Business Books (80)

Author Title Publisher/Year Price
ALTMAN, Stuart and David Shactman ; foreword by Senator John Kerry POWER, POLITICS, and UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE: The inside story of a century-long battle Amherst, Prometheus Books, 2011 $36.00
BARNARD, Edwin EMPORIUM, Selling the dream in colonial Australia Canberra, National Library of Australia, 2015 $30.00
BARRY, Paul RICH KIDS: How the Murdochs and Packers lost $950 Million in ONE.TEL Milsons Point/ Bantam/Transworld-Random House, 2002 $26.00
BELL, Katherine - editor CATTLE AUSTRALIA: The Story - The Icons - The Drives - The Big Runs - Belrose West, Murray David Publishing/ Gary Allen, 2009 $24.00
BERESFORD, Quentin THE RISE AND FALL OF GUNNS LTD. Sydney, New South Publishing, 2015 $28.00
BERESFORD, Quentin, Hugo BEKLE, Harry PHILLIPS and Jane MULCOCK THE SALINITY CRISIS: Landscapes, Communities and Politics - UPDATED EDITION - Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2004 $16.00
BERNSTEIN, Peter L. AGAINST THE GODS - The Remarkable Story of Risk New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1996 $24.00
BREMER, Stuart AUSTRALIA'S GOLDEN ERA OF SHIPS Silverwater, Bullion books, 1989 $12.00
BRODIE-HALL, Laurence Sir BRODIE - Memoirs of Sir Laurence Brodie-Hall - Inscribed, SIGNED and NUMBERED Limited Edition - Northbridge, Access Press, 1994 $40.00
BRUNDLE, Martin with Maurice HAMILTON MARTIN BRUNDLE: Working the Wheel - SIGNED by MARTIN BRUNDLE - London, Ebury Press/Random House, 2004 $38.00
BUCHANAN, John IF BETTER IS POSSIBLE: The winning strategies from the coach of Australia's most successful cricket team - AUTHOR SIGNED - Prahran, Hardie Grant Books, 2007 $38.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE - A TUMULTUOUS LIFE - Embossed Leather Edition - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $50.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE: A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book Perth, A Tumulutous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE: A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BURKE, Brian BRIAN BURKE; A Tumultuous Life - SIGNED by BRIAN BURKE - NOW AVAILABLE - fascinating review in 'Weekend West' (2nd Sept.) - Sorry - not a 'Sale' book - Perth, A Tumultuous Life Pty Ltd, 2017 $30.00
BURRELL, Andrew TWIGGY: The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest - AUTHOR SIGNED - Collingwood, Black Inc./Schwartz Media, 2013 $30.00
CARLYON, Les THE MASTER: A Personal Portrait of Bart Cummings Sydney, Macmillan/Pan Macmillan, 2011 $25.00
CARTER, Alan et al CARTER'S PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUES IN AUSTRALIA 1993 Edition Sydney, Carter's Antique Publications, 1993 $95.00
CARTER, Alan - editor CARTER'S PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUES IN AUSTRALASIA: 2004 Edition - 20th Anniversary Baulkham Hills, Carter's Antiques & Collectibles, 2004 $70.00
CLARK, William R. PETRODOLLAR WARFARE: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar Canada, New Society, 2005 $15.00
COLWELL, Max WHALING AROUND AUSTRALIA Adelaide, Rigby, 1969 $6.00
COPLAND D. B. and C. V. JANES AUSTRALIAN TRADE POLICY: A Book of Documents 1932 - 1937 Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1937 $44.00
COULTHARD-CLARK, Chris BREAKING FREE: Transforming Australia's Defence Industry - The ADI Story Kew, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 1999 $35.00
CROUCH, Michael BWANA SAFARI: the biography of Marchese Enzo Cecil Tanfani known as Commendatore Eric Cecil - - SIGNED LIMITED EDITION - - West Perth, Rawlhouse Publishing, 2003 $55.00
