004 $58.00
BURRELL, Andrew TWIGGY: The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest - AUTHOR SIGNED - Collingwood, Black Inc./Schwartz Media, 2013 $30.00
CHRISTENSEN, Per; edited by Marianne R. L. LEWIS THE KARRI FOREST: Its conservation, significance and management Como, Dept. of Conservation & Land Management, 1992 $12.00
CLARK, Peter HIGH SPEED TRAINS Kenthurst, Rosenberg Publishing, 2011 $30.00
CLARK, William R. PETRODOLLAR WARFARE: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar Canada, New Society, 2005 $15.00
COLWELL, Max WHALING AROUND AUSTRALIA Adelaide, Rigby, 1969 $6.00
COPLAND D. B. and C. V. JANES AUSTRALIAN TRADE POLICY: A Book of Documents 1932 - 1937 Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1937 $44.00
COULTHARD-CLARK, Chris BREAKING FREE: Transforming Australia's Defence Industry - The ADI Story Kew, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 1999 $35.00
CREMER, K. W., edited by TREES FOR RURAL AUSTRALIA Melbourne, Inkata, 1990 $28.00
DAVENPORT-HINES, Richard UNIVERSAL MAN: The Seven Lives of John Maynard Keynes London, William Collins/Harper Collins, 2015 $40.00
DRUETT, Joan - with paintings by Ron DRUETT PETTICOAT WHALERS: Whaling Wives at Sea - 1820 - 1920 Auckland, Harper Collins, 1991 $26.00
ENGDAHL, F. William A CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo-American Oil Potitics and the New World Order n.p. the Author, 1992 $18.00
EVANS, A.G. C.Y. O'CONNOR: His Life and Legacy Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2001 $58.00
FALL, V.G. THE SEA AND THE FOREST - A History of the Port of Rockingham, Western Australia Nedlands, University of Western Press/ Shire Rockingham, 1972 $16.00
FARWELL, George MASK OF ASIA - THE PHILIPPINES Melbourne, F. W. Chesire, 1966 $18.00
FINDLAY, Merrill CARNARVON: Reflections of a Country Town - published to commemorate the centenary of the gazetting of Carnarvon as a town site in 1883 Carnarvon, Shire of Carnarvon, 1984 $48.00
FISK, E. K. THE ABORIGINAL ECONOMY IN TOWN AND COUNTRY North Sydney, George Allen & Unwin and AIAS, 1985 $20.00
FLANNERY, Tim ATMOSPHERE OF HOPE: Searching for solutions to the climate crisis Melbourne, The Text Publishing Company, 2015 $30.00
FORD, Henry; in collaboration with Samuel CROWTHER THE GREAT TODAY AND THE FUTURE Sydney, Cornstalk Publishing, 1926 $16.00
FYFE, Christopher ARISTOCRATS ON PERCHES - A History of the Stud Merino Breeders' Association of Western Australia 1922-86 Claremont, Stud Merino Breeders' Assoc. of Western Australia, 1987 $48.00
GABBEDY, J. P. YOURS IS THE EARTH: The Life and Times of Charles Mitchell - AUTHOR SIGNED with personal inscription - Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press for the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, 1972 $35.00
GALBRAITH, John Kenneth THE AGE OF UNCERTAINTY - - FIRST EDITION - - London, BBC/Andre Deutsch, 1977 $15.00
GILBERT, R. S. THE AUSTRALIAN LOAN COUNCIL IN FEDERAL FISCAL ADJUSTMENTS 1890 - 1965 Canberra, Australian National University Press, 1973 $16.00
GREENSPAN, Alan THE AGE OF TURBULANCE: Adventures in a New World Camberwell, Allen Lane/Penguin, 2007 $48.00
HARPER, Melissa and Richard WHITE - edited by SYMBOLS OF AUSTRALIA: Uncovering the stories behind the myths Sydney, University of New South Wales Press & National Museum of Australia Press, 2010 $25.00
HAYES, Dennis E. - Edit. ANTARCTIC RESEARCH SERIES - Antactic Oceanology II: The Australian - New Zealand Sector - Volume 19 Washington, American Geophysical Union, 1972 $25.00
HEWAT, Tim THE ELDERS EXPLOSION: One hundred and fifty years of progress from Elder to Elliott Sydney, Bay, 1988 $12.00
HILLARY, Eve HEALTH BETRAYAL: Staying Away from the Sickness Industry St. Ives, Synergy Books, 2003 $24.00
HITCHINS, F. Eric TANGLED SKEINS - A historic survey of Australian wool marketing Melb., Robertson and Mullens, 1952 $25.00
HOCKING, Anthony OPPENHEIMER AND SON Johannesburg, McGraw-Hill, 1973 $12.00
