Childrens Books (103)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian THE FAIRY TALE OF MY LIFE - An Autobiography New York, Paddington, 1975 $20.00
ATKINSON, Kathie - text and photographs by A IS FOR AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS Norwood, Omnibus, 1998 $12.00
BALLIETT, Blue - illustrated by Brett HELQUIST CHASING VERMEER New York, Scholastic, 2004 $12.00
BELL, Helen - written and illustrated IDJHIL - and the Land cried for its lost soul Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press/Cygnet Books imprint, 1996 $36.00
BLYTON, Enid THE LITTLE TOY FARM and other stories London, Pitkin Pictorials, n.d. $24.00
BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION and C. Arthur PEARSON THE WOLF CUB ANNUAL 1960 London, The Boys Scouts Assoc./C. Arthur Pearson, 1960 $25.00
BRENT OF BIN BIN COCKATOOS - A Story of Youth and Exodists Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1954 $16.00
BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. SHOCKS FOR THE CHALET SCHOOL London, W & R Chambers, 1952 $175.00
BROGAN, Hugh MOWGLIS SONS - Kipling and Baden-Powells Scouts London, Jonathan Cape, 1987 $18.00
BRUSNAHAN, Margaret - story by; illustrations by Robert ROSENNFELDT NANA'S GIFT Norwood, Omnibus Books, 1998 $28.00
BUDDEE, Paul THE ESCAPE OF THE FENIANS Victoria, Longman Aust., 1971 $35.00
CADOGAN, Mary with David SCHUTTE THE WILLIAM COMPANION London, MacMillan, 1990 $55.00
CATTERWELL, Thelma - illustrated by Derrick STONE ALDITA AND THE FOREST Knoxfield, Dent, 1988 $12.00
CHANDLER, Arthur R. THE STORY OF E.H. SHEPARD - The Man Who Drew Pooh - SIGNED by ARTHUR R. CHANDLER - West Sussex, Jaydem, 2000 $38.00
CHUN, Matt AUSTRALIAN BIRDS Richmond, Little Hare Books/Hardie Grant, 2018 $44.00
COLLOMS, Brenda CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Lion of Eversley London, Constable, 1975 $12.00
COLOMA, Rev. Luis LITTLE PILATE AND OTHER SPANISH STORIES London, R & T Washbourne, 1913 $34.00
COOSER, Josephine THE LAST BUS HOME - Author Signed - North Ryde, Angus & Robertson/Collins, 1991 $10.00
CRABTREE Judith MERBABY RESCUE, an undersea adventure East Kew, Windy Hollow Books, 2006 $34.00
CRABTREE, Judith A STRANGE AND POWERFUL MAGIC: A Sea Tale of Love and Jealousy Rydalmere, Hodder Headline Australia, 1996 $36.00
CROSS, Gillian THE DARK GROUND Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2003 $12.00
de BERNIERES, Louis; illustrated by Alan BAKER BLUE DOG North Sydney, Knopf/Penguin Random House Australia, 2016 $28.00
DIXON, Rex - Reginal Alec MARTIN; illustrated by Eric TANSLEY POCOMOTO AND THE SPANISH STEED London, Thomas Nelson, 1957 $54.00
DUFF, Douglas V. ADAM MACADAM NAVAL CADET London, Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1961 $18.00
DUFF, Douglas V. - illustrated by Robert HODGSON SEA-BED TREASURE - An Adam MacAdam Story London, Thomas Nelson, 1957 $28.00
DURACK, Mary TO RIDE A FINE HORSE New York, St Martins Press, 1965 $15.00
EAMES, Sarah Sink BARBIE DOLL FASHION: The complete history of the wardrobes of Barbie doll, her friends and her family - Vol. 2 - Two, 1968-1974 Kentucky, Collector Books, 1997 $78.00
ELLIS, Edward S. NED ON THE RIVER London, Cassell, n.d. $14.00
FARJEON, Annabel MORNING HAS BROKEN - A Biography of Eleanor Farjeon Julia MacRae/Franklin Watts, 1986 $20.00
FINKEL, George QUEENSLAND 1824 - 1900 Melbourne, Thomas Nelson, 1975 $22.00
FISHER, John PAUL DANIELS AND THE STORY OF MAGIC London, Jonathan Cape, 1987 $8.00
FOX, Mem; illustrated by Julie VIVAS POSSUM MAGIC Malvern, Omnibus/Scholastic, 2006 $6.00
FRENCH, Jackie; illustrated by Dee HUXLEY HAIRY CHARLIE AND THE FROG Carlton, Moondrake Aust./CIS Publishers, 1993 $58.00
GARE, Deborah and Madison LLOYD-JONES WHEN WAR CAME TO FREMANTLE 1899 TO 1945 Fremantle, Fremantle Press, 2014 $34.00
GELDER, Ken and Rachael WEAVER - edited by THE ANTHOLOGY OF COLONIAL AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE FICTION Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 2011 $34.00
GERVAISE, Mary BIDDY MAKES HER MARK London, Thomas Nelson/Panther Library, 1956 $10.00