DAVEY, Kerry and Sue EMMETT - edited by LOOKING BACK AT OLD SOUTH PERTH South Perth, City of South Perth Historical Society (Inc.), 2009 $38.00
DEVENISH, Bruce MAN OF ENERGY AND COMPASSION: The life, letters and times of Henry Trigg, Swan River pioneer and Church founder - - AUTHOR SIGNED - - South Perth, Wongaburra Enterprises, 1996 $40.00
DRUCKER, Peter F. with Loseph A. MACIARIELLO THE DAILY DRUCKER: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done New York, HarperBusiness, 2004 $15.00
DUNN, Frank SPECK IN THE SKY - A history of Airlines of Western Australia Perth, Airlines of Western Australia, 1984 $28.00
ELWENSPOEK, Dr. Curt JEW SUSS OPPENHEIMER: The Great Financier, Gallant, and Adventurer of the 18th Century - A study based on various documents, private papers and traditions London, Hurst & Blackett, Ltd., 1931 $20.00
EVELINE, Joan IVORY BASEMENT LEADERSHIP - power and invisibility in the changing university Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2004 $30.00
FALL, V.G. THE SEA AND THE FOREST - A History of the Port of Rockingham, Western Australia Nedlands, University of Western Press/ Shire Rockingham, 1972 $16.00
FITZGERALD, Criena A PRESS IN ISOLATION: University of Western Australia Press 1935 - 1994 Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2005 $28.00
FLOWER, Raymond RAFFLES - THE STORY OF SINGAPORE - Singapore, Eastern Universities Press Snd. Bhd. , 1984 $28.00
FORD, Henry; in collaboration with Samuel CROWTHER THE GREAT TODAY AND THE FUTURE Sydney, Cornstalk Publishing, 1926 $16.00
FRANKLIN, Miles MY BRILLIANT CAREER - The Collector's Library of Australia's Great Books - - - DELUXE SERIES - - - Kensington, Times House, 1984 $16.00
GABBEDY, J. P. YOURS IS THE EARTH: The Life and Times of Charles Mitchell - AUTHOR SIGNED with personal inscription - Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press for the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, 1972 $35.00
GREENSPAN, Alan THE AGE OF TURBULANCE: Adventures in a New World Camberwell, Allen Lane/Penguin, 2007 $48.00
HAIGH, Gideon ASBESTOS HOUSE - the secret history of James Hardie Industries Carlton North, Scribe, 2007 $18.00
HARPER, Melissa and Richard WHITE - edited by SYMBOLS OF AUSTRALIA: Uncovering the stories behind the myths Sydney, University of New South Wales Press & National Museum of Australia Press, 2010 $25.00
HEWAT, Tim THE ELDERS EXPLOSION: One hundred and fifty years of progress from Elder to Elliott Sydney, Bay, 1988 $12.00
HILLARY, Eve HEALTH BETRAYAL: Staying Away from the Sickness Industry St. Ives, Synergy Books, 2003 $24.00
HOLDER, R.F. BANK OF NEW SOUTH WALES - Volume I: 1817 - 1893 - Volume II: 1894 - 1970 Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1970 $35.00
HOLMES A COURT, Ethnee - with Liz Van Den Nieuwenhof UNDAUNTED - An Autobiography - Warmly Inscribed and SIGNED by Ethnee HOLMES A COURT Sydney, Pan MacMillan/MacMillan, 1998 $30.00
INGRAM, Terry A QUESTION OF POLISH - The Antique Market in Australia Sydney, William Collins, 1979 $10.00
JAMIESON, Ronda; foreword Geoffrey Blainey CHARLES COURT: I LOVE THIS PLACE Osborne Park, St George Books, 2011 $28.00
KAILIS, Michael - Jack - Stratos FROM KASTELLORIZO… Memoirs of a Greek Migrant Family Carlisle, Hesperian, 2005 $36.00
KEITH, Bertram WHERE THE WATTLE BLOOMS: Twenty-Five years of Interflora in Australia Brunswick, Interflora Australian Unit Ltd., 1979 $10.00
KENEALLY, Thomas AUSTRALIANS: Flappers to Vietnam - A time of wars, change and social revolution - SIGNED by THOMAS KENEALLY - Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin, 2014 $64.00
KING, Rodney THE SINGAPORE MIRACLE: MYTH AND REALITY - Brilliant Success or Flawed Experiment? Inglewood, Insight, 2006 $34.00