HOLLANDER, Neil and Harald MERTES - foreword by Orson WELLES THE LAST SAILORS - The Final Days of Working Sail Niorth Ryde, Angus & Robertson in assoc. with Channel Four, 1984 $15.00
HOWARD, John THE MENZIES ERA: The years that shaped modern Australia - SIGNED by JOHN HOWARD - Sydney, HarperCollins Publishers, 2014 $175.00
HUMPHREYS, L.R. WADHAM - Scientist for Land and People Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 2000 $26.00
HUXLEY, Aldous; edited by Piero FERRUCCI THE HUMAN SITUATION: Lectures at Santa Barbara, 1959 London, Chatto & Windus, 1978 $24.00
JACKSON, Devon CONSPIRANOIA - The Mother of All Conspiracy Theories New York, Plume/Penguin, 2000 $10.00
JAMIESON, Ronda; foreword Geoffrey Blainey CHARLES COURT: I LOVE THIS PLACE Osborne Park, St George Books, 2011 $28.00
JOHNSTON, T.E. GOLD - Volume II: A guide to alluvial gold and dryblowing patches in MURCHISON-PEAK HILL REGION - suitable for prospecting with metal detectors Mt Lawley, T.E. Johnston, 1980 $64.00
JOHNSTON-LIIK, E.M., George LIIK and R,G, WARD A MEASURE OF GREATNESS: The Origins of the Australian Iron and Steel Industry Carlton South, Melbourne University Press, 1998 $20.00
KEATING, B. A. and J. R. WILSON - edited by INTENSIVE SUGARCANE PRODUCTION - Meeting the Challenges Beyond 2000 Oxon, CAB International, 1997 $58.00
KENEALLY, Thomas AUSTRALIANS: Flappers to Vietnam - A time of wars, change and social revolution - SIGNED by THOMAS KENEALLY - Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2014 $64.00
KING, Norma NICKEL COUNTRY - GOLD COUNTRY Adelaide, Rigby Ltd., 1972 $25.00
KING, Rodney THE SINGAPORE MIRACLE: MYTH AND REALITY - Brilliant Success or Flawed Experiment? Inglewood, Insight, 2006 $34.00
LANG, J. T., M.L.A., Leader of Australian Labor Party - State of N.S.W. WHY I FIGHT Kent Town, Veritus Publishing, 1934 $18.00
LAURIE, Maxine EVER FLOWING FORWARD: The Story of Belmont - Western Australia Cloverdale, City of Belmont, 1999 $35.00
LE PAGE, J.S.H. BUILDING A STATE - the Story of the Public Works Department of Western Australia 1829 - 1985 Leederville, Water Authority of Western Australia, 1986 $160.00
LEMON Andrew THE YOUNG MAN FROM HOME - James Balfour 1830 -1913 Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1982 $16.00
MACGEORGE, A.J. - edited by Michael Macgeorge WHERE FORTUNES LAY: A Personal Story of the Birth of Kalgoorlie Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1993 $30.00
MACMILLAN, D. S. - text; A. D. G. STEWART Chairman of Directors SOME RECOLLECTIONS OF SYDNEY'S EARLY DEVELOPMENT Sydney, McCarron, Stewart & Co., 1965 $35.00
MALLABY, Sebastian THE WORLD'S BANKER - A story of failed states, financial crises, and the wealth and poverty of nations Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2005 $16.00
McLAUGHLIN, Judith NOTHING OVER HALF A CROWN - A Personal History of the founder of the G.J. Coles Stores Victoria, Loch Haven Books, 1991 $22.00
MINGENEW HISTORICAL SOCIETY MINGENEW 1846 - 1986 Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1988 $24.00
MOLLOY, Laurence J. THE ESSENTIALS OF SOVEREIGN CREDIT Victoria Park, Foundation Press, 1993 $20.00
MOYAL, Ann; foreword by Prof. Geoffrey Blainey CLEAR ACROSS AUSTRALIA: A History of Telecommunications Melbourne, Thomas Nelson, 1985 $28.00
NEWTON, Sarah MAXWELL NEWTON - A Biography South Fremantle Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1993 $12.00
NOYE, Larry O'MALLEY MHR - American wanderer, Australian trailblazer - - - NEW EDITION - - - Glen Waverley, Sid Harta Publishers, 2009 $24.00
OSBORNE, Elizabeth THROWING OFF THE CLOAK: Reclaiming self-reliance in Torres Straits Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2009 $28.00
OXFORD WORLD AFFAIRS OXFORD PAMPLETES ON WORLD AFFAIRS - 39 Volumes London, Oxford University Press, 1939 $75.00
PAGE, R.I. AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH RUNES Woodbridge, The Boydell Press, 1999 $30.00