GERVAISE, Mary - illustrated by BOWE THE PONY CLUE London, Lutterworth, 1955 $30.00
GLEITZMAN, Morris THEN - hand SIGNED by MORRIS GLEITZMAN Melbourne, Viking/Penguin Group, 2008 $38.00
GLEITZMAN, Morris TOO SMALL TO FAIL - SIGNED by MORRIS GLEITZMAN Camberwell, Puffin/Penguin Group, 2011 $36.00
GOLD, Irma BUGS AND BEASTS - An alphabet book from the National Library of Australia Canberra, Australian National Library, 2006 $12.00
GRAY, Nigel - story by; pictures by Gregory ROGERS RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME - - INSCRIBED and SIGNED by NIGEL GRAY - - Milsons Point, Mark MacLeod Book/Random House Australia, 1996 $38.00
GRAY, Nigel - text; illustrations by Allan LANGOULANT THE FROG PRINCE - inscribed and SIGNED by the AUTHOR and ILLUSTRATOR - Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1996 $45.00
GUNN, John - illustrated by James VAL THE GOODBYE ISLAND London, Lutterworth, 1963 $14.00
GUUNDIE and Gerald KUCHLING - Inscribed and SIGNED by GUUNDIE & GERALD KUCHLING - TRUE FIRST EDITION YAKKINN THE SWAMP TORTOISE: The Most Dangerous Years Subiaco, Chelonia Enterprises, 1995 $56.00
HALES, A.G. - ak. Alfred GREENWOOD or Alfred Arthur GREENWOOD THE VIKING STRAIN - - - Author of the famous McGLUSKY Books - - - London, Wright & Brown, 1930 $45.00
HALL, Susan: illustrations by Ellis Rowan and Naomi Zouwer FAIRY WORLD - design adapted from 'Ellis Rowan's Fairy World' by Susan Hall Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2010 $45.00
HARBOROUGH, Mark; illustrated by K. M. COALES THICKTHORN CAMP - A Scouting Story London, Humphrey Milford, 1924 $28.00
HARRIS, Rolf - written, recorded and illustrated by TIE ME DOWN KANGAROO SPORT - - - BONUS DVD: Audio and Music Video - - - Lindfield, Scholastic Australia, 2008 $15.00
HATFIELD, William BUFFALO JIM Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1946 $25.00
HINTON, S.E. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW London, Victor Gollance Ltd, 1971 $45.00
HOLLAND, Vyvyan - illustrated by SPROD AN EXPLOSION OF LIMERICKS: with Explanatory Drawings by Sprod London, Cassell, 1967 $10.00
INGPEN, Robert WONDERLANDS: The Illustration Art of Robert Ingpen Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2016 $35.00
INGPEN, Robert THE IDLE BEAR - Inscribed and signed by Robert Ingpen - Winner 1986 Hans Christian Anderson Medal - Melbourne, Lothian Publishing, 1986 $45.00
INGPEN, Robert, Commentary and Illustrations by; Ballads by A.B. Banjo PATERSON LOOKING FOR CLANCY Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2014 $30.00
JARQUES, Brian - illustrated by Gary CHALK SALAMANDASTRON London, Hutchinson, 1992 $64.00
JOHNS, W.E., Captain WORLDS OF WONDER - More adventures in Space London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1962 $58.00
JOLLY, Jane and Elise HURST illustrated by ALL the BOLD HEART Balmain, Limelight Press, 2006 $36.00
KUCHLING, Gruundie and Gerald YAKKINN THE SWAMP TURTLE: Book One - THE MOST DANGEROUS YEARS - Inscribed and SIGNED by GUNNDIE KUCHLING - Subiaco, Chelonia Enterprises, 1995 $64.00
KUCHLING, Guundie SILVERSKIN Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2002 $24.00
KYLE, Elisabeth GIRL WITH A DESTINY - The Story of Mary of Orange London, Evans, 1965 $10.00
LEYLAND, Eric ODD MAN OUT AT ABBEY London, Thomas Nelson, 1961 $34.00
LILLY, George BENTEAR - SIGNED by BEN LILLY - Victoria, Trofford Publishing, 2007 $44.00
MacINNES, C. M., illustrated by Wilfred HARDY GIVE ME TWO SHIPS London, Odhams Press, 1963 $24.00
MARSDEN, John LETTERS FROM THE INSIDE Chippendale, Pan Macmillan, 1991 $18.00
MARSDEN, John WINTER Sydney, Macmillan, 2000 $12.00
MARSDEN, John WHILE I LIVE: The Ellie Chronicles - Inscribed and SIGNED by JOHN MARSDEN - Sydney, Macmillan/Pan Macmillan Australia, 2003 $65.00
MARSHALL, Alan HAMMERS OVER THE ANVIL West Melbourne, Thomas Nelson, 1975 $16.00
MILROY, Gladys and Jill Milroy - written and illustrated by DINGO'S TREE Broome, Magabala Books , 2011 $20.00
MORGAN, Sally THE FLYING EMU - And Other Australian Stories New York, Borzoi/Alfred A. Knopf, 1993 $18.00