KIYOSAKI, Robert T. IF YOU WANT TO BE RICH AND HAPPY Don't Go To School San Diego/Windsor, Excellerated Learning, 1992 $10.00
LANG, J. T., M.L.A., Leader of Australian Labor Party - State of N.S.W. WHY I FIGHT Kent Town, Veritus Publishing, 1934 $18.00
LAURIE, Maxine EVER FLOWING FORWARD: The Story of Belmont - Western Australia Cloverdale, City of Belmont, 1999 $35.00
LAWSON, Thomas W. of BOSTON FRENZIED FINANCE: The Crime of Amalgamation New York, The Ridgeway-Thayer Co., 1905 $18.00
MACARTNEY, Frederick T. FURNLEY MAURICE 'Frank Wilmot' - Coles Book Arcade Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1955 $15.00
MACMILLAN, D. S. - text; A. D. G. STEWART Chairman of Directors SOME RECOLLECTIONS OF SYDNEY'S EARLY DEVELOPMENT Sydney, McCarron, Stewart & Co., 1965 $35.00
MAHER, Christine RICHARD BROOKS: From Convict Ship Captain to Pillar of Early Colonial Australia Kenthurst, Rosenberg Publishers, 2016 $30.00
MANNERS, Ron HEROIC MISADVENTURES - Australia: Four Decades - Full Circle 1970 - 2009 West Perth, Mannwest Group, 2009 $30.00
McLAUGHLIN, Judith NOTHING OVER HALF A CROWN - A Personal History of the founder of the G.J. Coles Stores Victoria, Loch Haven Books, 1991 $22.00
MOLLOY, Laurence J. THE ESSENTIALS OF SOVEREIGN CREDIT Victoria Park, Foundation Press, 1993 $20.00
NEWSTEAD, Adrian; with Ruth HESSEY THE DEALER IS THE DEVIL: An insider's history of the Aboriginal art trade Blackheath, Brandl & Schlesinger, 2014 $48.00
NOYE, Larry O'MALLEY MHR - American wanderer, Australian trailblazer - - - NEW EDITION - - - Glen Waverley, Sid Harta Publishers, 2009 $24.00
PAGE, R.I. AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH RUNES Woodbridge, The Boydell Press, 1999 $30.00
PARSONS, Ronald SOUTHERN PASSAGES: A Maritime History of South Australia - REVISED EDITION - Netley, Wakefield Press, 1998 $54.00
PHILLIPSON, Neill HANCOCK - MAN OF IRON Melbourne, Wren Publishing Pty Ltd, 1974 $15.00
PORTER, Richard ROOTS OF EVIL - Legalized Thieves: The Banks Suffolk, Richard Porter, n.d. $24.00
RAWSON, D. W. and Sue WRIGHTSON AUSTRALIAN UNIONS 1984 Sydney, Croom Helm, 1984 $26.00
REGAN, Simon RUPERT MURDOCH - A Business Biography London, Angus and Robertson, 1976 $15.00
RICHARDSON, Arthur O. FORGING AHEAD - - - PRESENTATION COPY - - - London, Thomas A. Masters, 1922 $20.00
SCLATER, John B. LOST YOUR BLOCK?: The origins of Western Australian forest block names Safety Bay, John B. Sclater, 2001 $64.00
SCOTT, Donald THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WORK London, Duckworth, 1970 $38.00
SMITH, Roger C. MIND FOR HIRE - A Practitioner's Guide to Management Consulting Crawley, University of Western Australia Press, 2000 $30.00
STACKHOUSE, John FROM THE DAWN OF AVIATION: The Qantas Story 1920 - 1995 - - - DELUXE EDITION - - - Double Bay, Focus, 1995 $25.00
THOMSON, James NOR WEST OF WEST: Western Australia Land of Wine, Corn, Pearls Wool and Gold Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2012 $38.00
TILLMAN, John A. DONNELLY: Men and Mill - SIGNED by JOHN A. TILLMAN - Bridgetown, John A. Tillman, 1991 $44.00
WALLACE, Christine THE PRIVATE DON: Don Bradman on cricket, investment, politics, the media, family and friends Crows Nest, Sue Hines Book/Allen & Unwin, 2004 $20.00
WALTER-ADAMS, Silas THE LEGALIZED CRIME OF BANKING Hawthorne, Omni Publications, 1983 $20.00
WATSON, Don BENDABLE LEARNINGS: The Wisdom of Modern Management North Sydney, Knopf/Randon, 2009 $12.00
WELBORN, Suzanne SWAN: The History of a Brewery Nedlands, University of Western Australia Press, 1987 $34.00
ZEKULICH, Mike WINES AND WINERIES OF THE WEST Perth, St George, 1990 $15.00

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