PALMER, Alex THE OLD COACH ROADS TO CUE AND BEYOND Victoria Park/North Lake, Hesperian Press/Lap Industries, 1993 $22.00
PAPAGEORGOPOULOS, Andreas THE GREEKS IN AUSTRALIA - A Home Away From Home Sydney, Alpha, 1981 $12.00
PHILLIPSON, Neill HANCOCK - MAN OF IRON Melbourne, Wren Publishing Pty Ltd, 1974 $15.00
PORTER, Richard ROOTS OF EVIL - Legalized Thieves: The Banks Suffolk, Richard Porter, n.d. $24.00
POTTS, David THE MYTH OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION Carlton North, Scribe, 2006 $44.00
PRIDER, Rex T. - editor MINING IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA - INCLUDES GEOLOGICAL MAP Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1979 $34.00
PRIESTLEY, J. B. THEATRE OUTLOOK London, Nicholson & Watson, 1947 $10.00
PULLAN, Robert BOB HAWKE - A Portrait Sydney, Methuen, 1980 $26.00
REES, Peter INSIDE THE VAULT: The History and Art of Australian Coinage Sydney, New South Publishing, 2015 $54.00
REILLY, James and Jingdong YUAN - edited by AUSTRALIA AND CHINA AT 40 Sydney, NewSouth Publishing, 2012 $35.00
RICHARDS, Eric DESTINATION AUSTRALIA - Migration to Australia since 1901 Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 200 $30.00
ROBSON, R. W. - compiler and editor PACIFIC ISLANDS YEAR BOOK 1956 - - - SEVENTH - 7th EDITION - - - Sydney, Pacific Publications, 1956 $18.00
ROTHERHAM, Ian D. and Robert A. LAMBERT - edited by INVASIVE AND INTRODUCED PLANTS AND ANIMALS: Human Perceptions, Attitudes and Approaches to Management - - HARD COVER - - London, Earthscan Limited, 2011 $55.00
SCOTT, Donald THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WORK London, Duckworth, 1970 $38.00
SENIOR, Sally L. SANDSTONE: From Gold to Wool and Back Again - - - NUMBERED EDITION, AUTHOR SIGNED with personal inscription - - - Sandstone, Shire of Sandstone, 1995 $54.00
SHAW, A.G.L. - edited by GIPPS - LA TROBE CORRESPONDENCE 1839 - 1846 Carlton, Miegunyah/Melbourne University Press, 1989 $28.00
SHERIDAN, Tom AUSTRALIA'S OWN COLD WAR - The Waterfront under Menzies Carlton, Melbourne Univertity Press, 2006 $38.00
SICKERT, Susan BEYOND THE LATTICE - Broome's early years Fremantle, Frementle Arts Centre Press, 2003 $28.00
SIDDIQUE, M.A.B. - Ed. A DECADE OF SHANN MEMORIAL LECTURES 1981 - 90 AND THE AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY Academic Press International, 1993 $28.00
SIMPSON, Edward S. MINERALS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Complete in three - 3 - Volumes - Facsimile Edition with Additions Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 1984 $265.00
SLAFER, Gustavo A. et al BARLEY SCIENCE - Recent Advances from Molecular Biology to Agronomy of Yield and Quality New York, Food Products Press, 2002 $20.00
SLAYTER, R.O. and R.A. PERRY - edited by ARID LANDS OF AUSTRALIA Canberra, Australian National University, 1969 $30.00
SMYTH, Paul, Tim REDDEL and Andrew JONES - edited by COMMUNITY AND LOCAL GOVERNANCE IN AUSTRALIA Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2005 $35.00
STANNAGE, C.T. - edited by A NEW HISTORY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1983 $64.00
TAUMAN, Merab THE CHIEF - C. Y. O'Connor Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1978 $140.00
THOMSON, James NOR WEST OF WEST: Western Australia Land of Wine, Corn, Pearls Wool and Gold Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2012 $38.00
TILLMAN, John A. DONNELLY: Men and Mill - SIGNED by JOHN A. TILLMAN - Bridgetown, John A. Tillman, 1991 $44.00
WALTER-ADAMS, Silas THE LEGALIZED CRIME OF BANKING Hawthorne, Omni Publications, 1983 $20.00
WATSON, Don BENDABLE LEARNINGS: The Wisdom of Modern Management North Sydney, Knopf/Randon, 2009 $12.00
WELBORN, Suzanne SWAN: The History of a Brewery Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1987 $34.00
WHARTON, William BIRDY London, Jonathan Cape, 1979 $15.00

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