MURPHY, Ffion and Richard NILE - edited by; story by Arthur UPFIELD THE GATE OF DREAMS: "The Western Mail Annuals" 1897 - 1955 - Stories - Poems - Illustrations by - - MAY GIBBS - - IDA S. RENTOUL - - Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1990 $30.00
NESBIT Edith; illustrated by H.R. Millar THE ADVENTURES OF THE FIVE CHILDREN: Psammead Series -Three books in slipcase London, The Folio Society, 1994 $45.00
NILSSON, Lennart and Lars HAMBERGER A CHILD IS BORN - - - COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED FOURTH EDITION - - - London, Doubleday/Random, 2004 $24.00
PARRY, Rosanne WRITTEN IN STONE - SIGNED by ROSANNE PARRY - New York, Random House, 2013 $45.00
PENWYCHE, Gossamer THE WORLD OF FAIRIES New York, Sterling, 2001 $30.00
RAMAGE, Jan - illustrations by Laura PETERSON EYES IN THE NIGHT - A Story of a Barking Owl Crawley, University of Western Australia Press/Cygnet, 2004 $22.00
RICE, Eva - Enid BLYTON WHO'S WHO IN ENID BLYTON - From Amelia Jane to the Wishing Chair - - - REVISED EDITION - - - London, Orion, 2003 $24.00
ROSS, Sutherland - illustrated by Geoffrey WHITTAM CROSS-CHANNEL MYSTERY - - QUEERY CLUB MYSTERY - - Leicester, Brockhampton Press, 1961 $30.00
RUBINSTEIN, Gillian BEYOND THE LABYRINTH South Yarra, Hyland House, 1988 $12.00
RUSSELL, W. Clark THE FROZEN PIRATE London, Sampson Low, Marston, n.d $38.00
SAUNDERS, Marion FEN BLOW London, MacMillan, 1972 $45.00
SAXBY, Claire, text; Anne SPUDVILAS, illustrations EBI'S BOAT East Kew, Windy Hollow Books, 2006 $30.00
SCHIFFRIN, Andre DR. SEUSS & CO. GO TO WAR: The World War II Editorial Cartoons of America's Leading Comic Artists New York, The New Press/Dr, Seuss Collection, 2009 $20.00
SEIDLER, Tor - drawings by David HOCKNEY THE DULCIMER BOY London, Jonathan Cape, 1981 $28.00
SMITH, Evelyn MARIE MACLEOD SCHOOLGIRL London, Cassell, 1925 $38.00
SPENCE, Eleanor; illustrated by Gareth FLOYD THE YEAR OF THE CURRAWONG London, Oxford, 1965 $15.00
STEPANEK, Mattie J.T. with Jimmy CARTER; edited by Jennifer Smith Stepanek JUST PEACE: A Message of Hope - SIGNED by MATTIE - Kansas City, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2006 $48.00
STIRLING, Monica THE WILD SWAN - The life and times of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON London, Collins, 1965 $16.00
SUTTON, Margaret THE HAUNTED ROAD - A Judy Bolton Mystery No. 25 New York, Gosset & Dunlap, 1954 $65.00
SUTTON, Margaret THE RAINBOW RIDDLE - A Judy Bolton Mystery New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1946 $38.00
THIELE, Colin THIELE TALES - Three Long Stories for Children Adealide, Rigby, 1980 $25.00
THIELE, Colin THE SHADOW ON THE HILLS Adelaide, Rigby/Opal, 1977 $45.00
THOMAS, Casey, text; illustrations by Ann LAMB A LETTER FOR LEAH Montrose, Benchmark Publications/ A Windy Hollow Book, 2004 $38.00
UPTON, Rosalie THE SECRET LIVES OF TEDDY BEARS: Stories of teddies and the people who love them Pymble, Angus & Robertson/Harper Collins, 1995 $18.00
WALKER, Rowland THE BLUE RIDGE PATROL - A Story of the Royal North-West Mounted Police of Canada London, S.W. Partridge, n.d. $44.00
WALKER, Rowland CAPTAIN McBLAID OF THE AIR POLICE London, S. W. Partridge, 1932 $12.00
WALLAM, Angus, Susanne KELLY - story by; paintings by Norma MacDonald CORROBOREE - - winner of the inaugural Marrwarnging Award - - children's book with 'Learn some Nyungar' and 'English to Nyungar' - English text Crawley, Cygnet Books/University of Western Australia Press, 2004 $36.00
WELCH, Lisa Alexandra COMO: Childhood Reminiscences During the 1920's n.p., the Author, 1996 $35.00
WIGNELL, Edel - written by; illustrated by Rodney McRAE RAINING CATS AND DOGS Lane Cove, Hodder & Stoughton, 1987 $54.00
WILLIAMS, Kit OUT OF ONE EYE: The Art of Kit Williams London, Jonathan Cape, 1986 $30.00
WOLFER, Dianne; illustrated by Brian SIMMONDS LIGHTHOUSE GIRL Fremantle, Fremantle Press, 2010 $24.00
WYSS, Johann David; edited by W. H. G. KINGSTON, THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON - - - Illustrated Edition - - - Bath, Robert Frederick, 1995 $15.00

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